The Best JerkBait Rod Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

Best JerkBait Rod Reviews

Having angling as your passion, equipping yourself with great and pliable fishing rod is a definite mandate. Lately, with best Jerkbait rod, fishing and angling has become easy because of the power of the rod in pulling the bait.

Jerkbait is a bait that looks similar to injured baitfish but without any action of its own. The movement and its mimicking as that of injured fish is controlled by the angler rod, a simple jerking enables motion of the fish that in turn lures the catch.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Type Of Jerkbaits Available For Bass Fishing

When it comes to Bass Fishing, various types of Jerkbaits are available but mainly it is categorized into Hard and Soft Bodied Jerkbaits.

Hard Jerkbaits

They are usually used when you want to cast the fishing rod far away, durable and made of hard plastic, polymer and wood. The two parts are connected using a hinge and this enables the movement of the fish. There are three types of hard jerkbaits:

  • Floating – The major attribute of the floating jerkbait is it stays floating on the water surface until some action is put on it.
  • Sinking – The jerkbait is designed in a manner that it sinks at different sink rates and once the bait sinks down, action is applied to it.
  • Suspending – They hang on the water neither floating nor sinking, appears as natural bait to lure the target.

Soft Jerkbaits

The baits are soft and made of soft plastic that gives it a real like texture and feel with more natural appearance and underwater movement. They can easily move in various directions and easily traps the lure.

Benefits Of The Jerkbait Rods

The advantage of using Jerkbait Rods is it mimics an injured fish and this makes it easy for the angler to catch their lure. The lure is attracted towards the motion of the fish created by adjusting the rod.

On comparing with other Jerkbaits, it is more smooth and flexible because it stays still and the direction can be changed by handling the fishing rod.

The power of the jerkbaits can adjusted accordingly and this helps in controlling the fish without letting the fish overpower the hook using its mouth.

Jerkbaits are available in wide variety and style as per the suitability and requirement. The Jerkbait can be used to catch fish which are extremely fast or slow in movement. It can be used to find fish in deep or shallow water.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Jerkbait Rod

Things To Consider When Purchasing Jerkbait Rod

There are lots of things you need to consider while purchasing the bass fishing rod because only the right can help you with the perfect catch. It is available in various types, shapes and sizes but there are certain factors you definitely need to ponder upon.

  • Power – The fishing rod that you need to use while fishing using Jerkbaits needs to be powerful with Medium to Medium Heavy Power. This gives the fishing rod to control the fish but the strength does not let the fish overpower the rod.
  • Action of the rod – The action of the lure on the water is very important and fishing rod able to change rod action is good buy. There are two types of action using which action can be imparted – one is slow, steady movement across the water and other is moderate to fast action, used for fishing on top water surface usually.
  • Length – The length of the fishing rod is integral because depending on the length the movement of the lure can be adjusted. Usually, a long fishing rod is a better option for catching fish by throwing the bait at a longer distance. For casting shorter bait, shorter length of fishing rod is beneficial.
  • Selecting Style – The style of jerkbait rod is very important should be considered according to depth and cover. Depending on where you want to fish, the style should be selected. On bass fishing on shallow water, floating model is the best option.Sinking model is the best option if you targeting fishing deep rocks, structure or sunken timer. On fishing on stagnant lakes, suspended Jerkbaits are best choice.
  • Speed of Retrieves – The retrieve speed of the rod depends on the temperature of the water. On using the fishing rod in cold water, slower retrieve is the best option. When on using warmer waters, faster-retrieving speed if better option to catch more fishes. However, Jerkbaits are a perfect way for catching fish even in extremely cold water.

Top 3 Best JerkBait Rod Reviews On The Market 2018

There are many Jerkbait Rods but it is important to invest on the best products to get the maximum output. With the market flooding with so many brands and types of products, it is necessary to know what the best products are. We did a comprehensive study and picked up the best three, to help you satiate your angling passion.

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Jerk Bait Fishing Rod

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Jerk Bait Fishing Rod


It is a revolutionary Jerk Bait Fishing Rod available at affordable price. The rod flaunts of S-Curve Technology using the backbone as graphite.


  • The fishing rod boast of superior strength, sensitivity, light weighted and has powerful lifting attributes. The overall strength of the fishing rod is determined using PBO fibers, carbon yarn and glass fibers.
  • Superior quality fishing rod ensuring great reliability and durability with the quality tested and tried on real grounds.Better balance along with weight reduction facilitated by its split handles design and joining.
  • The fishing rod included 1 hook per pack, streamlined for catching maximum fish with its real like motion.
  • Casting distance is enhanced and improved using Zirconium that minimizes overall weight.
  • The grip of the Jerkbait increase with the molded rubber handles and facilitates better fishing.


  • Only suitable for topwater fishing, mainly light weighed fishes.

2. Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick JerkBait

Lew’s Fishing Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick JerkBait


The Jerkbait is light-weight, strong and is available at affordable rates, often used for fishing tournaments due to its high-end durability. The rod is known to provide accuracy in spreading the cast with its professional attributes.


  • The fishing rod is made of premium grade IM8 graphite material making it strong and light-weighted.
  • The rod can be rightly controlled and used in kind of weather with its patented Dri-Tec Technology that gives great grip.
  • It is equipped with Microwave Guide System to minimize wind knots along with increasing and improving casting.
  • It is mostly used for top water surface making it easy for luring the fish with ease of control to pick the fish.
  • It is a medium powered and light action Jerkbait fishing rod with 6’8” of length. It gives moderate fast action and does not allow slapping the water on retrieval.


  • It gives moderate fast action, which may not be suitable all the time.

3. G.Loomis Fiber-Blend Jerkbait Series

G.Loomis Fiber-Blend Jerkbait Series


The Jerkbait is slightly on expensive side but it has everything that makes it classy, sophisticated and powerful. It appropriately controls the lure movement and maximizes the opportunity of catching fishes.


  • It is perfect for pull-pause technique with spending maximum amount on pause. With such requirement, using the rod you can suspend the bait for as long as 30-40 minutes.
  • The suspending of rod for long requires the rod to be light weighted along with responsive tip that supports fishing the bait appropriately.
  • Use the rod to perfectly lure and control with minimal effort as the rod is equipped with “progressive power taper”.
  • Perfect for fishing at various temperatures with adjustable speed for colder and warmer temperature.
  • Includes reserve power in butt-side, drives fish towards the bait.


  • You need all your patience to fish with this jerkbait rod.


We did a comprehensive study, testing and trial to bring forward 3 Best Jerkbait Rod to help you narrow down your option. Considering all aspects like utility, strength, reliability, power and price, we recommend Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Jerk Bait Fishing Rod to be the best product. It maximizes motion in most realistic manner and help in fishing with utmost comfort.

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