April 22, 2017

What Is The Best Spinning Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

Best Spinning Reel Reviews

Fishing isn't just a way for many to earn their bread and butter but also one of the most loved hobbies for many of us. Spinning reels are considered as the dearest tool for all kinds of fishermen. These are extremely easy and smooth to use which makes fishing a wonderful experience.

Spinning reels have a fixed cylindrical device also known as a reel or spool on which any smooth material can be wound. It lies closely attached to the rod. The reel or spool is a stationary part around which a rotor (a rotatory machine part) spins. The spinning reels are to be held in the right hand and used by the left hand, although, to reverse the handle is often a provision provided by many models.

Spinning reels are best used by the anglers with the intensions of least harming the bait. It is an extremely easily used device to be handled and used and is used by the fishermen for variously different types of techniques. It offers the ability of uncomplicated casting and easily lets the angler get extra area to attract the bait. This article will give an insight on the best spinning reels in the market.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Type of Water

Type of Water

Type of waterbody where the fishing needs to be carried out plays an important role in deciding the kind of spinning reels an angler should go for. In case the fishing is being practiced in brackish water or saltwater, a rust resistant machine is preferred. Brackish water serves as a not very friendly environment for the spinning reels, hence a real strong one to fight such an environment should be put to use. Ball bearings used in such spinning reels shall specifically be rust resistant.

The Quality of the Bearing

Fishing is the best practice with silence and ease. No matter how many species are targeted in a day or what kind of water a fisherman fishes in, the quality of the bearing must be the best to achieve a satisfying and successful attempt. The trembling sound or the other kinds of noises made by the bad quality spinning reels can make the fishing experience pathetic.

Fishing is a practice that might be successful for the angler within a few minutes or might even take an entire day to celebrate the first prey. With such critical situation, one needs an eased out and noise free spinning reel. Such good quality can be solely achieved by using a good quality bearing. More than the quantity of the quality matters in the case of bearings.

A spinning reel with 10 low-quality bearings would give poor results as compared to a spinning reel with 4 extremely excellent quality bearings. Bearings reduce the vibration noise and give an easy use to the angler making the experience of fishing heavenly and smooth.



The designs of the reels are an important factor as they inspire the quality of a spinning reel. The construction of the spinning reel has always been paid attention to by the makers of the spinning reels. Really light spinning reels are designed for fishing can be a process for long and tedious hours and very strong too at the same time as variously aggressive species offer huge resistance that needs to be overcome with ease. Different kinds of reels use variously different kinds of materials to offer various benefits.

The durable and strong spinning reels use various strong and tough metals as the main manufacturing ingredients. And the use of alloys, make the reels rust resistant and light to handle. Different manufacturers use different techniques to build lightweight reels. Some use the very famous technique called the airframe technique which specializes in making lightweight parts.

The mostly used types of frames are as follows:

  • The Good Type - These are made up of either copolymer or a carbon form called graphite.
  • The Better Type - These are made up of graphite or copolymer in a combination with a metal to add on the benefits of the metal.
  • The Best Type - These are entirely made up of metals.

Many reels that are manufactured for the small species use plastic materials which are made to target only the smaller species and cannot resist the fight of the bigger ones. The use of plastic as one of the major manufacturing materials brings down the cost of the reel considerably and also keeps the weight light. The plastic made reels are a good pick for hunting down the small species like pinfish but they completely fail to target the bigger ones like catfish, muskies, the offshore fishes etc.

For the larger ones, one should always go for the metal constructed spinning reels. If one uses the plastic spinning reels to target the bigger fishes the reel might just not be highly damaged but the fishermen may even face difficulty in handling the pressure. This kind of situation may lead the plastic spinning reel to erode at a much faster rate than what is it estimated to erode at.

Top 5 Best Spinning Reel Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Via Amazon.com

Penn is a famous name that has been designing and producing the best of spinning reels since ages. Millions and billions of fishermen like the Penn products immensely for its design and comfort.The Penn Battle II Reel is an attractive reel, extremely durable and very smooth to handle. It gives a comfortable grip. The HT 100 carbon fiber is one of the major ingredients used for the composition of the reel and it gives the reel a smooth use.


  • The drag washer is made very smooth by using HT-100 carbon fiber.
  • It has a complete metal body which makes it an amazing instrument to target the small as well as the larger species.
  • The metal construction gives the reel of the best rotor and side body plate making it one of the best for fishing.
  • It comprises of 5 ball bearings of the best quality made of stainless steel along with aluminum wire.
  • The rubber cord offers a firm grip to the instrument.
  • Available in 4 varying types that depend on the line weight. One can choose as per the requirement.
  • Can be used for both rights as well as left hand.


