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The Best Speargun Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

The Best Speargun Reviews

If you love fishing and planning to take your adventures to next level, investing in a speargun is the best thing you can do. It is an essential gear or equipment that helps in underwater hunting and a great gamble for love of spearfishing.

However, with so many types, it is important to do your research about the product before investing in it. It is a daunting task when you have no idea on how to find the right product but this comprehensive guide will help you find the best speargun  for the money, all tested and tried.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Things to Consider Before Buying Spearfish Gun

The Speargun is an investment and there are many things you need to keep into account before purchasing the product. The market is flooded with the product but certain features make them incredibly good and effective. Here are few things you need to ponder upon before purchasing the gun:

  • Kind of spearfishing – The speargun should be purchased according to the type of spearfishing you are fond of or intend to do. If you are planning to do the activity in the shallow water, it is better to purchase one that is powerful with a smaller range. For picking up big fishes, you need a speargun with long range and powerful.
  • Length – It is one of the most important factors you need to consider before going on the game of spearfishing. It is better to go for smaller spear if you are a beginner for ease of handling it. Shorter spearguns are better when hunting for fishes in smaller spaces. Longer spearguns are good for experts and when you are trying to fish in open area for larger fishes.
  • Spear Type - Keeping in mind the buoyancy underwater it is important to choose the spear type accordingly. The pneumatic spears are compact, smaller, and convenient that uses compressed air for firing. In the band type of spearguns rubber is used and is more comfortable for use for neutral buoyancy.
  • Shafts – It is again important because different kind of shafts define the weight of the speargun. For big fishes heavy shafts are great, large species need two barbs on each side and single flopper is good for smaller ones.
  • Price – The features are important to be looked at but price is something that should be not be overlooked. It is integral to check the features according to your requirement and type of spearfishing you want to pursue but the price of the gun should also be compared. First decide your budget and accordingly buy it. If you are a professional, invest on something that is high performing but it does come with a price.

Top 3 Best Speargun Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

via Amazon.com

It is a speargun made from Mahogany and is designed in very stylish and classy way. The gun is versatile and can be used for hunting fishes of different size. The gun is designed in a way that it can be used for distant underwater fishing as well and its stainless steel shaft of 5/16 inch gives it sturdiness. The gun can be modified according to your under water needs and can be customized to change speed, power and distance.


  • Made of premium grade Mahogany wood that imparts its attractive, stylish and elegant look.
  • Adverse environment resistant product with the mahogany layered with 3 coats of polyurethane that protects it from the environment.
  • Backed with double barb rock point tip made of stainless steel.
  • Ensures accuracy and easy to use underwater as backed by neutral buoyancy.
  • Construction is strong with stainless steel shaft of 5/16 inch and two rubber slings of 9/16”.
  • Shafts can be changed accordingly for distance, power and speed.
  • Light in weight with no use while being used.


  • The body construction is great but some beginners find it heavy.
  • Usually accurate, light in weight and powerful but sometimes the motion is slow and reduced.

Cressi Comanche Speargun, Ruber Sling Spear Gun

Via Amazon.com

The speargun ensures high-end accuracy with its precise grip and makes it very convenient for the user to load under water. If you are looking for something that provides an optimum speed along with performance and accuracy, it is the best thing you can grab. The surface of the gun is designed in a way that it is made anti-corrosive and durable to ensure no bending or deformation while using it.


  • Strong, durable and enables easy and instant loading with the butt extension.
  • Four line release for the speargun and the accuracy is enhanced precisely with help of angled hand grip.
  • Accuracy also provided by perfect alignment of shaft between the handgrip and muzzle. Muzzle, in addition, ensured perfectly aligned second bad.
  • Optimum speed and power with extra reactive bandsIntegrated with aluminum tubes ensures anti-corrosion and bending of the barrel.
  • Optimized forward thrust with help of compact, hydrodynamic point that lowers band positioning.
  • Helps in perfect aiming with increased and clear visibility.
  • Gentle shaft release system, sterna support for reloading, dovetail triggering for reel adding to its great features


  • Limited maximum range for pushing the flapper through fish
  • The speargun is not good for bigger fish limiting the fishing to smaller ones

AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

Via Amazon.com

The stainless speargun is mostly used by professional spearfishers and is great in terms of accuracy and precision of shoot. The speargun is tough and durable which helps in enhancing aim under water maintaining the precision with its versatile features.

The trigger mechanism of the gun is very refined and has ergonomic grip for holding the gun without hassle. The speargun is efficiently powerful and sturdy that helps in firm grip and maintain accuracy while shooting.


  • Designed efficiently in sturdy and robust manner for longer usability, mostly used by professionals.
  • Made of high-end stainless steel material with hardened stainless spring steel shaft and double barb, rock point and swivel tip.
  • Great trigger mechanism ensuring perfect accuracyConvenient grip for ease of speargun underwater.
  • Can be easily used by both left and hand handed divers.
  • The speargun is great for longer shots making it versatile as product.
  • Safety manual attached along that provided complete guidance on using the gun safely and appropriately


  • The gun is slightly flimsy making it slightly difficult for use by new users.
  • Safety mechanism need to be properly read to avoid anything that causes safety concern


If you are an adventure junkie and love angling, spearfishing is the best adventure sport you can satiate your adventure feet with. However, underwater hunting need precise equipment without which it is not possible. It is important to buy yourself speargun for the love of underwater hunting and fishing.

Even for experienced anglers, it is a difficult task to choose a speargun that caters to their needs, falls within budget and has great features. Understanding the confusion, the review was created to find best speargun based on personal testing and trial. It saves your time from hopping from one product to another and helps in making the right selection.

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