August 6, 2016

When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?

When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass

The end of winter always brings happiness to many people. The snow is gone, the weather is warmer, and there is more opportunity for outdoor activities. This includes the popular hobby of fishing.

Fishing always brings a great sense of joy to me, and this is why I wanted to write an article about it. It is sometimes difficult to know which conditions and time yield the best results while fishing. In this article, I wanted to address the commonly asked question: when is the best time to fish for bass?

If you have decided that you want to focus on fishing for bass, you are in luck. This is because bass are a very common fish to find and catch. However, in order for you to make the most out of your fishing trip, it is important to consider the following factors:


When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?


Season for bass fishing

When the water warms up to approximately 55- 65 degrees Fahrenheit, bass tend to come out of their hiding places to look for nesting areas in shallow water. This is when they are the easiest to find and catch.

Typically, the water tends to reach the optimal temperature for breeding in the spring. In Northern areas, this could happen anytime in late April until June. In Southern areas, breeding season is earlier because the water gets warm quicker. This might be sometime in March or April.

During colder temperatures, it is still possible to catch bass. However, the water temperature will be very low; negatively affecting the level of oxygen in the water. This means that the bass will be exerting minimal effort, and therefore are less likely to bite your lure.


bass habitat

Bass do not enjoy being in the sunlight. They much prefer to hide in dark places, as it makes them feel safer. Bass tend to come out into the open twice a day; in the early morning before the sun comes out, and in the evening after the sun sets.

Bass also avoid shallow water, except for during breeding season. If it is a cloudy day outside, it is more likely that you will see bass out in the open. However if the day is sunny and bright, you will have more luck casting your line near areas which provide shelter to the bass.

So now we know what the optimal conditions are for catching bass. What about the equipment that is used to do it? Can you just use any old fishing rod that you have lying around the house?


bass fishing lures

The three main types of lures include crankbaits, spinner baits and plastic worms. Lures come in a variety of sizes and colours, the optimal combination will depend on your specific requirements and preferences.

Crankbaits are useful because they are capable of covering a great deal of water. This can help with catching bass, because these fish like deeper water.

The bait will react when it hits a surface, and will move erratically. This attracts bass because they believe the bait is getting away, and they want to catch it.

It is recommended to use a rod that is 6.5 – 7 feet long when you are fishing with crankbaits. Crankbaits work well when they are cast from ledges, rocks, or flat patches of land.

Spinnerbaits can be used in all types of weather conditions and seasons. They are bent in the shape of safety pins, and are very quick at weaving through the water.

These lures are helpful for breaking through different covers where bass may be hiding. They can be cast into murky water, weeds, or brush.

Plastic worms are very common and inexpensive. They can be used in either shallow or deep water, as well as in all weather and seasons. They are long and thin, and resemble prey that bass eat.

Plastic worms work when the fish has bitten onto it, and this can be felt on the other end of the fishing rod. In the case of plastic worms, fishing in clear water tends to produce the best results.


Fishing can be a relaxing and peaceful pastime, whether it is done for fun or for sport. However, it can be frustrating to spend hours fishing and not yield any results in the end. This is why it is useful to know some tricks about fishing, and about the more common fish such as bass.

Do you have any questions about fishing, or about the best time to catch bass? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t be afraid to share your successful fishing stories with us in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

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