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What Is The Best Topwater Frogs? Find Out 2018

Best Topwater Frogs Reviews

Bass angling or fishing is an exciting activity but sometimes without the right kind of equipment it becomes potentially difficult. Top water frogs are conventional yet attractive option to lure your catch as they mimic the appearance of real frogs. Best topwater frogs bring real like kicking motion and cause the appropriate attraction to catch fishes.

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Luring Fish Using Frog Bait

It is a very tricky technique and not everyone is able to master the art of luring the fish using frog bait. The angle of placing the top water frog and connecting it with the fishing rod is of utmost importance. Casting the frog on water and how you throw them is a trick that only serious anglers are able to master.

The technique requires that you connect the frog properly on the fishing rod and cast them deep into the middle of vegetation followed by slowly pulling it to the top. This technique helps in slowly moving the frog and give it a realistic look.

Technique Of Connecting The Frog Lure To Fishing Rod

It is true that the motion has to be judiciously controlled when casting the frog bait because the movement and motion gives it a realistic motion. The trick is to submerge it slowly into vegetation and pull it up as you make it float on top water.

The best and most effective technique is to cast the lure while on a boat from shore and while moving the bait; it gives the most natural presentation. Make sure that you don’t set the hook too quickly because doing that will lead to losing of fishes but when we talk about top water frog baits, they have a low hook-up ratio.

Features To Look For In Topwater Frog

There are array of topwater frog baits used in angling and bass angling to lure and catch fishes. Depending on the area you need to do the fishing, type of frog bait varies but definitely there are some features you need to consider before making your purchase. Although, not an expensive investment, but spending on right kind of product is always beneficial.

Here are some features that consider pondering upon before buying the baits:


The frog baits are available in various size and shape. There are some frogs which are able to work perfectly fine in thick vegetation while some show sort of resistance. Make sure that the size of the frog is appropriate to give life like impression.


Choosing the color of the frog lure is important and most of them are painted in a way that mimics real frogs. While floating on topwater, the frog lure should be able to attract the fish with its true like colors.

Type of frog lure

There are different types of material used in designing and manufacturing of the frog bait. Each type of frog lure is used in catching big fishes. Here are some of the common varieties.

  • Hollow-Body Frog – This kind of frog bait has a hollow, flexible plastic body along with a an double hook that slings in upturned manner. The body is soft and neatly collapses and hooks a fish on being strikes. It is majorly used in areas with lot of surface vegetation with thick mats of grass.
  • Hard Plastic Frogs – The frogs have hard body made of plastic and have a hook which is exposed. The frogs have shape and color pattern giving them realistic look. Using the rod, you can create zigzag back and fro movements making the frog right for open water without much surface vegetation.
  • Propping frogs – They are available both as hard and soft bodied frog and one of the most prominent features is it splits water when it falls on water. Propping movement gives the frog utmost realistic look attracting more fishes and is great for using on open water.
  • Soft Plastic frogs – They are weed-less frogs similar to hollow body frog but the major difference is instead of it floating on the surface, it slowly sinks down. They mimic the action of real frog in terms of kicking and swimming. On moving the rod it swims across the surface but on pausing it slowly sinks down. It is great for areas with lot of moss.

Benefits Of Using Frog Bait

There are many benefits of using frog baits for angling and bass fishing and is one of the lucrative tricks to maximize the catch.

  • It mimics the motion and activity of real frogs found in water which helps in attracting fishes that feed on frogs.
  • The frogs not only float on topwater but certain type also sink down depending on the control of the rod. This makes the frog bait accessible to diverse water body ranging from deep to narrow.
  • The colors and size of the frog lures are designed with most realistic appearance and it tends to attract fishes. The hook holds the fishes without letting it tumble out.
  • The frog baits can be used in thick surface vegetation area as well on open water surface which makes it a great option for versatile usage.

Top 3 The Best Topwater Frog Reviews On The Market 2018

With so many brands and types of frog baits, it took us the whole deal of research, test and trial to zero down on the best ones. The frog baits need to be strong, flexible, mimic real frog-like action and maximize the process of angling.Here are the top 3 choices that you can consider for purchase.

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Goture Topwater Fishing Frog Lure

Via: Amazon.com

It is a superior and high-quality frog lure set consisting of 9 frog baits made of premium quality. The frogs are generally soft-bodied designed for easier hook penetration and is able to mimic swimming action of frog.


  • The frog lures are made of soft, elastic material and enable easier hook penetration to catch the fish without having it escape.
  • Real frog-like body design, color and pattern, sits on topwater with realistic like motion of frog.
  • Pack of 9 pieces with intricate detailing and design to lure the bass. The frogs give real like swimming motion of frogs on water.
  • Hooks are pushed from beneath towards the front body from behind with two strong hooks that give extremely reliable hooking action.
  • Attractive patterns of color mimicking the appearance of real frogs.
  • Soft plastic material made frogs are great because they can resist wear and tear, even after violent attack by hungry fishes.


  • There is a possibility of quick water log causing the frogs to sink easily instead of keeping them floating for longer time.
  • All the frogs in the complete set might not be proper in function, making it a little difficult for anglers.

Qazz Fishing Lure Set With Tackle Box Includes Plastic Soft Frog Lures

Via Amazon.com

The colorful and finely detailed frog lure gives a perfect impression of real like frog. The frog lure is perfect for dense vegetation.


  • Frog lure is made of hollow body which makes it a perfect choice for dense vegetation, can be used in choked areas of lily pads. The design boasts of weed less integration.
  • Structure is pliable and soft with body details in high resolution. The frog has life like swimming actions in water that is irresistible to bait.
  • It is resistant to snag with integration of two hooks that gives it appropriate usage over lily pads and weed beds.
  • Frog lures are perfect for using on shallow areas to catch snakeheads, freshwater, saltwater and variety of other fishes.
  • Being a weed less design it is extensively used on vegetation dense areas. The high-end resolution and pattern on the body of the frog makes it look like a real frog.


  • Adjustment required by the angler to place it right on the surface of dense vegetation or there are chances of toppling.
  • Random colors sent in the kit box, there might be few that do not appeal to the user.

Supertip Topwater Frog Crankbait

Via: Amazon.com

The frog lures are top water lures that float steadily on water surface with a popping sound. The effect and appearance makes the frog lure very lucrative for anglers.


  • Soft, durable and affordable frog lures with easy collapsible solid hook set. It definitely attracts lot of bass and is able to resist turbulent commotion.
  • Frog lure create life like swimming motion attracting the bass.
  • Walk the dog style application on frog lure on open water, works well on dense vegetation and thick matt of covers.6 pieces of colorful lures with intricate detailing for realistic appearance and outlook.
  • Plastic material used in designing the lures is durable and are able to resistant violent action of the fish.
  • Hook neatly is held from beneath on the top back side of the bait body, usually hidden from the sight of the fishes.


  • Very light in weight due to which sometimes it is unable to maintain the required balance and topples.
  • Casting is different because it tends to fall of even after casting.


All the products above are tested and tried, found to be highly successful in giving maximum bass catching. All the products are great but Qazz Fishing Lure Set with Tackle Box includes Plastic Soft Frog Lures is best among the three. It is one of the best topwater frogs because it can be used in all sorts of water body, shallow or deep, open source or in thick vegetation surface.

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