What Does Bass Taste Like?

Bass Is A Proven Good Eat

I know you've heard of it - bass are sacred!

Yes, they are, they bless your table with their edibility, with a taste you won't forget in short a while.

I don't know about you, but I for one, want to taste every catch. Be it a bass, a Muskie, any catch to me is a good meal.

Bass comes in different species, and they've got a different sumptuous taste and different ways to get them done.

I'm not sure I will blink if asked 'what does bass taste like?’.

There are some factors to be considered to decipher the taste of a seafood, and bass is not left out.


Things to be considered:

Stripped bass
  • Keep them fresh.
  • To prevent bacterial contamination, endeavor to keep cooked and raw seafood separate.
  • When stored in the refrigerator, always have them marinated.
  • Listen up, because marinade contains raw juices which may also contain bacteria, never forget to discard.

I try my skills at fishing and improve my culinary skills too. So, I will be sharing with you, my bass taste experience and I will just want you to follow closely and learn.

Different People Have Different Views On How They Taste

Some believe that smallmouth bass fish are not as good tasting as walleye but they are much preferable to largemouth bass.

  • Some believe that smallmouth bass fish are not as good tasting as walleye but they are much preferable to largemouth bass.
  • While some prefer catching smallmouth bass more than eating, they still confess that it is a very good eat.- skin, fillet, and fry.
  • Some also agree with me that, regardless of the species, bass fish is like every other fresh fish.

One fact is this- if you can know how to prepare them or any one you catch, they are edible and a good eat.

For example, I'll love you to learn how to cook this type of bass, which is not very common in homes.

Stripped Bass

The striped bass fish has a striking appearance; sleek shape, black, broken lateral lines, white belly and bright silver scales. The flesh is firm, mild and has a similar flavor with fresh water bass.

The striped bass produced in Florida are sold to white table cloth restaurants across the country and even in Europe.

They have a firm texture, flaky and moist, white meat with simple flavor.

When buying this, there are things you must consider. These things are part of the processes needed to give your stripped bass a good taste, so, don't miss it.

Things to consider:

A fresh whole fish should have the following;

  • A clean shiny belly cavity with no protruding bones.
  • Its mild aroma should be similar to the ocean.
  • Go for the one that has gills that are deep pink or red, free of slime and off odor.

Fresh steaks, loins, and fillets should:

  • Possess a flesh that is firm.
  • Have no discoloration.
  • Possess an aroma that is similar to the ocean.
  • Have a packaging that keeps them from being deformed in its structure or bent in a way that is not natural.
  • Be translucent in its looks too.
Things to be considered

How To Cook It:

  • Just like other species of bass, stripped can be grilled, broiled, fried, and blackened. Grilling seem to be a popular method of cooking, using skin-on fillets and a generously oiled grilling basket to hold the meat together.
  • If fish is cooked in foil, or a sauce, or even in parchment, you could add 5 minutes to the total time for cooking.
  • From experience, at 400- 450F, and at the thickest of the fillet, 10 minutes per inch of thickness is the general rule.
  • Do not turn fillets whose thickness are less than 1/2 inch during cooking.- Do not overcook it, it cooks quickly.
  • Fish is considered done when the flesh of fish is opaque and flakes easily when a fork is used on it.
  • Poaching, baking, sautéing, microwaving, steaming and poaching is better low-fat cooking methods if a high-fat ingredient is not added.
  • To make a delicious salad, you should either bake it, microwave it or steam it, then cube it and add to salad greens.
  • Grill or broil it with seasoned salt and lime butter.- You should prevent the bass from sticking by oiling the grill.
  • Use crab or shrimp stuffing to bake the whole fish.
  • Spice soups, sauces or salad with broken pieces of left over fishes.


In all, whatever the species of the bass fish, the taste depends on how good your cooking skill is and what ingredient is used.

Taste could be distinct based on personal preference. But I want to assure you of one thing, which I said at the beginning- rice might have a bad taste, it all depends on how they were prepared.

You could go through the article of 'how to cook a bass' and learn different ways of how you can stop releasing your golden bass and learn better ways to eat them.

I grill, broil, pan fry, bake them etc. I don't know which cooking method will suit your taste bud.

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Justice Moor - April 29, 2018 Reply

I enjoy eating largemouth bass which I have eaten since childhood. I marinate the bass overnight and bake, poach, fry, or salt dry it. I put the skin in the microwave for a minute for tasty crisp snack.

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