July 1, 2017

How To Make Spinnerbaits – Do It Yourself Tips

How To Make Spinnerbaits

If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiast, then you know how exhilarating it is to make something by yourself. You not only save money, but nothing compares to the excitement that you feel once you can completely make something.

It is not just about making a component but making one that works. As an angler, it is a great feeling to be able to make your baits. Well, you can always assemble parts that make up bait. This procedure isn’t that hard.

All you have to do is go the shop that sells lure parts, buy all the necessary pieces and go home to assemble the various parties. But what if you can make your homemade set of baits?

In this tutorial, I will give you a step by step procedure on how to make spinnerbaits. It will involve building your spinnerbait from scratch. I hope you will have the same fun that I had as I learned about this.


Materials Needed To Make Your Homemade Spinnerbait

Materials Needed To Make Your Homemade Spinnerbait

A spinnerbait comprises of several parts combined in a particular way. Therefore, for you to be able to make your own, you will need to have the following with you:

  • A straight stainless steel spinning wire, 200mm length by 1 mm.

You have to improvise by using a paper clip. If you aren’t able to get these, sometimes you may get the wire on a roll. Do not fret, it is possible to straighten the roll out. However, this is going to consume your time and energy.

  • Drilled weight of about 3- 15 grams. You can get this from shops selling lure parts.
  • A hook of your preferred choice.
  • A small piece of copper or brass sheet. It should be around 0.33mm.
  • A bungee cord.
  • Small elastic band or O-ring. Alternatively, you could use a short 12 mm of tubing that shrinks when heated.
  • Additional materials e.g. general purpose pliers, nail varnish, heat gun, etc.

The DIY process is very detailed and the above-mentioned are the main components needed to be able to make a spinnerbait. However, you will need additional materials in particular stages, as you will see, as you go through this tutorial.

Step By Step Procedure Of Making Your Homemade Spinnerbait

Once you have all the materials necessary for this DIY Procedure, you are now ready to have a go at making your homemade spinnerbait. For visuals on how to do something, the above YouTube will prove more effective.

Step 1

Put your hook on the straight stainless steel spinning wire. If you weren’t able to get a straight wire then you can use one that is rolled up. You will first need to straighten it out. If you can get a machine to do this for you, then, good for you.

If not, you can use pliers to hold it as you bend it back on itself. You will need to do this carefully as you work the wire, ½ an inch at a time. It will eat up most of your time and energy though.

So, if you can get a wire that is already straightened out, then go for it.

Step 2

Pass the hook to about an inch and a ¼ to about 30mm, of the wire and grip it using standard pliers, at that length. Wrap the extra length of wire around the hook while gripping at it, i.e. the 30mm of the wire.

A simpler method is to turn the hook around that point while gripping the wire using pliers. This should be done after making a few turns of the wire on the hook. Straighten out the shaft.

If the hook is still loosely fitted, you can apply super glue on the turns of the wire to hold firm at the hook.

Step 3

Take your preferred drilled weight and put it through the wire. Place the weight over heat for about 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds, dip the weight in powdered paint quickly and shake off any excessive paint.

Return the weight over the heat for a glossy exterior. Dip the weight in the oil a second time and shake off any excess. And repeat, place it over the heat. If it becomes glossy, you can remove it from over the heat and leave it to cool.

You can apply candle wax on the wire, some distance from the weight, before placing it in the powdered paint. It keeps the paint from sticking on the wire.

Step 4

Dab the flat end of a nail in some black acrylic and place it on the colored weight. Wait until a blob forms on the nail, for the ultimate effect. Do this on opposite sides of the weight. Leave it to dry, you could give it a quick blast with a heat gun.

Use the clear nail varnish to coat the pupil and give it a shine. Once the varnish has dried, put the eye on the straight wire with the hook.

Step 5

You will need to have an illustrated diagram of a spinnerbait for this step. You can find them online. Hold the wire at the top of the eye with a pair of long nose pliers and then tweak the extra length of wire.

Place the components that you have put together so far on the diagram, to fit. For the second bend of the spinnerbait, hold this end with the same pliers and do a wrap of the extra wire.

Hold that eye and wrap the wire around it, say two times. For the final eye, hold the end of the wire and unroll it. Do not close it completely as you will need to place your blade and swivel, through it.

Ensure that the setup is completely lined up, straighten out any bends on it.

Step 6

Use a template of the blade size that you want to make for your spinnerbait and cut out the image. Stick it on your small copper sheet and cut to the desired size and shape with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Use waterstone to smooth out the edges. Attach the blade to a split ring that’s attached to a swivel and place them both through the eye and close the eye. To make a skirt use a 41/2 inch bungee tubing, slide a small O-ring through it, to the middle.

Pull up the elastic on the ends to break them apart. Do this on both ends of the bungee. Cut off the sheathing on the bungee and keep pulling at the elastic fibre. Use a marker to dress the skirt.

Put the skirt on the hook starting with the long end. Take it through, right over the eye of the hook and neaten the skirt up.


Do you want to know how to make spinnerbaits? The above tutorial is a step by step procedure on how to make one. You need to have all the outlined materials with you, e.g. drilled weight, straight stainless steel wire etc.

These materials can easily be found in various shops around you. Follow the outlined steps or just watch the YouTube video to see the steps taken and how to go about making your homemade spinnerbait.

Now that you have gone through the tutorial, you are now able to make your own spinnerbait. Add this to your DIY list and have a go at it. It is sure going to be so much fun.


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