August 15, 2018

Best Spearfishing Mask On The Market – 2018 Reviews & Guides

Best Spearfishing Mask Reviews

The spearfishing masks are especially designed to see while diving deep under water. The mask traps little amount of air against your face and eyes which allow clear vision as you cut through the water. A diving gear is very important for comfortable diving and delving into the deep water. It is important to choose a gear which is comfortable and highly efficient in terms of vision.

There are many diving and spear fishing gears and face masks and choosing the right one is definitely a daunting task. This comprehensive guide has been created with the help of experts who are regular deep sea diver to find the best spearfishing mask. All the gears or masks listed are reviewed after personally testing and trial.

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Aspects To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Mask

Aspects To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Mask

There are certain features that contribute to making an excellent mask and one must not purchase without considering such characteristics. The mask must be not only good in quality and frame but must be equally comfortable for effortless diving. Here are some aspects that you must take care of before investing on a spearfishing mask:

  • Low Volume Design: It is recommended to purchase a low volume design and is crucial for freediving. It does not have luxury of slow descent to equalize and the air used for clarity of vision is only taken into your lungs. The low volume based designs are efficient as they do not require equalizing and is better in terms of vision.
  • Comfortable FitThe mask size must be the right fit. Make sure you are free to move and place the mask accordingly until it is in center and edges of the skirt contact your face directly. The strap must be good and adjustable so that it can sit comfortably on your face. It is recommended to use soft silicone skirt to improve the seal on your face because the poor quality of mask interferes with the diving.
  • Single or Double Pane: The options for the mask are versatile and you can choose to pick between single or double pane, which means either one or two piece of glass. It is better to use a tempered glass as it is stronger and safe for use. The glass with anti-UV, anti-reflection and anti-fogging is better and helps in reducing glare which limits the amount of light that enters the mask.
  • Adjustable Strap: The strap that holds the mask to the face must be adjustable so that it seats the mask appropriately while covering the face. The more the straps are adjustable, better it is to adjust the mask on the face and is more convenient for use.

Top 4 Best Spearfishing Mask Reviews On The Market 2018

Note:Below, you’ll find our well researched reviews, but you can also check the table above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

best spearfishing mask oceanways superview                                                   Check Latest Price @ Amazon

The spearfishing mask from Sea Dive gives excellent clarity in view and offers wide vision field. The mask in integrated with features like vision brightening. The mask has a single lens in high definition with a tint and is able to give well defined colors. It comfortably holds the mask around your face without causing pain or squeezing the nose area with its soft rubber construction.

The mask is made of advanced Optical Multi Coating technology which reduces UV effect and glare. The mask is neatly designed to define sharpness of objects and visualize depth with its uniquely formulated TrueColor lenses. The contrast can be easily adjusted by conversion of harsh light into bluish soothing light that impacts overall comfort by reducing light nanometers.


  • It includes single lens in High Definition that provides well-defined colors along with little tint.
  • The mask has vision brightening lens which provides proper light and wide field of vision.
  • The construction is firm and made of soft flexible rubber that comfortably secures the mask around the face.
  • It has a teardrop rigid frame and an extremely soft silicone skirt.
  • The spearfishing mask has anti-fog and anti-UV properties that impart better visual clarity.
  • It comes with a sturdy plastic case to protect the mask from damage.


  • It is not flexible and does not fold up like another mask.
  • Loss of peripheral vision and difficulty in seeing on the sides.

best spearfishing mask black silicone

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The mask from Scuba Choice is a low volume design for freediving along with a silicone skirt and adjustable strap. The construction is perfect and most appropriately designed for people with a narrow face. The mask is great for beginners with tempered glasses.

The mask has easy de-fog mechanism and is great for use in various situations. It is sturdy and soft that sits comfortably across the face. The mask has a silicone skirt along with adjustable strap that makes it extremely comfortable for use.


  • It is a low volume design that can be used for freediving and is great for beginners.
  • The lenses are made of tempered glass that gives better clarity.
  • It has an adjustable strap for seating the mask comfortably across the face along with a silicone skirt.
  • With the low volume, it is perfect for people with narrow face.
  • The width of the silicone skirt is around 4 – ¾” wide.
  • It is a sturdy, strong frame along with de-fogging properties.


  • The clarity is at times disrupted under water.
  • The frame is apter and suitable for people only with narrow face.

best spearfishing mask cressi nano

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It is a compact and advanced level spearfishing mask and is known for its sturdy and strong construction. The mask sits comfortably around the face and has a wide field of vision. The straps are adjustable with buckle and are held around suitably with low internal volume and hydrodynamic space to reduce drag and improve efficiency. The mask is basically designed for advanced freediving and spearfishing with a completely flexible buckle system.

The best part of the compact mask is that it allows the divers to cut through the water and helps in movement through small spaces. It is constructed with 100% pure silicone skirt which improves the lower visibility and holds the frame at raked angle. The buckle system is secured to the mask frame by strong and flexible rubber which ensures comfortable lateral movement.


  • It is particularly designed for advance level of spearfishing.
  • It is flexible and sits comfortably around the face with strong, indestructible buckle system.
  • It has less internal volume due to which it does not need intentional equalizing.
  • The lenses are made of tempered glasses that ensure enough clarity and enable divers to cut through the water.
  • The use of the mask helps ease of movement in small spaces.
  • Bridge across the nose is thinned that ensures comfortable contact between the frame of the mask and the face.
  • It has twin lens frame and has a micro adjustment strap buckle with flexible attachment.


  • The frame is small and is more suitable for people with smaller face structure.
  • It collects fog due to its tighter and smaller frame.

best spearfishing mask omer pelizzari

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It has a sturdy and strong frame inclusive of carbon fiber that makes it tough overall and has a stylish look. It has low volume design that fits comfortably around the face. It has a soft and textured nose pocket which ensures easy and convenient clearing. The strap is adjustable and extremely comfortable.

It creates a glare-free view and is one of the best masks for spear fishing. It has a soft black silicone skirt that makes the mask extremely comfortable and with the complete coverage, it provides maximum protection. The lenses are held on this comfortable mask which is easy to wear.


  • The mask has very low volume design which makes the frame not only sturdy but extremely comfortable for use.
  • The frame is made of carbon fiber which gives durability to the mask.
  • The lenses are integrated on black silicone skirt which is soft and comfortable.
  • The glare-free view ensures good and efficient clearing.
  • It has a soft nose pocket which holds the mask against the face comfortably.


  • It is low volume design and has full coverage which is uncomfortable for some.
  • Equalization is unpredictable and may be required depending on the depth one dives to.


It is true that finding an appropriate spearfishing mask is not that easy as it seems. There are many aspects one needs to take care of and as beginner; it is indeed a mind boggling task to find the best spearfishing mask. This guide is something you must read because it is informative and helps you to find the best match with listed pros and cons. It is created with the help of professional and expert divers.

It is important to take care of the comfort and quality while purchasing the mask. The low volume design is highly recommended because it helps in using the air used by lungs and enhances the vision by cutting through the water. If you are looking for durable, comfortable and best kind of mask that assist you through spearfishing, the guide with four top products is a must read.

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