October 22, 2016

How Good Can You Fish At Night?


A friend asked me ‘Can you fish at night?’ my answer to him was that what is more fun and exciting than fishing at night. You certainly do not need to put a lot of sweaty efforts at night to get yourself a good juicy fish on your plate like you have to do in the daylight.

Fishing during the day certainly needs more than a lot of patience. On the other hand there is the sunlight that can probably give you a lot of sunburns and annoying headaches with the help of skin peeling sunny rays.

For many of you fishing at night may sound a bit weird and some of you may be thinking that what is the difference is between fishing during the day or night? Well, you might not be able spot the difference just by sitting at home until and unless you experience it yourself.


Why the night

So fishing at night sounds fascinating and once you are out for fishing, interestingly you will come across fewer boats on the water. There will also not be any jet ski’s which can be fear-provoking for the fish and you can get some fish on your bait peacefully.

The soothing breezes of the dark hours usually blow at a reduced rate and the water is generally a lot calmer then the day. I have come across people saying that fish are more active in the light rather than the dark. But rather than a fact most believe it to be a myth.

So whether it is a myth or not night fishing is certainly a perfect time to get yourself a good hunt. Anglers believe that the water temperature begins to cool at night which makes the fish active during the night.

Cool water temperature serves to be helpful for the anglers too and if you are setting up to fish during a hot sunny day beware, fish usually dive deep down for cool waters and you will probably get back to camp empty handed.

For more night fishing have a look at http://fishing.about.com/od/Basic-Skills/fl/What-to-Know-About-Fishing-At-Night.htm

Fewer Competitors


Those of you with night jobs may not have much of a possibility to go fishing at night, except weekends. Alternatively, there are those enthusiasts who can take to the lake and enjoy fishing with less competitive anglers.

Surprisingly you can have your favorite fishing spot all to yourself and you may not need to be troubled with the irritating cheers other anglers on catching a fish, because they will not be many around you during the dark.

Go Easy with the lighting

Before moving out to your fishing spot make sure you have some excellent equipment for catching a good meal. Anglers use 500 watt Halogen lamps for lighting and which are projected down toward the water which causes the fish to scatter over a larger area away from the boat.

To make the things simpler try keeping any lighting aboard the vessel off if possible and maybe this trick can keep your light system more effective and concerted. If you have to use lighting aboard, keep it below the gunnels area and close to the deck.

Safety first


There is no doubt in the fact that fishing at night is full of fun and adventure, but along with that there are possibilities of various dangerous circumstances too. Imagine yourself at a lake shrouded in a deep and silent night.

Horrifying, isn’t it? The need of the hour is that you are to be fully equipped with a first-class safety gear and it should be on top of the list. Before heading out to the lake, make sure you have informed someone back home or you are with a partner in the dark.

Believe it or not but proper planning and foresight can go a long way. Another important key point you should not be missing on is that make sure your lantern is functioning properly, and carry around a fully charged cell phone which can be useful in case of an emergency.

Life jacket is the most essential things of all always keep it close to your chest. Well we all know that technology has evolved with the passage of time and there are various tracking devices available, but never make a mistake of leave out the Great compass from your safety gear.

A GPS unit along with a compass can prove to be very useful in case of bad weather or for directions in the deep dark night surrounded with water and fish. Other essentials such as whistles, flares, canes and first-aid kit should be in your back pack too.

Night fishing can be more fun than fishing in the day light as we discussed earlier and one should make sure that there is enough safety measures taken for safety and the accessories you use are of excellent quality.

 As I learned a lot from my night ventures, hopefully you may have also learnt some tricks and tactics as well. So ending on a suggestion here, why not you give it a go this summer for a nights venture at your nearby lake and get yourself in action.





I'm Brenda. I have a great love with fishing and the wonderful fish species. I created the website - Fall For Fishing - as an outlet for my love of Fishing and I hope that you may find some enjoyment learning from my Fishing articles.

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