August 18, 2016

7 Grass Carp Baits Every Angler Must Buy!

7 Grass Carp Baits Every Angler Must Buy!

Learning what the most essential grass carp baits are will help you master the art of grass carp fishing, and it is important for anglers of all sorts to keep up with recent trends and ideas in the world of fishing as the popularity of carp fishing is skyrocketing around the world.

We know that there are plenty of types of homemade baits that anglers create on their own in quite often new and inventive ways, and eventually, sometimes these ideas are actually marketed and are sold globally (largely depending on how successful they are).

Grass carp baits are a good example of this, and the great thing to know here is that it only helps us as anglers to have a ton of different options!


Anglers are capitalizing on a rapidly evolving fishing sport, and with more attention being paid to types of fish like the grass carp it makes us strive to be more inventive and practical when devising new methods of seeking them out and catching them!

This has led to an expanded market of great new technique and supplies to catch these and other less typically sought out fish, and the best anglers are often the deepest and most well supplied.

And in this sense it is true because these premade grass carp baits that are available to purchase are actually really effective, and it never hurts to have multiple options in your tackle!

You never know what the fish are going to really like on any given day, and sometimes just changing it up can really entice and engage them by their certain senses.

This is really why alternative baits are being created by people everywhere, but we all know that these popular baits maintain their name and popularity because they work. They have worked. They will work. Plain and simple.

Having a number of them working for you is definitely a good thing, and some days you will find that one is just perhaps working much better than the rest. That could change next time, so be sure to really seize that occasion and throw as much of that hot bait as possible!

It does ultimately become harder to know which ones are the best when the marketplace is weighed down, but there are a handful of really important grass carp baits that are available and this article will present seven of the best ones that you should definitely check out!

Berkeley Fishing’s Gulp! Alive! Floating Corn

Berkeley’s reputation in the fishing world is definitely well earned, and this bait has definitely helped them secure themselves as a source where you can turn to in a pinch to get some great baits if you do in fact don’t have time to make grass carp baits on your own.

Responses to this bait vary with the argument of traditional corn versus this highly specialized and developed fish bait, but the popularity of this type of carp bait especially alludes at its legitimacy.

The bonus here is that the product is pretty cheap! It always has been, and always will be, and if you do click on the link you’ll see that they are just under $3 for a 2.3 ounce package.

So the downfall it isn’t a ton of stuff, but when you buy about 7 for around $20 (21), that comes out to be roughly $20 per pound, and that isn’t bad for a bait that is this effective.

And the added bonus here is that there are three colors to choose from! There are yellow, red, and white, and there are arguments to be made for the specific qualities of each color.

This obviously has to do with the color and water visibility, but this doesn’t prove to be extremely crucial unless you are convinced by your experiences that one color is superior.

Anyhow, if you buy a decently large quantity, be sure to get all 3 types and try them out for yourself!

Note: If you do purchase your gear at tackle shops, department stores, and anywhere else you can find fishing gear, be sure to look for this stuff (and other great stuff!) that has largely been forgotten!Forgotten products at a store do not mean they are bad! It just means people in that area and related store don’t really know about the product so they aren’t seeking it out even if they are anglers.That’s where it’s great to be on your toes and come up with an industrial pallet of these for pennies on the dollar, because like we know they are already very cheap!

Note: If you do purchase your gear at tackle shops, department stores, and anywhere else you can find fishing gear, be sure to look for this stuff (and other great stuff!) that has largely been forgotten!

Forgotten products at a store do not mean they are bad! It just means people in that area and related store don’t really know about the product so they aren’t seeking it out even if they are anglers.

That’s where it’s great to be on your toes and come up with an industrial pallet of these for pennies on the dollar, because like we know they are already very cheap!

Doc’s Carp Getter Bait

Doc’s Carp Getter Bait might win the award for best carp bait name, and has certainly earned a high enough rank to be included in this article.

The sweet doughy substance is perfect for multi-hooked rigs, and anglers who dare to use treble hooks claim that this bait is the way to go. Using a series of trebles on one rig is an intense set up, and quite frankly it is easier to catch the fish with significantly more hooks.

Some anglers don’t dare to use trebles because they are difficult, dangerous, and potentially harmful to yourself and the fish, but if you dare to buy Doc’s famous recipe and try out that set up I would almost guarantee that there are good things to come!

The bait comes in 12 ounce containers, and it sells at $4.25 each.

Note that this bait also comes in two flavors, and it really comes down to which one you specifically like for one reason or another. There aren’t any clear differences between the anise and vanilla types of the bait, and they really seem to work just about the same.

