June 11, 2017

What Is The Best Walleye Lures For Fishing 2018

best walleye lures reviews

It is fun to go fishing for the walleyes; you can see them easily, and they put up fantastic resistance. This makes the walleye fish favourite targets of the fishers. If you are cooking the walleye for consumption, they are excellent for consumption and very nutritious. They have a flaky texture and are very succulent. Many people like feeding on the walleye.

As we have said earlier, walleye are not just nutritious and healthy for you to eat; you can also have fun while catching them. However, to grab the walleye, you have to learn to be patient and make use of the right strategy and the best walleye lures.

Although many walleye anglers make use of baits in catching the walleye, the anglers can make use of lures in finding the species too. If you want to make the biggest catch of the fat, nutritious and costly walleye, you should ensure that you have certain lures with you.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What You Should Know About The Walleye

What You Should Know About The Walleye

Before diving deep into the best lures you can use in catching the walleye, it is crucial that you first know certain things about the walleye. You should have the basic ideas of the behaviour and characteristics of the walleye.

With the understanding of the behaviour and features of the walleye, added with super lures for the walleye, you will make a good catch. We will like to introduce you to some of the essential characteristics of the walleye. They are as follows:

  • They cannot recognize all colors.
  • The walleye eyesight is superb when there is low light.
  • They are keen on hearing sounds.
  • The walleye has a poor ability to smell.

You should know that the inability of the walleye to recognize colors could be of great help to you in selecting the best lure to use when fishing for the walleye. They can only see the green/red color spectrums. They cannot see the rest. With you having this in mind, you can go for green shades of lure because the walleye senses this best.

However, despite the fact that the walleye cannot recognize colors well, they have very sharp eyesight in low light conditions. Therefore, the walleye will only hunt for their prey in low light conditions. They use it as an advantage over other fishes.

In other words, you should fish for the walleye where there are low light conditions. Periods such as dusk, dawn and nights are perfect times to fish for the walleye. You tend to make a better catch at such periods.

Furthermore, the walleye makes use of its ability to hear even the slightest sound over its prey. This is the main reason why it is the walleye particularly hunts in area muddy water. You can also take advantage of this. If you are making use of a vibrating lure, the sound will possibly attract a walleye even in dirty areas.

You should also know that you have to move very quietly as they can also hear you moving from miles away and they will possibly not come out to see what is happening.

On a final note, the walleye has a poor ability to smell. Alternatively, maybe it does not make use of it in hunting for its preys. Hence, it does not make any difference if you make use of live bait to attract the walleye.

Knowing When And Where To Fish For The Walleye

After knowing some of the behaviours and characteristics of the walleye, you should also find out when and where to fish for the walleye. It will be of great help to you.

You can get the walleye mostly in North America. Because it is a freshwater fish, you will mainly locate them in big lakes and some other small lakes. You can also see them in some streams and rivers.

The fish is likely to stay in the deepest part of the river when the weather is a little bit hot. It can go as deep as 60 feet to hide. However, it depends on the area and the climate. For example, in areas of the far north, the walleye may not stay much deeper than 10 feet even in summer.

This is because they can still cope with the temperature. However, as the temperature goes down, the fish will likely dwell in shallow waters. You can fish for the walleye throughout the year. Even during freezing temperatures.

You should always make sure that you carry out a thorough research on the climate and the water conditions of the area you want to fish for the walleye.

If you can locate a natural shelf in a river, with steep sides, you will likely find the walleye on the steep side. Although they will not likely hunt for their prey there, they will hunt in the shallower part of the river.

Types Of Walleye Lures

Types Of Walleye Lures

You now know a lot about the walleye. Now, let us talk about the kinds of walleye lures. They are as follows:


This is one of the standard lures anglers use to fish for walleye. They look like a baitfish and come in different sizes, weights, and colors. The crankbaits are easy to use. It is important to know the depth at which the crankbait you are using is designed to work. This will be determined by the by the size and the lip of the crankbait.

However, generally, the bigger the crankbait is, the deeper it will sink; it is advisable that beginners should make use of the small selection with lures that can work at different depths.


It is an old type of lure used by anglers. It has a spoon shape. Due to the form, it wobbles in water, which makes it look like a wounded baitfish. This type of lure comes in different forms, colors, and sizes.


It consists of a lead head to add weight, and a hook. It has different types. They are the floating; soft-bodied, etc. some of them also vibrate.


It has a spinning blade that reflects light and vibrates. The sound lures the walleye.

Soft Plastic Lures

It feels soft and succulent for the walleye biting it. Therefore, it will not run away as fast as it will when it bites a hard substance. This lure comes in different colors, forms, shapes, and sizes.

Top 4 Best Walleye Lure Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Lixada 10cm/4" 15.5g Bionic Multi Jointed Fishing Lure SUN-FISH Lifelike Hard Bait Bass Yellow Perch Walleye Pike Muskie Roach Trout Swimbait

Via Amazon.com

This walleye lure has been of great help to anglers that have made use of it. The bionic multi-jointed fishing lure has a 10cm, seven parts fishing lure. It also has 3D life-like eyes with a very similar body feature as a real fish. In addition, it has a life- like swimming stroke, which makes it look like a life bait to the walleye.


  • It is made of a sturdy fabric.
  • It has a long-lasting ABS material.
  • It is environmentally friendly and odor free.
  • It widely targets fishes like walleye, perch muskie, pike, roach and so on.


  • It may break when used to catch a walleye, which weighs more than 17kg.

Cordell Wally Diver Triple Threat

Via Amazon.com

Without a doubt, this walleye lure has helped anglers catch more than enough walleye than any other. It is the best-selling walleye lure with the top selling color patterns. It is one of the highly recommended walleye lures for fishers. It helps you make a good catch of the walleye.


  • It is highly versatile.
  • It can be cast or trolled.
  • It is useful for all game fish.
  • It is an excellent lure for strippers too.
  • It is not affected by salt water.


  • It may not work perfectly in diving.

JSHANMEI 10pcs/lot 3D Fishing Eyes Laser Line Hard Minnow Baits Life-like Swimbait Fishing Lures Bass Crankbait Tackle for Pikes/Bass/Trout /Walleye/Redfish

Via Amazon.com

This brand of walleye lure is very effective. In addition, you can make use of it during the early spring season when the rivers are chilly. It is packaged with 100 pieces lure. The particular lure has a real fish appearance and brilliantly replicates the colors and patterns of real fish bait. This makes it catch the attention of the walleye.


  • It is incredibly versatile.
  • It performs well in various conditions.
  • It performs with good speed and water column.
  • The 3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool.
  • The colors are amazing.
  • It is affordable.


  • There are some complain that it broke easily.

Kredy 5pcs/lot 10.5cm 4.13'' 3D Fishing Eyes Laser Line Hard Minnow Baits Life-like Swimbait Fishing Lures Bass Crankbait Tackle for Pikes/Bass/Trout /Walleye/Redfish /Catfish / Grouper / Luce

Via Amazon.com

If you are a fisher of any kind, you should make use of this walleye lure. With no arguments, it is one of the top walleye fishing lures. It has a 3D simulation eyes, and the swimming posture of this walleye lure is lifelike. The surface metal of the of the lure makes the electroplating process makes it durable, and the package includes five pieces.


  • It has 3D simulation eyes.
  • It has gorgeous colors to attract the walleye.
  • It is durable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is suitable for different types of fishes.


  • Breaks easily.


In fishing for the walleye, you should make use of the best walleye lure. You can make your choice from the above-listed walleye lures.


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