  • This spinning reel deteriorates too early.
  • The reel is a heavy one as it is made up of solid metal components.

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

Via Amazon.com

Another well liked and popular Penn product is Spinfisher V spinning reel. It is a reel that can be well used in brackish waters as it is very tightly designed for the water to enter the system within.

Its body is fully composed of metal. The side plate gives a sharp gear to the reel. The dragger system is made up of 3 HT 100 drag washers, one of which lies above and two lies beneath.


  • This Spinfisher reel is perfect for fishing in brackish waters as it resists the water from entering the inner system referring to its tight design.
  • If matched with the perfect rod this spinning reel can greatly work for vertical jigging.
  • A sharp and firm gear is offered by the metal made side plates.
  • A completely metal composed body, it gives catch for the bigger species with ease.
  • It is built to have a perfect dragger system which is composed of 3 HT 100 drag washers.
  • It consists of a rotor that is techno-balanced.
  • It enables instant reversing making it an easily handled product.
  • Comes in various sizes and contains 5 ball bearings.


  • The reel is a little heavy to handle and carry.
  • The spinning reel may be a little noisy at times.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Via Amazon.com

This spinning reel is a popular Pflueger product for fishing. Its body and rotor are made up of graphite which makes it extremely light in weight. The dragger is made up of stainless steel that lets the braid to be directly tied to the spool. It is rust resistant and can be used in saltwater to target various species.


  • A perfect purchase for the anglers who fish in brackish waters as this Pflueger spinning reel is rust resistant. Therefore, it gives a long lasting use even in harsh water environment.
  • The body is made with a blend of graphite and stainless steel that imparts its light weight and a strong body simultaneously.
  • It has a handle made up of aluminum because of which the reel is extremely durable.
  • It is composed of 9 ball bearings made up of stainless steel which makes it one of the best choices of the fishermen worldwide.
  • Extremely easy to use and you need not be a professional angler to master using it. Even meant for the once in a while users.
  • Comes with the convenience of anti-reversing technique.


  • Often the anti-reversing switch has restricted working to just a few times.
  • The shaft may break post using for a while, leaving the product useless.

KastKing Summer Spinning Reel Light Weight Ultra Smooth Powerful Spinning Fishing Reel 9 +1 BB

Via Amazon.com

This Kastking spinning reel is popular and full of features for the fishermen worldwide. The product is made up of graphite and is hugely designed to impart the best fishing experience to the anglers. It consists of 9 ball bearings to give it a silky smooth use without any disturbance and 1 ball bearing is loaded for anti-reversing making it one of the best out of the lot.


  • It is a combination design of 9 plus 1 ball bearings to give the fishermen a silky smooth experience. The last ball bearing gives a perfect anti reversing to the reel.
  • It has graphite made design that serves the purpose to make the reel stronger for targeting all sizes of species.
  • It has a power launcher for long distant castings and it has a capacity hold the number of lines as compared to others.
  • It is great power packed to resist the fish fighting because of its hard metal shaft, a firm gear and great machining.
  • Offers immediate anti reversal benefits to the users making it an awesome pick.


  • The anti-reversing technique works poorly at times.

KastKing Sharky II Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel, Brass Gears, Stainless Steel Components, 41.5 Lbs Max Drag

Via Amazon.com

This Kastking spinning reel is a spectacular reel and is much stronger and light weighed as compared to the others of the same range. It is made up of a triple reliable carbon disc fiber and a shaft made up of stainless steel that gives a wonderful fishing experience. It is made up of 10 plus 1 ball bearings to give a smooth usage and high amount of species capture.


  • It is a light, strong and hard spinning reel for the professional as well as the non-professional fishermen.
  • Consists of triple carbon discs fiber draggers to enhance the fishing performance.
  • The shaft is composed of stainless steel to make it rust resistant and light.
  • It contains gears made up of brass to make it powerful for fishing.
  • The spool is made up of firm CNC aluminum spool that provides maximum fishing line capacity and grooves built internally to provide lube retention.
  • 10 plus 1 ball bearings which are rust and corrosion resistant and stronger than many others.
  • It is a silent performer and gives way to peaceful fishing sessions.


  • The screw of the spool shaft doesn't give a perfect grip.
  • This spinning reel may end up being a little noisy.


Spinning reels are a must for the anglers to have if they long to gift themselves with heavenly fishing experiences. It can be a hustle for the fishermen to pick themselves the best spinning reel when the market and the top most brands offer so many varied options. You can pick from the above reviewed products.


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