July 28, 2016

A Fun Way To Catch: What Is Chatterbait?

What is Chatterbait

Fishing is a fun hobby and challenging activity to try. We are ignited with the goal of capturing the various kinds of vast fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, or salmon whenever we cast out the fishing rod.

First and foremost, you should consider the types of luring jigs to hook on your rod. You can actually try a chatterbait whenever you go fishing or set sail. This artificial luring bait is the best to use that will eventually improve your hook. Before we huddle about this topic, let’s answer the question, “what is chatterbait?”


Why Use a Chatterbait?

Chatterbaits are attractive jigs to add on the rod’s fishing hook and usually comes with different designs resembling the appearance of a weed or worm. The chatterbait will mimic the weed or worm and the fish will absolutely bite it.

A typical chatterbait comprises of a pitching jig, blade, duo lock, and split rings. If you opt to buy a chatterbait, you may visit legit sites, and choose your desired chatterbait. Some are customizing their luring jigs and select the design that they desire.

If you prefer to have your Do-It-Yourself chatterbait, then you should not use neon color pitching jigs because it may distract the fish upon seeing it. You may refer to this video to have your personalized jigs.

How to Choose the Best Chatterbait?

In picking the great luring jig to capture the treasures of the sea, you should consider the blades, color, and size.


chatterbait blade

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The hexagonal blade is a significant part of the chatterbait because it gives off a vibration and clicking sound as if the blade controls itself while roaming around the water. Moreover, it will surely trap and hook the fish once the latter tempted to take a bite of the bait.


The color is also an important factor to consider because it attracts the fish. Try to use a black, shad, bluegill, charteuse, blue, or any dark colors that usually resembles the image of a weed thus, it will effectively lure the fish.


Lastly, you should choose an average size of the jigs that will enable you to catch small and large fish. The size matters because it features the versatility of the chatterbait.

How does a Chatterbait Work?

Basically, a chatterbait is a material for fishing being known as a jig with an attached blade into it. But the question is, how does it work and how can it make you catch more fish. What makes the chatterbait so effective? It’s because of the blade.

We all know that aquatic animals have this sonar ability, which is the ability track movement in the water with the use of the wave sounds or vibrations in the water. The chatterbait’s blade creates a clicking sound that which also creates vibration in the water.

The vibrations in the water will be felt by the fish forcing it to find the origin of the vibration and eventually take the bait. This vibrating element of the chatterbait is an essential factor in fishing in the muddy and even clear waters.

How to Use the Chatterbait?

After picking the right jig, get your fishing pole and start attaching the chatterbait. Yet first, get the hook and firmly attach the chatterbait. Thereafter, secure the bait on the hook so it won’t fall off while casting out.

You can actually use single hook bait, dual twin tail bait or even live bait such as worms and crawfish. Artificial baits are more efficient to use rather the live ones because the latter baits depend on the type of fish to catch. As long as the artificial bait mimics the live bait, it will definitely lure the fish.

Finally, tie the tip of the tippet or line through the eye of the hook. Make sure that when you cast out, the chatterbait and bait itself won’t fall. You may watch this clip to learn more tricks on how to tie the chatterbait on the tip of the rod.

You’re now ready to travel near the shore and cast your rod. Be patient and alert when catching the fish. Apply all of your fishing techniques and always ready your bucket to grab the captured fish.

The Verdict

Invigorate your fishing style with the aid of a chatterbait because it will definitely add challenge with your rod. Catch the biggest fish on the shore and keep in mind all of the guidelines that will help you throughout the casting.

You may purchase the quality chatterbait via online and shopping districts or customize your personal chatterbait. Well, that’s up to you as long as you can manage to catch a fish and have fun while doing it. Be patient and just keep fishing, I guarantee that you will surely fill up your huge bucket full of fish!

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