April 8, 2017

How to Clean Aluminum Boat Effectively

How to Clean Aluminum Boat Effectively

Is the bottom of your boat lined with hard water deposits? Or do you want to remove the algae inside your boat? It is important to know how to clean aluminum boat to bring the shine on your boat.

The cake formed by the deposits make the boat less appealing than when it was new.


What you need to clean your boat:

  • Your preferred Cleaning Agent e.g. JJV’S Best Aluminum Cleaner, Duragloss Aluminum Wheel Cleaner.
  • Clean piped water, definitely

The two commonly used methods of cleaning your aluminum boat include:

1. Spray and Scrub

You need to have steel wool and a cleaning product of your choice. This method is an inexpensive way to clean your boat. It is a simple three-step process, which includes:

  • Step1: Spray or apply your preferred cleaning agent on the area of the vessel that needs cleaning. Let it form a coating on the area.
  • Step 2: Using a clean steel wool, scrub gently on the sprayed area. You can wait for a few minutes before washing, as per the instructions on your preferred cleaning agent.
  • Step 3: Wipe the cleaned area with a clean cloth to see the effect.

Using steel wool, you don’t have to worry about scratching the finish on your boat. However, the cleaning isn’t a one time job, but it needs to be regular. Some cleaning products do not require scrubbing after spraying it on your boat.

Always, read the instructions on the product and follow it. Remember. Some of the products aren’t as good as has been advertised. Do your research on the products that are effective.

2. Spray and Rinse

The spray and rinse method is also as efficient and uses less of your energy. It follows the same steps as above. However, when you get to the scrubbing part, you are supposed to leave the cleaning agent coating on your boat for a few minutes.If you are using the JJV’s Best Aluminum Cleaner, you need to let the cleaner sit for approximately ten minutes. When you see foaming on your boat, then you know that the cleaning product is working.

After about 10 minutes, power up your power washer and rinse off the area. The whole procedure takes approximately 1 hour, and you get the shine on, on your boat.

Some people use diluted hydrofluoric acid as a cleaning agent. However, when undiluted, the acid is very corrosive and can dissolve glass. How much more fatal, can it be when spilled on your skin?

If you choose to use it, you need to be careful in the way you handle the product. Solvent-based agents aren’t recommended for use unless they are made specifically for aluminum products. The same applies to cleaning agents that have alcohol.

Pro Tips for Maintenance and Care for Your Boat

Pro Tips for Maintenance and Care for Your Boat

As an angler, you know the importance of maintaining the gloss on your boat and removing the hard water deposits on your boat. A well-maintained boat glides effortlessly in the water. You also need to maintain the hygienic conditions in your boat.

This implies that both the inside and outside of your boat needs regular cleaning. What you need to have and do to keep your boat in working conditions is:

  • You need to clean the inside of your boat with fresh water and a cleaning product. If you have an aluminum boat, then you need to ensure that the product suited for aluminum.
  • Do not use solvent-agents to clean consoles or other plastic components inside your boat.
  • After taking your boat out of the water, wash the hull to remove any algae on it and also the foul.
  • For chemical splashes or fuel on your boat’s surface, you can use general-purpose cleaning products. Use those designed for cleaning a boat.

The chemicals damage the hue and sometimes the gloss, especially on coated surfaces. Your boat is to be kept in ideal conditions before launching or when storing for the off-season.

Before Launching

Before you go out fishing or riding your boat, you need to check that it is in the right condition. Ensure that all electrical equipment are functioning in the proper order. Close all drainage caps in the boat except for the rainwater drainage. It should be left open.

If there is any oxidation on the cable connectors or breaker, you need to remove it, before launching. Repair any leaks on the boat. Ensure that the hoses and connectors are in proper condition.

Remember to carry the required safety equipment with you, on the boat before you launch. To remove oxidation and stubborn stains from the surface, use an abrasive polish that is of fine-grade. After cleaning, you will need to apply wax on the surfaces.

The waxing will help maintain the gloss of the surface. It also protects it from fouling. It is not necessary to remove the oxidation from the aluminum surface as it helps protect the metal.

Off-season Maintenance

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of storing your boat in proper conditions before the off-season. You need to be able to work with it, once the off-season is over unless you are planning to buy a new boat.

This period is when your boat requires care and attention to detail. Especially if you are planning to store your boat in the outdoors, or humid conditions. The first step is to wash and to clean the interior of your boat as has been stated in the pro tips above.

Wash any lines or ropes in the boat with fresh water. Check your hull for any damage on the outside. Cover your boat while allowing for enough ventilation inside the cover. If you are storing your boat in a dry dock, ensure that the boat’s bow is slightly higher than its aft.

Leave any drainage holes open. This way, any accumulated water in your boat will flow freely. All electric equipment stored in dry indoor conditions. They will not oxidize in non-humid temperatures.

Equipment that is susceptible to rust or mildew needs storage indoors. These include tools, anchors, canvas, any textile items, etc. You will also need to store your battery in a warm, dry place. You also need to charge it at least twice in the off-season period.



Learning how to clean aluminum boat, is important so as to have a longer lasting boat. You boat requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance. You need to wash the interiors to remove any foul substances.

You also need to choose your preferred cleaning product with care. Ensure that it is specified for aluminum as you do not want your boat to corrode. If the off-season is near, i.e., it is about to snow, you need to follow the above tips to ensure proper storage of your boat.

Cover your boat and preferably, store your boat indoors. If you have no space and the only options is to store it outdoors, remove all electric equipment and keep them indoors. They require storage in dry conditions.

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