April 6, 2017

How To Fish A Trick Worm

How To Fish A Trick Worm

Ever thought of the best way to bail yourself out of a frustrating day when you go fishing? For me, I get them stocked in my boat, as they come in different colors and save my day with them when nothing else works. I'm talking about the most versatile worms out there; 'the trick worm'.

It has come to my know that so many are in dilemma and very few get to ask me the big question which I will be answering in a less complex way as we go on. I will point out simple ways on 'how to fish a trick worm'.


What is a Trick Worm?

Although they come in natural appearing colors, they can also found in bright colors like chartreuse, pink, yellow and white.Trick worms are soft plastic worm with the following attributes;

  • They are about 6 - 7 inches long in size.
  • They are straight tailed segmented worm with a natural slithering action.
  • They are also Salt-impregnated.
  • They keep you happy when used on a Carolina rig. The results are amazing.

There are certain tricks I have tried and will like to share it with you. Though, I must advise that it might not work all the time, but all things being equal, it works like magic.

I think almost all of you or some have heard this already; when the weather is cold, the fishes are sluggish and typically not actively feeding, as such, they could often be found in deeper water- not so true.

Don’t bug yourself with that myth, you could end up doing it wrongly. Advisably, during cold weather conditions, forget about the myth, instead of flipping deep water docks all day, bass can be near the bank at any time of the year regardless of the weather condition. So all you need is sunlight shining on them, a bank with a suitable cover, a spinner bait with a trick worm and you got yourself a lucky day.

Don’t complexity things, just try to keep it simple by not worrying about what color of trick worms go with a particular color of spinner bait.

Just know that lime truese trick worm goes with a white spinner bait and on a chartreuse spinner bait, use the white color trick worm.

Once you've got your spinner bait with a trick worm, you could nail it. All you need to look for is light. Any light will do for cold-blooded bass when the temps are low. Because they often stage near stumps, rock, laydowns or any good cover that appears to serve to warm them.

The Simple Way on How to Fish a Trick Worm.


One of the ways to get to get it done is to rig a trick worm without a weight and fished like the lure of a floating water.

How to Do This?

To keep the line from twisting, you will have to put a small barrel swivel (about 6 inches will do) above the hook or you can as well tie a 2/0 non-onset worm hook directly to the line.

If you notice that your line is twisting or getting twisted, making use of the barrel swivel may become very necessary. And if you so desire to make use of an offset hook, you will need to make do of a toothpick by placing it through the hook's eye, this will avert it from slipping down.

I have also observed that some anglers prefer a highly visible line with trick worms, while others will go with a less visible one. Although, from personal experience, the less visible line makes strikes harder to detect.

In all, it all boils down to an individual's confidence, personal choice and considerably the state of your eyesight.

The rig can be used with Bait casting tackle or spinning. And as a plus, when fishing under overhanging trees or docks and brush, a spinning gear is preferable because, with it, you can skip the worm better.

Last I forget, 10 - 17-pound test line works, but in clearer water, lighter is better and heavier line aids a solid hookup.

Let me be a bit clearer by introducing you to different methods of rigging I will want you to know too

Different Methods of Rigging

I. Texas Rig

There is nothing really superfluous about the Texas rig. It is your choice of worm hook and a bullet weight. The size of the weight you choose to use should be dependent on the depth of the water and how big is the line you're fishing or rather how quick you want the worm to fall.

Different Methods of Rigging

If you want your trick worm to fall slowly, you can either use no weight at all or a small split shot. And if you have a light wire hook, you are definitely fishing a floating worm.

The Texas rig can be fished wherever a bass would hang out. That is, you can throw in any kind of color.

However, as the weight slides up and down the line, there might be a problem. There is a possibility of a separation in some types of cover between the weight and the bait and this could also lead to getting hung up.

One simple solution is to fix it up like old times; you can use a bobber stop above the weight or implore the help of a toothpick through the hole of the weight. This will put an end to the weight sliding on the line.

ii. Carolina Rig

When the waters are deep, and there are rock piles, downed timber or drop offs or stumps, I will advise you use the Carolina rig. With a Carolina rig, you are outrightly fishing a Texas rig but in this case, the weight and the worm are separated on purpose. The hung up factor in standing timber or any type of vegetation could be frustrating, but just in case there is no hang-up, it could be your lucky day fishing.

iii. The Drop Shot

Should be fished on spinning tackle and lighter lines. However, when I discover that the lighter line can be nicked easily, I break the mold and use a casting tackle and heavier lines.

What to do?

Different Methods of Rigging

To do a good job with the drop shot, you must be willing to move the baits slow, and I mean very very slow. Remember to stop at intervals and shake the tip of your rod, this will cause the worm to dance and wiggle. While doing all this, I allow my sinker to remain on the bottom. If you may know, by doing this, the bait is kept in front of your target bass for a while. Following this method has helped me catch even aggressive bass.

iv. The Shaky Drop

The shaky drop is best used in an open water. That is, it does not work very well in just any type of vegetation. I fish the shaky drop method with two different colors of worms comfortably. Once you sight a fish on a stump field, a rock pile or a drop-off, I will advise you to use the shaky drop. It is result oriented and for the method, follow the same procedure as I explained in the drop shot method and you will be filling your boat with bass in no time.


I think a bass can't resist the luring power of a trick worm if it has resisted other baits.If this has helped you, in my very own word; the share button isn’t stiff.

Share with family and friends and I will like to hear from you as you drop your comments in the comment box below.​

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