January 11, 2017

Qualities Of The Best Monofilament Fishing Lines – 2018 Reviews

Best Monofilament Fishing Lines Reviews

Is wrestling with nature something that makes you happy? The thrill of the fight, paired with the fresh air and a lot of green are something to take into consideration when choosing your hobby. Personally, I love to venture into the wilderness to get out of the city's crush. But, to do so, I must have the proper equipment. Rods, baits, and hooks are among the essential pieces of equipment required for fishing, along with the fishing lines. In this text, I'll give you the best monofilament fishing lines, so that you may choose the one which suits you the best.

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What Is A Monofilament Fishing Line?

What Is A Monofilament Fishing Line

For years, people were fishing using a thin line of rope or a common thread. Although robust and resilient, the rope is proven to be rigid and unable to stretch, which made fishing quite difficult. Luckily, a new age had come, with all of its merits.

One of those merits is a production of artificial materials. Nylon, polyester and high-quality polymers are used today in a broad range of industry branches. One of those branches is also sport, and fishing is included.

My uncle used to say that the best thing about nylon threads is that the fish don’t see them, and cannot say that the worm in front of them is a bait. Although I thought this for a joke, there is truth in this statement, because some species are more likely to swim away from bright colors.

Under a high temperature, polymers are melting together and mixing, only to be squished through a tiny hole which will determine the diameter of the fishing line. After cooling down, now the full thread is winded up to the spool, and the thread is done.

The mixture of additives determines everything for a thread, from strength, durability, and limpness to color. These, paired with a diameter, are the most important thing you must take into consideration when it comes to fishing lines.


“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” Elbert Hubbard once said. In short, this is the best advice one can get when it comes to maintaining your equipment, especially lines.

Even though the lines are made of resistant materials, and can sustain quite the stress, it is up to you to make that pre-stress much smaller.

Leave your spools undisturbed for a period when they are not used because constant disturbance can disrupt the tightly knit order of lines, so they will dangle around and tangle up, so you will be forced to cut off the unusable part. When repeated several times, this can lead you throwing away almost half of the spool.

As for the location, the basement or the shed with your fishing equipment will suffice, as long as it is a dry and dark place. The sunlight is especially dangerous for the lines, because under higher heat, the material of which lines are made hardens, making them brittle and fragile. This line may not snap immediately, but it may give in at the crucial moment, which will add up to your disappointment.

My way of doing things is to remove and throw away used lines after the season is done so that I will have to reel up the new line in the spring when the new season starts. Re-reeling is also a good thing to do, especially if there is nothing to do during winter.

Proper pairing is also necessary because not all rods are suitable for all lines, and not reels are an excellent match with any rod. To understand this correctly, you must be well informed, and luckily, the Internet can help you pretty much.

Factors To Determine Which One Is The Best

To determine the best fishing line, I will take into consideration the next set of characteristics:


Measured in pounds, this feature determines how much weight the line can sustain before it snaps. It is arguably the most important feature and is very often opposed to thickness, meaning that thicker lines can sustain heavier fish. Striking a fine line, and finding a thin line which can maintain a lot is what you should strive for. However, these are often a bit pricey, mainly because of the expensive ingredients used to make them.


Although it sounds funny, the line has its memory. This means the amount of time which is needed for a line to return to its straight position. The less time it takes, the better because there is less chance for a line to get tangled.


The fishing line is often drawn between rocks, branches, and wood which is often found in every river. This friction wears out the line, making it snap sooner rather than later. That of more quality type is more resistant to this tearing and will last longer. Also, those with higher friction rate are a bit harder to tie into the knot.


The ability to stretch beyond its length as well as the duration of this stretching is also an important thing to take into consideration. Those lines with better stretching can amortize the force from the fish which is struggling. This factor is paired with the bending factor of the pole, improving it further.

Some fish, however, require stronger line, which will not stretch as much, giving you a better sense of tension and control.

The color

As I said, some fish are scared away by bright colors, but those lines which feature the better of two approaches are your safest bet here. Some lines are painted with ultra-violet sensitive color, which means that it will be visible above the water, in sunlight, while the part under will remain unseen.

Also, if you are catching species of fish which are not color sensitive, such as catfish, you should not bother with this factor.

Top 5 Best Monofilament Fishing Line Reviews On The Market 2018

So, here are my several propositions on which lines to take into consideration. Still, there are a lot more available, so feel free to experiment, and find the one which suits you the best.

Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting Monofilament Service Spools

Via Amazon.com

To be honest, I thought that this spool would be just another "just in case" type of line. Oh, how wrong I was!

The first thing I have noticed is its length. Some of the packages are sporting whopping thousand feet! This is quite the range!

Second, there are several choices of colors, although a bit limited, but still, there are at least some. And that there is blue fluorescent one available is a huge plus.

The memory on this line seems to be very absent, which is great, so I can use it for longer, without the need to buy a new one. Even if these investments are not such a high expenditure, it saves me the annoying feeling that I must throw away half of my spool, because I can't use it.

