April 2, 2017

Can You Eat A Sunfish And How To Make A meal Out Of It?

Can You Eat A Sunfish

Before you even start to ask yourself the question, can you eat sunfish, you need to know what it is and its origin, where you can find the fish and how to catch it and how to prepare it into a meal. Sunfish are not like most common fishes thus you have to have a brief knowledge about it to be able to handle the fish itself.


What Is A Sunfish?

Sunfish from the name is a rather bigger fish than most fishes in the ocean and found along the temperate and tropical regions of the earth. The sunfish is quite thick, and a fully grown adult fish would weigh like around one thousand kilograms.

It is one of the endangered species of marine life n the world and without care would soon be extinct as it is one of a kind fish. Well by the fact that sunfish is an almost endangered species it is a rare delicacy, and yes they are safe to eat.

The regions of Taiwan, Korea, and Japan are the few places you would enjoy having a meal of sunfish cooked by world-class chefs. In the European Union countries, the sale and consumption of sunfish is banned as it is an endangered species.

The Characteristics Of A Sunfish.

Without knowing some features of a sunfish you would end up eating a fish mistakenly thinking it is a sunfish but to avoid this incident, here are the features you would use to identify it;

  • The sunfish is commonly known as mola from its scientific name Mola Mola. If by chance you hear the name mola, don’t be confused.
  • The sunfish is also tall, approximately five feet, with its dorsal and ventral fins, extended to eight feet from fin to fin.
  • The fish has distinct three parts, a fish head and a body with the tail flattened laterally.
  • The female sunfish produces three hundred million eggs more than any other vertebrate on this earth.
  • The sunfish has a diet of mainly, jellyfish and it eats a lot of jellyfish to maintain its body. Now you know why a sunfish is huge.

How To Catch Sunfish?

Before you know how to cook sunfish you have to know how to grab the sunfish itself. Despite conservation measures, anglers have killed sunfish by using the gill nets to fish which is not a good way to catch the sunfish as you will cut off the fins of the sunfish thus it will die. This is how you catch a sunfish:

  • Step 1: You identify the area you would be fishing and sunfish are found quickly in areas where there are dive spots. Choosing a wrong area would lead to catching a different fish.
  • Step 2: You would need a bait to catch your sunfish and they love smelly meat and starch products. A winged rooter tail bait would work well with sunfish.
  • Step 3: Use a small bait as the sunfish has a small mouth but remember to cast further to increase your chances of getting a sunfish.
  • Step 4: After about five minutes in the wait you would reel in your catch, and it is time to cook.

How To Cook Sunfish?

Sunfish can be prepared in different ways; either by pan-frying and baking or any other method. Though the above two approaches, however, produce better results.

When pan frying, you add to the fish fillets salt and pepper then coat with flour. You would then fry the fillets in hot oil for three minutes on both sides till it’s brown in color and ready to eat.

When baking the fish, you place the fish fillets on aluminum foil and add seasoning to the fillet. Squeeze lemon over the fillet and add herbs to add taste then fold foil to cover it. The fillets would bake in the oven for fifteen minutes under three hundred and fifty degrees.

Now you are ready to eat the baked sunfish.

How To Cook Sunfish


Sunfish have survived over millions of years from their predators such as killer whales and sea lions. Despite the fact that sunfish look like puffer fish that are toxic, you can eat the sunfish and not fear death due to poisoning.


Although you are reminded that sunfish are big and have been recorded to knock boats and small ships, they are docile, and in most cases the knocks are accidental.

There are advantages that the sunfish provide other than food that you would know of. Sunfish provide medicinal value, and maybe, the medicine you use is from sunfish. Keep in mind that the response to, can you eat sunfish, is, yes.

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