April 10, 2017

The Best Pole Spear Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

The Best Pole Spear Reviews

Pole Spears have been used as a very special weapon for hunting since the dawn of man. Even some crazy animals, such as chimps and orangutans, have been observed fashioning spears from twigs and tree branches.

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Spearing As A Game Of Sport

Spearing As A Game Of Sport

Shooting fish underwater provides a thrill like no other and its good exercise too. To shoot fish underwater, you either need a gidgee, a spear gun or a pole spear.

Whatever shooting device you have, you aim it at fish that are above the size limit and try to kill them in one shot. The best place to hit them is just behind the eye or on the spinal cord as this will most often kill the fish straight away.

However, as it's highly likely that you won't hit in those locations, once a spear has gone through the fish you simply pull it in and use a knife to kill it. Of course, if you have shot a big fish you can expect that you will have to play it for a while, because a decent sized fish will pull you along with no problems at all.

This is where a float comes in handy. Your spear gun is attached to the float, and if a big fish takes off with your spear you just let it go and hold onto the float, or follow it along. For huge fish, a float is a must or you are putting yourself in big danger.

Shooting fish underwater has its risks, but they can be managed very easily. A shark shield removes a huge amount of the chance of a shark attack, having a buddy watching you remove the chance of you blacking out underwater, and some simple logic will take care of the other doubts that people have. Spear fishing is truly an awesome sport, but only a few select people know this!

How To Use A Spear Pole

When you're learning how to spear fish with a spear pole there are really three (3) main steps you will need to learn to give yourself the maximum chance of spearing all the fish you need.

1. Stalking The Fish

When you're learning how to spear fish the first step to master is stalking the fish. As you are swimming in the water and spot a fish you would like to spear, you first have to get close enough to it to be in range of your spear. That's what it means to stalk a fish.

When you see a fish the first thing you need to do is compose yourself and prepare to take a deep breath to be able to dive down and have enough time to get a good shot. If you can, dive down ahead of the fish rather than on top of it.Diving straight down on top of a fish can often cause it to spook and swim away. As you approach the fish make sure you move slowly and fluidly as any sudden movements can scare the fish away.

2. Shooting The Fish

To shoot the fish first make sure you're within range of it. A simple rule of thumb I like to use is doing shoot at the fish if it's more than five spear gun lengths away from you. Try to spear the fish from the same depth as it, in other words, dive down to the same depth as the fish.

Hold the spear pole fully extended in front of you with your line of sight running down the length of the spear. When the fish has turned side on to you and you are comfortable that you have a clear shot then go ahead and spear that fish!

3. Retrieving The Fish

Once you've shot the fish you need to get the fish and the spear to you so the fish can be taken off the spear. A lot of the time the fish won't be dead yet so you will have to use your dive knife to stab it in the brain before you take it off the spear. You can also cut its throat to kill it but this causes the fish to bleed a lot and possibly attract sharks so I prefer to stab it in the brain.

Once the fish is dead you can remove it from the spear and put it on the boat or in a floating bag or box that you may be towing around in the water with you.

4. Proper maintenance

Regularly cleaning and checking your spear pole are also essential. Always hose off the salt water after every dive and ensure that the spear is pulled out as you do. This helps prevent rust build-up.

Make sure to check the trigger, rubbers, sling, and all other parts if they're working properly. Replace worn-out rubber and other parts when necessary to prevent malfunctions and accidents.

Top 3 Best Pole Spear Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Spear fishing Traveler Pole Spear

Via Amazon.com

It is incredible for little medium fishes and incorporates 3 pole spears, which makes it exceptionally adaptable. It is additionally lauded by lovers of the game due to its capacity to take in targets weighing around 10-15 pounds.

In some cases, you need to do some traveling keeping in mind the end goal to look for spearfishing spots. Accordingly, this model will significantly profit the individuals who are into the game.

Spear fishing Traveler Pole Spear is an explorer neighborly shaft stick that can be separated into a more minimized piece so it will fit inside your backpack.

It uses of a solid, erosion repulsing, anodized flying machine review aluminum which implies you won't need to manage fragments from materials like exhausted fiberglass.


  • Has 3 optional features.
  • Strong.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Rust free.
  • Aluminum covered.


  • The tip is delicate.
  • Too light.
  • Tips of the spear were not that sharp.
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Scuba Choice 5' Travel Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear 3

Via Amazon.com

Scuba Choice 5' Travel Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear is a two piece post, subsequently you can use it either full length while in untamed water, or can separate it amid your jumping on shallower shore water. Fiberglass made spear are heavier than the Aluminum made ones.

However, its weight gets to be distinctly giving when your objective is big game fishes. It is determinedly assembled and you can stack it rapidly as it requires less investment to reload than a spear gun. Also, you can twist this fiberglass made shaft up to the degree you have to hunt for fish without making it bowed all time like an aluminum shaft.​


  • Solid and dependable pole.
  • Stainless steel bar tip.
  • Dark Rubber.
  • Sling for Safety.
  • Collapsible plan has made this apparatus effectively compact.


  • Point is very extensive.
  • Design is not appealing.

CARBON FIBER 7' Travel Spearfishing 3-Piece Pole Spear Single Flopper Tip

Via Amazon.com

The carbon fiber 7’ travel spearfishing pole spear at a reasonable cost is as solid as the real shafts seem to be. The bolted stainless connectors are thin and soft. The point is sharp and it went through the fish effortlessly. This pole spear would be awesome for apprentices and specialists.

Carbon fiber is lighter in weight and stronger than Fiber glass.


  • Fair for the price.
  • Tips is quite sharp


  • Connectors are thin.
  • Tip tends to loosen as time goes on.


What else is there to state? The best pole spear is strong and long lasting. You have a lot to look over, so you can be meticulous about the style. Besides, the pole spears are not harsh on the wallet, either.

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