September 1, 2016

How To Make Grass Carp Baits Like A Pro At Home?

How To Make Grass Carp Baits

With the ever growing popularity of carp fishing throughout the world, we’ve witnessed internet forum after forum pop up about how newer carp anglers can really learn to gain their bearings and start fishing for carp like professionals.

We all know how competitive fishing can get, and just starting to really adapt to the growing nature of the game can really be one of the best ways that we can stay on top of the game itself!

Learning how to make grass carp baits will help you master the art of grass carp fishing, and the best part about this article is that we don’t really have to go or do that much to make these baits.


That means that they are usually cost effective, and they are certainly effective in the water. Soon you will realize that most baits are food based, so as long as you have a grocery store nearby and some time to set up these baits you’ll be well on your way to catching your first grass carp.


If you are also a gardener, you’ll find that might be able to help you create recipes 1, 2, and 3!

Recipe #1

Cherry Tomatoes

We’ll start with some of the more simple homemade recipes for effective grass carp baits, and then we’ll get into some more complex ones.

The first recipe is simple. Carp love a variety of foods, and one seemingly strange thing that they love to eat and smell in the water is just a simple cherry tomato.

That’s right folks! Cherry tomatoes are one of the best baits to specifically catch grass carp because these fish prefer a strictly vegetarian diet (note: we’ll dive more into that in another article, so be sure to check out that similar post).

This is obviously where gardening comes in handy, and many people grow cherry tomatoes in their own personal gardens.

So if you have some in the backyard, take a handful and throw them in a paper bag. And be sure to bring them out on the water next time, even though it might feel strange carrying this food as bait for your fish! We don’t invent the rules of the game: we just follow them.

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • And nothing else!

Recipe #2

This next recipe is almost just as easy, but you might need a shovel…

Nightcrawlers, a common type of earthworm, are an essential fishing bait for almost every common sport fish that anglers are looking for. But when you are fishing in the weeds you’ll hopefully be able to avoid the much less prized and ever annoying catfish.

This technique is a pretty simple one, but it’s effective, and easy, and definitely worth mentioning.

If you live in the city or somewhere without access to where nightcrawlers are living in the ground, then you might just luck out on your trip to the grocery or department store, as this common bait can be found in many of these stores.

This is a great thing to check out if there aren’t really any close bait shops to you, and usually these nightcrawlers will cost you around $3-$5 per dozen.

Not a bad price for such an effective bait, and when you are seeking out grass carp over others in particular this can quite often prove to be the best bait available.


You’ll see the last item in this list is a worm blower, and these strange devices are going to help you greatly in this scenario.

Take the worm blower and insert it into the worm (in this sense do not cut the worm), and then insert just a bit of air into it.

This seems tedious and pointless, but quite frankly it’s one of the best fishing tips available. The pocket of air helps raise the bait off of the murky ground, and it makes it easier to identify for the carp.

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Freshly dug (ore well refrigerated nightcrawlers.
  • Cutting board and knife.
  • Worm blower.

Recipe #3

Sweet Corn

The gardeners will still be smiling at this next grass carp bait, and you guessed it! It’s food!

This time however, it is sweet corn, and there are a lot of reasons why this is the most effective bait when it comes to specifically catching carp.

I’ll break down why it’s so effective in just a moment, and I’ll explain that there is definitely a difference between sweet corn and the corn you grew in your personal garden.

Unfortunately for the smiling gardeners, a can of sweet corn is more favorable, and this is largely because of the powerful scent that it emits. And we have to abide by how these fish operate which is largely by smell, so this bait is definitely a logical must.

There are also some alternative methods of using corn and arranging it into a more complex piece of bait.

These can include different types of rigging methods like hair, three-way, and slip-sinker rigs, and there are also a number of other types of sinker rigs that you could use to devise some more really effective ways to really maximize the effectiveness of the bait.


This is largely dependent on the individual fishing scenarios you are dealing with! It’s not a one size fits all, and it won’t ever be.

That’s why with all this supplemental tackle, we help ourselves become deeper and more professional about the sport.

Any ways that we can gain the advantage is a must, and if you like, you can probably devise something with your tackle that could be the next big trend (if it does in fact work and people don’t actually do it yet).

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Can(s) of sweet corn.
  • Can opener (this is a simple reminder because we’ve all got down to the water with a can of corn and just a knife or plyers and that’s never a fun scenario!).
  • Extra fishing rigs (of your preference).

Recipe #4

This is where things start to get a bit more complex, but not too much more.

We all love cereal, and there are some really great methods of making bait with (yes, of all things) certain types of breakfast cereals.

Take a cup of regular Wheaties and add hot water and sugar. Knead the product with your hand (or some other instrument) until the product is a solid, malleable consistency.

Once you are able to, you can create the baits in any shape you like. I prefer to make them in circles, and at this point using an ice cream scoop or a similar kitchen tool to shape them into similar sizes and shapes.

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • 1 cup (or however much you find that you need) of Wheaties cereal.
  • Hot water (about halfway or more to boiling temperature).
  • Sugar! Probably not more than a few tablespoons, but again, it really depends on how much you are trying to make!

Recipe #5

This last recipe seems to be the most strange, but again, that doesn’t matter if it’s effective!

What you’ll need for this recipe is: a box of quick grits, a box of instant grits, and a packet of your least favorite Kool-Aid flavor (it really doesn’t matter which kind).

Cook a cup of quick grits, and a cup of instant grits and put those into a large bowl. Then simply add your Kool-Aid and stir until the consistency is much like it is in the Wheaties where it is solid but still very malleable.

Then you can shape the chunks of the product into whatever you want, and I would suggest again to use the circles method!

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • One box of quick grits.
  • One box of instant grits.
  • One packet of Kool-Aid (depending on how much quick grits you use, you can gradually put in the Kool-Aid as you knead the bait into that perfect dough-like form).

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

We’ll discuss some other great grass carp baits that you can purchase instead of make, so be sure to check out that article as well! But for I think you’ll have enough baits to experiment with! Good luck anglers!

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