July 31, 2016

How To Catch Grass Carp In 6 Easy Steps?

how to catch grass carp

I have always been a travel lover having done a lot of tours across countries. Moreover, off late the aquatic species of Eastern Asia have intrigued me. Owing to my love for aquatic species a couple of months back when I was doing a research on them I came across this particular specie named Grass Carp.

The very features they possessed astonished me and made me yearn for more. Hence I started doing a thorough research on them and what I figured out was that the fishing method adopted for them is very different.

It is a heavy weighted fish and technique employed to bait it is very unique of its kind. Since I was so passionate about such species I worked out an entire article on how to catch grass carp.


Steps That are Undertaken to Meet the Measure

  • A medium sized heavy rod needs to be chosen which around 7 feet in length is. This has to comply with a 20 pound testing line and a reel. There is no reason to look down upon the immense power of the carp that can inflict pressure on the tackle once it has been hooked.
  • On one end of the line a circle holder hook has to be tied. A circle hook can be used as the point that has been chalked out to indulge the mouth of the carp since the line pulls on the hook. One must avoid using treble hooks as this may bruise the carp.
  • The hook must be baited with a cherry tomato, one half of it. You must use small or medium sized tomatoes as they are the most favored among the Grass carps. The cherry tomato needs to be cut in half and then placed on the hook making sure that it is completely covered. This needs to be executed carefully as the carp might bite into their bait first and would necessarily throw it up if bait gets detected.
  • The water must be baited with fresh grass and corn. The chum mixture needs to be spread across the water 2-3 hours before the fishing occurs. The chum or bait must be allowed to stay on the surface for a while before it is sucked on by the carp.
  • The water needs to be approached in a slowly and stealthy manner only as much as necessary to place the hook inside the water. Now the half of the cherry tomato has to be dropped among the half. You can either submerge it or let it hang loosely.
  • A taught line has to be maintained. From time to time place your finger on the line to figure out if the carp is mouthing the bait or not. The carp must be allowed to feed on the bait and turn before you rod tip is raised. The circle tip will gradually come about as you raise the rod tip.
  • The drag on the reel has to loosen up as the carp is very powerful and might make errands away from you. The carp needs to be worked in as fast as possible so that overtiring of the fish can be evaded. Thereby be released soon as well.

Steps to Catch Grass Carp

1. Choose an Appropriate Location

fishing location

Grass Carp they are cultivated species that are found in lakes and ponds to check the growth of vegetation. If need be you can speak to the landowners or the farmers who are the consumers of grass crap. They might just give you the permission to lay your hands in their fish property and thereby check the grass carp populations. Hence they help you catch Grass Carp.

2. The Right Tackle Needs to be Used

fishing hook

This is a large fish. It is very strong by nature and hence would need a big enough tackle. A large sized hook is required along with a 20-lb test line. A moderate sized spinning wheel that is open faced and a rod are some of the few prerequisites for these bruisers.

3. You Need to be Stealthy for Catching Grass Carps

stealthy for catching Grass Carps

Grass carps are shy creatures that prefer staying aloof while feeding on the vegetation. They get perturbed by the tiniest of movements from the shore. Hence it is advisable to keep noise and activity to the bare minimum possible.

If Grass carp get irritated in anyway then there is a high possibility that they would revert to the deeper seas. Thus you must be delicate about the actions you make.

4. The Area has to be Baited

Canned corn

First and foremost the area that has to be fished needs to be selected, you can bait it afterwards. Canned corn is generally the preferred one. The contents of canned corn need to be thrown into the water up to 20-25 feet from the shore. Soaked corn seed can also be another option if the aforementioned is not plausible. The area has to be baited days before you can fish it.

5. Bait Selection is Crucial

Bait selection is the prerequisite to catching grass carp. They are herbivores by nature and hence only feed on vegetation.

One of the best types of bait is the deadly combination of corn and bread dough. This works fine if the bait to be used before fishing in the area is corn. Other plausible options for baits include green beans, watermelons, cherry tomatoes, worms, lime beans and also freshly cropped grass from your garden.

6. Fishing Technique has to be Accurate

grass carp fishing technique

The water has to be approached in a stealthy fashion and then calmly place the baited line inside the water. If a light weight is attached to the rig then it works well in keeping down the bait.

The best option would be to use the object that is the lightest since the grass carp would drop any bait that makes allowance for restrictions. The bait line should be slightly slack to help in catching the grass carp.

Once the line begins to tighten, the slack has to be reeled in a careful fashion and then the hook needs to be set. The grass carps are good fighters they won’t give up that easily. A loose drag is generally advisable as it would restrain the line from falling apart under the influence of a large fish.


The above mentioned article has explicitly harped upon the important points for catching Grass carp. It is not the same as catching any other fish. The methods and techniques are a little different though not intricate.

These are very delicate species and hence, they need to be dealt with in a stealthy manner. If all the aforementioned points are undertaken then catching grass carps will not be a tough call. The hook, reel and the bait needs to be in place. However any sort of clumsy movement would deter a Grass carp from falling into the trap. Though having the right bait in hand would be of great help.

Hope you enjoyed reading through the article and learned the ways in which you can catch a grass carp.

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