May 13, 2017

What Is A Jerkbait? Learn Everything About It Here

what is a Jerkbait

Are you a type that really enjoys fishing with baits? There is a wide range of baits you can choose from when it comes to catching bass. Such baits include spinnerbaits, jigs, crank baits, top water and plastics. However, amongst the best baits listed above, Jerkbait has proven to be the best.

You may be pondering about just what is a jerkbait, and how to fish with it? Even quite a number of manufacturers are trying to figure out what a jerkbait really is and how to improve on it. Discussed in this article, is the true meaning of jerkbait and how it is being used.


What Does Jerkbaits Truly Mean?

Jerkbaits are special baits that convey large attributes of other bass baits. Many jerkbaits available nowadays have a lip which is built to pull the bait while submerged under water and is fundamentally the same as the one seen on the crankbaits.

In that case, the major contrast between a crankbait and a jerkbait is not in the way they are designed, but rather how they are fished. For example, jerkbaits operate excellently well when the water temperatures are in between 45F to 65F.

All jerkbaits have some unique qualities which make them distinct from every other bait. Jerkbaits are slim in terms of length, thereby exhibiting a perfect profile for lurking bass in case you need a speedy meal.

Though most jerkbaits are designed to float extremely high, they all set off the bite while submerged under water, which differentiates from the top water bait. Every hard bait like the crank bait possesses some kind of lip to pull out the bait underwater.

But yet, the thing that really separates jerkbaits from all other baits is how they function. To make a jerkbait yield good result, you need to make use of rod either in long or short jerks and make sure reeling is prevented by all means. This rod action is what jerkbaits are named after.

Trying to categorize baits according to their appearance and features can sometimes be confusing. Though the name "jerkbait" doesn't depict how the bait looks, it portrays how the bait is being used. Once you can understand this concept, every other thing will look simple and straightforward.

Types of Jerkbaits

Types of Jerkbaits

There is a wide range of jerkbaits available out there, however, they can actually be classified into two major types: hard bodied and soft bodied. Each type possesses its own pros and cons regarding bass fishing.

For you to effectively choose the best jerkbait out of this numerous options available, the region of the targeted lake and the kind of result you want the jerkbait to give are the major factors to be considered. Let’s begin by discussing the major types of jerkbait mentioned above.

Hard Jerkbaits

Hard jerkbaits, otherwise called suspending jerkbaits, are long slender baits that are designed with a lip. In some cases, they come with jointed bodies, but they always have a one-piece body. They are designed in a way to float in water so they can be fished close to the surface.

Manufacturers such as Bomber Long A Series, Rapala, and Lucky Craft are well-known for producing a wide range of hard jerkbaits.

Soft Jerkbaits

Soft jerkbaits are genuinely new and they were produced due to some major drawbacks of hard jerkbaits during fishing. That drawback is just that; the multiple treble hook allows the fish to go scot free once you get the bite.

From trying different things with various solutions, the soft jerkbait was discovered, and it is designed with just a single balance worm hook. More so, that is not its only unique feature. Soft baits are built from plastic, and the hues they are shaded make them have a nice look compared to the hard jerkbait.

But to be honest, what truly separates soft jerkbait from the hard jerkbait is their action. Soft jerkbait are designed to act in a predictable style. For example, they move in an erratic path when submerged underwater. More so, soft jerkbaits have a moderate sink and can be angled at different depths.

Jerkbait Fishing

Jerkbait Fishing

The interesting part about jerkbait is that you can fish it quickly or slowly depending on your need. Jerkbait fishing involves in making use of your wrist to yank or jerk your rod in order to produce a bait action. In the middle of the jerking, you reel in the slack.

Your success depends on how hard you jerk the rod during a retrieval process. Therefore, early summer bass will surely enjoy fast instant jerking while cool water bass will not. It is, therefore, advisable that you determine your best jerkbait speed of retrieval before you commence any jerk fishing exercise.


We hope that you now know what a Jerkbait is. There are still other tips and tricks associated with jerkbaits, but if you have successfully read this article to this extent, you have already known the basics. Don't restrict yourself to one or two jerk styles because jerkbaits are embedded with the system of baits.

Jerkbaits are easier to handle even by kids and this is the main reason why most professional tutors recommend it to their customers. If you are yet to start using jerkbaits, it will be to your maximum benefit to start now. For further thought or questions, you can leave a comment below!


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