My suggestion would be to buy one can of each, and if you do like more go back in the near future when you’re almost out and then buy the whole case. If you do that, it does save you $8.40, and saving some money is never a bad thing!

Uncle Josh’s Carp Bait

Uncle Josh has certainly done his fishing family a great duty by inventing Uncle Josh’s Carp Bait, and once you try it out you’ll know exactly what we mean!

The product description helps portray a similar picture to Doc’s carp bait, and it is summed up as a “Doughball bait with [an] irresistible [and] sweet taste. [It’s] made from real Iowa corn and corn syrup with re-sealable plastic container… [and it’s] a sweet taste carp can't resist.”

Simple description. Simple and reasonable price at just $4 for a 10 ounce tub! All around I would rate this product very highly based on value alone. The fact that the stuff works is enough to keep some around, and the price will have anglers ordering for years to come.

Magic Bait Premo Carp Bait

The great thing about the Magic Bait Premo Carp Bait that you’ll realize right away is the variety of options on their site. All 4 of the carp baits are legitimate baits, and I really just how simply the website is set up and how easy it is to have this much variety right there!

4 baits really doesn’t sound like a lot, but when it comes to carp angling it can be. Reviews will feature differing opinions on the best of the four, and again it can largely be subjective. My suggestion would be again to just try one of each, and a 3 ounce bag goes for just under $4.

Note: Avoid the bluegill bait that is in the same general category as the carp baits. It’s not what you want (unless you fish for bluegill too).

Glugged Odyssey XXX Boilie Hookbaits

This bait might not be the most aesthetically pleasing bait we’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t matter as long as it works!

In short, the website describes it as a product that is largely a combination of other ingredients and parts of other types of bait, all concocted into one not really great looking mixture. But that doesn’t matter if the boat is full of fish, and this bait definitely has the potential to do just that.

For just a peak at their analysis of their product description, they state that: “The resulting product is a highly attractive, juicy little hookbait which leaks off powerful food signals in even the coldest water temperatures”.

This is a juicy little snippet, so be sure to check out the other really great tips about this particular bait in the link!

The bait is ultimately measured in a specific quantity and not by weight, and containers of 50 cost €6.49 (or about 7 USD) which definitely proves to be a pretty fair price.

That is potentially 50 fish right there even though we know it’s not a 100% guarantee every time you throw one in the water, but we can always be aware of the theoretical math aspect as well!

Wacker Bait Sweet Corn Pips

What you’ll realize here if you click the link and try to navigate the site that is kind of difficult to use, so that is really not a great start. But the bait will make up for it, and the link will eliminate any problems of actually searching for it on the poorly constructed site.

The product description isn’t overly analytical but it gets the job done: “A concentrated and effective flavoring for boilies and all other baits. Rich and creamy aroma is pleasing to humans and irresistible to carp. Use about 5ml per 4-egg boilie mix or about 1tsp per pound of bait.”

This one is a bit more expensive than the others coming in at about $6 for just 4 ounces. They mention that the price was actually higher (and could possibly go higher at some point), but they are sure to also clearly say that the product keeps indefinitely if stored correctly.

So the durability and long lasting qualities help counterbalance the slightly higher prices, and I’ve certainly included this bait on this list for a reason. It is a great bait, one that is definitely worthy of spending the money on!

Tandem Baits Impact Boilies

The specificity of the product information on this last bait might be overwhelming, but it is also really helpful! It’s great that they want to provide this much detail to their customers, and we all know that honesty is a great quality for any business!

Here’s a snippet of their description:“…the special formula slowly releases scent and will bring in fish from long distances. These baits are also designed for use in a wide range of water temperatures, perfect for use anytime of the year.”

They come in a number of colors, and the baits come in “1 kg or 2.2 lb. re-sealable bags. Each bait is approximately 12 mm or 0.47 in. in diameter”, another great and really accurate piece of information from the site!

Be sure to check out all the details in the link, and you will realize this type of bait is really just all around impressive when it is used as practically as possible.

They really do mention some more specific ways to use the bait like a real professional, and I’m sure that the first time you throw it in the water you will not be disappointed!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Once you’ve acquired a few of these items you’ll really see that you are building up your own arsenal of carp related tackle, and that is really the beginning to fishing for a carp like a professional.

Like most things, you’ll start to feel out the greater subtleties of actually fishing for them, but assembling your arsenal and knowing what baits and rigging systems work the best is integral to catching any fish— especially the grass carp.

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