The strength of this line is its best feature. It can sustain fairly beyond written weight, without any issues. Wearing out is also not an issue, which means that you can rely on this line that it will not fail you and snap in the middle of the fight.

Stretching is also modest, and once you get the feeling of this, you can vaguely guess the weight of the fish which is on the hook, and that can help you to beat it more easily.

Also, I have noticed that it can be paired easily with any hook or bait.

Things We Liked

  • High strength
  • Almost no memory
  • Any bait or hook can be used
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Lengthy

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit limited choice of colors

Stren Catfish Monofilament Fishing Line

Via Amazon.com

As its name suggests, this line is primarily intended for catfish fishing. Although it can be used in several other situations, this is where it truly shines.

It is noticeable that this line is very resistant to tearing and abrasion because the principal residence of catfish is river bottom. There are a lot of rocks, wood, and stone which can tear out common line very quickly.

The strength is also an important factor when catching catfish because they can grow up to an impressive 200 pounds. Although it is not likely that you will meet this beast, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

As for the choice, this line comes in transparent and fluorescent orange variety, and it is the one which shines in daylight, while stays invisible under water. This helps you to see it better, while the fish remains completely ignorant of your intentions. However, there are fish with excellent vision capabilities, such as carp, and those will get scared away by the color easily.

The line of this construction should sport some memory, and it does. However, this is not such a bad issue in this case, because the manufacturer had focused mainly on durability and strength, both of which are great. Also, a bit of memory should not keep you away from scoring a big game.

Things We Liked

  • Very durable to abrasion
  • Immersive strength
  • Bright color and ultraviolet sensitive

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some memory
  • Somewhat thick
  • Fully exploited only when catching catfish

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

Via Amazon.com

The first thing I have noticed about this line is its price. It is very low, and therefore it is recommended for beginners. When you take into consideration that it also sports anti abrasive layer, it is clear that you get a fine line for a modest price.

A wide array of colors is also a nice feature, so you can choose those which will fit mountain streams, slow rivers or even sea water properly.

As for the strength, it goes up to sixty pounds, which can be sufficient for beginners. Its stretch is limited, so you will get a pretty good sense of force and kick.

The bad thing about this line was its memory. It will start to wrinkle after a few weeks, no matter if you kept it dry and properly stored after fishing. In short, forget about catfish and other game which resides on the bottom.

Things We Liked

  • Low price
  • Excellent choice of colors
  • Pretty strong
  • Stretching is minimal

Things We Didn't Like

  • Memory is abusing
  • Becomes stiff and brittle very fast
  • Casting is somewhat bad

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Line

Via Amazon.com

As for a bit more sensitive options, Grand Slam offers a good control, fine knot tying, and several colors. Personally, I love bright colored lines, so this one caught my eye.

In case that you are not sharing my opinion, there are several more colors available. What I liked about this line is its ability to be used on salty and sweet water equally. This is quite convenient because you have one line which fits all the conditions.

The length of the line is also imposing, so you will be able to fill a couple of reels without any problems, and there will be plenty more left.

As for the strength and stretching, it is pretty durable, coated with the anti-abrasive layer, with a bit of stretching, but nothing to bother you.

As for the range of strength, you can plan to catch anything up to 300 pounds, which is very serious and goes under the label of “professional” equipment. The only drawback is that not all colors are available for all strengths.

The memory will also be visible after a while, but it will not be such terrible.

Things We Liked

  • Very long
  • Wide array of colors
  • Quite strong
  • Usable in all waters

Things We Didn't Like

  • Sometimes stretches a bit too much
  • Price is high but compensated with length of the line
  • Memory appears after a while

South Bend Monofilament Fishing Line

Via Amazon.com

Although not to be considered as an elite choice, this fishing line is quite decent, to be honest. What intrigued me the most is its excellent relation of price and strength. Although, it is a bit short.

As for the color, the manufacturer went with all-purpose clear and transparent one, which I'm considering as a drawback. Simply put, the possibility of choice would be better. The sea or the river doesn’t have the same color, so pairing it with the background makes the line invisible.

Considering strength, this line is somewhat decent, nothing concrete, but not to be regarded as the best available. Oddly enough, this one had found its purpose around my house, not just in my fishing activities. I have used it to repair several things from my equipment, and it was pretty good for this cause.

When it comes to stretching, some of it is noticeable, but nothing drastic. Also, the memory seems not to be so present, so this is a great plus for this line.

Things We Liked

  • Less memory
  • Very cheap
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Holds the knot firmly

Things We Didn't Like

  • Poor choice of color
  • Average in every way

The Final Verdict

When all of those five products are compared, it is clear that Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting Monofilament line is the winner. With its low price and great features which include an incredible strength, no memory, and the adaptability, along with the great choice of resistances, it is my top choice when it comes to the fishing lines.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must use this one specifically. Moreover, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts, pieces of advice, and tips. Feel free to share them in the comment section below.​


I'm Brenda. I have a great love with fishing and the wonderful fish species. I created the website - Fall For Fishing - as an outlet for my love of Fishing and I hope that you may find some enjoyment learning from my Fishing articles.

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