April 4, 2017

What Does Mackerel Taste Like and How To Prepare It

What Does Mackerel Taste Like

Have you tasted a mackerel before? If you have, what did it taste like and would you consider eating it again? Well, some people think of oily, fishy taste when it comes to mackerel.

But, what does mackerel taste like or rather, what should it taste like when fresh? A brief introduction of this fish will suffice, first. There is a wide variety of mackerel fish in existence, from the Atlantic, Indian to Spanish Mackerels.

Japanese Sushi Chefs relish the Atlantic Mackerel due to its distinct personality. For a savory taste of the mackerels, you need to prepare them fresh. Oily, dark flesh fishes lose their freshness quickly to take a strong ‘fishy’ taste.


What Does Mackerel Taste Like and How To Prepare It

How do you tell is the mackerel is fresh? Tell-tale signs that the fish is not fresh are:

  • Faded skin, i.e. the sparkle on its skin is gone.
  • The fish looks dried out and sometimes, brown.
  • Its meat color has deepened, while fresh the color of the flesh is off-white. This is slightly darker than the color of flesh of tilapia or cod
What Does Mackerel Taste Like and How To Prepare It

It has a strong flavor similar to that of salmon. The flesh is firm and oilier than that of tilapia or cod. You can prepare it in many ways not just making sushi out of it. For a distinct, versatile taste, a squeeze of lemon, miso-soy glaze or zesty tomato sauces, will do the trick.How to Cook Mackerel

First, you need to ensure that you buy fresh fish to get the savory ocean taste out of it. If you aren’t sure of its freshness, then you can buy canned ones.

It is recommended that you should have at least two servings of fish each week. Mackerel has high concentrations of Omega 3, which is for raising your good cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. Its oils are useful for the healthy growth of kids.

I. Filleting

Cut an angle behind the head of the fish as shown in the video above. Then cut down the lateral line. Be careful not to cut through its stomach as you slice down. Cut across the fish, along the spine to avoid wasting meat.

To ensure that as you clean the fish, the area doesn’t get messy. You could bleed the fish out first. This way the flesh comes out cute and pinkish. Remember to remove the ribs, from the meat.

Most fish have pin bones half way down the flesh. Take them out before cooking while at the same time ensuring that you don’t cut through the skin.

II. Preparing the Flay for Cooking

Salt the pieces generously then leave it to rest in a cooler for about 30 minutes. Some people dip flay in milk, then sprinkle it with salt and pepper before seasoning. Others use a mixture of eggs and milk.

Once you have scaled the mackerel, the skin is edible and adds a silky texture to the meat. If you want to grill the fish; grease the foil before wrapping it around the skin of the fish. If not, use a roaster or casserole to cook your fish, as the skin of fish is delicate and tears of easily.

III. Cooking Mackerel

Cooking Mackerel

The oils in mackerels are not only good for the heart, but they also make it hard to overcook your fish. You can broil the fillet, pan fry it or grill it; you are full of options with mackerel. There are relatively inexpensive and plentiful as they were named as a “right choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program- they reproduce quickly.

For exquisite bites, you can grill or stuff your fish. Broiling helps to crisp up the skin. To achieve the same effect, you could use a hot cast iron pan or use a propane torch to sear the skin.

Remember not to overcook it. Many prefer cooking it fresh against after it is frozen. You could try both choices before settling for one method.

Leftovers are suitable during breakfast with omelets, or you can mix in, for lentils.


What does mackerel taste like, you may ask? Mackerels have a delicious savory taste. Yes, they are oily, but their oils are right for you and your kids. They help to lower blood pressure and also to increase your healthy cholesterol levels.

You can cook it in many ways, pan frying, broiling or grilling. Well, how do you like your fish? Then that’s the way to cook it. Ensure that you buy fresh fish for a great tasting. Otherwise, your fish will have that awful fishy taste.

You cannot go wrong with mackerels if you buy them fresh; but if you aren’t sure, then you can always go back to just having sushi.

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