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February 24, 2017

How To Cast Farther, For More Than 30 Feet

How to Cast Farther

Are you having troubles in casting your fishing line for more than 30 feet? Here are a few pro tips on how to cast farther. Fishing can both serve the purpose of entertainment as well as an income generating activity.

Before you start fishing, you will need to learn how to cast your fishing rod into the water. What is casting? Casting in general terms means the process of throwing a bait or lure into the water to fish. If you are not new to fishing, then you may want to learn a few tips on how to cast farther.

The process of casting might seem easy when you see it in pictures or videos or when seeing a professional casting a fishing line but there are several factors that you will need to consider before being able to cast further.

For you to be a good fisherman, you must be willing to learn all the techniques and specifications both necessary steps to more complex factors considered when you want to cast farther.

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November 6, 2016

How To Remove A Hook From A Fish

how to remove a hook from a fish

Releasing the fish you catch is an incredible way to make sure that they not only remain safe and healthy, but they also survive. Sadly, it is not enough to only ‘toss a fish back’ after unhooking it. A good amount of fish released usually, die later because of a number of reasons.

In this primer, I will explain how to remove a hook from a fish. I’ll also share some of the reasons that can lead to the death of a fish and exactly how to avoid them. Read on.

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October 28, 2016

Where Do Grass Carp Live, And How Can I Find Them?


In this article, we’ll discuss how you can become an expert at understanding how a certain type of carp that is often referred to as grass carp operates, and ultimately how we can master the art of catching this fish.

You may initially wonder “where do grass carp live?” and ultimately “how can I find them?”, and the primary purpose of this article is to answer these important questions!

Grass carp are just a very certain type of the carp species, and this is really important to know for several reasons.

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October 22, 2016

How Good Can You Fish At Night?


A friend asked me ‘Can you fish at night?’ my answer to him was that what is more fun and exciting than fishing at night. You certainly do not need to put a lot of sweaty efforts at night to get yourself a good juicy fish on your plate like you have to do in the daylight.

Fishing during the day certainly needs more than a lot of patience. On the other hand there is the sunlight that can probably give you a lot of sunburns and annoying headaches with the help of skin peeling sunny rays.

For many of you fishing at night may sound a bit weird and some of you may be thinking that what is the difference is between fishing during the day or night? Well, you might not be able spot the difference just by sitting at home until and unless you experience it yourself.

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September 30, 2016

How to Catch Bass? 7 Bass Fishing Methods You Need To Know

How to Catch Bass

Understanding how to catch bass and what specific types of baits and lures will help you fill the boat is crucial to making your day of fishing a day of fishing and not casting!

Having a deep set of tackle will always help you expand your game and ability to do what you have to do to meet the specifications of the individual fishing scenario.

In short this means one thing: the broader your range of tackle is, the more you’ll be able to do and the more ways you’ll be able to actually fish!

Understanding the differences between the most popular types of bass fishing baits and lures will further ready you to break down and analyze the situation and exactly what you need to catch those bass every time you’re on the water.

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August 25, 2016

5 Tips For Fishing After Rain Like A Professional

fishing after rain

Learning how to fish in or after an inclement weather situation is an absolute must for any angler who wants to be successful. And quite frankly, that is all of us, and none of us want to waste our time and come up totally empty handed after a day of fishing.

So we need to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of our time when we do get time to fish, and learning how the weather affects the water and the type of fish you are fishing for is crucial to the situation and fishing scenario at hand.

Fishing after rain can either prove to be an absolutely terrible occasion, or it can prove to be quite the opposite.

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August 6, 2016

When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass?

When is the Best Time to Fish for Bass

The end of winter always brings happiness to many people. The snow is gone, the weather is warmer, and there is more opportunity for outdoor activities. This includes the popular hobby of fishing.

Fishing always brings a great sense of joy to me, and this is why I wanted to write an article about it. It is sometimes difficult to know which conditions and time yield the best results while fishing. In this article, I wanted to address the commonly asked question: when is the best time to fish for bass?

If you have decided that you want to focus on fishing for bass, you are in luck. This is because bass are a very common fish to find and catch. However, in order for you to make the most out of your fishing trip, it is important to consider the following factors:

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July 31, 2016

How To Catch Grass Carp In 6 Easy Steps?

how to catch grass carp

I have always been a travel lover having done a lot of tours across countries. Moreover, off late the aquatic species of Eastern Asia have intrigued me. Owing to my love for aquatic species a couple of months back when I was doing a research on them I came across this particular specie named Grass Carp.

The very features they possessed astonished me and made me yearn for more. Hence I started doing a thorough research on them and what I figured out was that the fishing method adopted for them is very different.

It is a heavy weighted fish and technique employed to bait it is very unique of its kind. Since I was so passionate about such species I worked out an entire article on how to catch grass carp.

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