May 10, 2017

What Is The Best Inshore Spinning Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

best inshore spinning reel reviews

Over the last few years, there have been lots of changes in the angling activity with equipment and gears contributing to better fishing. The inshore spinning reels are basically used for saltwater fishing and have to be resistant to corrosion for longer lasting usage. It is important to choose the spinning reel carefully so that it gives a reliable drag and maximizes the catch. It is important to choose the best inshore spinning reel for convenience of fishing all day long.

With so many reels available in the market, it is confusing on which one to rely on but this guide is the ultimate solution to your doubts. The products that are listed and reviewed in the guide are personally used by fishing experts and tested for the pros and cons. This guide is something you need to read to invest on the right kind of product.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Look For The Following Features Before Purchase

Look For The Following Features Before Purchase-best inshore spinning reel

There are several things you need to consider before purchasing the spinning reel as not all of them are best for inshore fishing. Here is the checklist of things to consider before getting the best spinning reel:

  • Construction material – Make sure that the material which is used in construction of spinning reel is resistant to corrosion. Magnesium fishing reel is lightweight but prone to corrosion. Aluminium is considered to be the best construction material for saltwater fishing and is recommended for inshore reels. Graphite is also used in making the product durable and light in weight.
  • Drag – The drag system should be smooth and efficient. Generally, inshore fishing reels are used for catching larger fishes and the drag on the reel must be able to withstand the pressure caused due to large fishes. The reel must have consistent drag and must maintain proper pressure while catching a fish.
  • Size of reel – The size is an important consideration when it comes to purchasing inshore spinning reel. The reel must be chosen according to the type of fish that is to be fished out. Large size reels are needed for fishing deep water fishes but when it comes to inshore fishing, medium to large size is fine.
  • Spool – It is important as it helps in keeping the line in place and must be made of corrosion resistant material. Aluminium and graphite spools are best as they do not corrode and are light in weight.
  • Line Capacity – This needs to be carefully chosen to maximize performance and accuracy of casting. The line capacity needed for catching bigger fish is higher, and usually bigger reel have higher line capacity. In order to catch bigger fishes, larger line capacity in needed.
  • Bearing – The bearings that compose the entire spinning reel must be decent enough and must ensure smooth rotation. The ball bearing makes the reel more convenient and flexible to use for its ease of movement. The more ball bearings, more is the performance and catch amount.
  • Strong Frame – It is challenging when it comes to fishing in inshore water because it is targeted towards catching large fishes. The overall frame must be strong, flexible and resistant to corrosion to ensure catching a high number of fishes.

Top 4 Best Inshore Spinning Reel Reviews On The Market 2018

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Shimano Stradic HG Spinning Reel Japanese Edition


It is engineered with advanced technology and gives high performance both in freshwater and saltwater. It is durable and constructed from premium material with carbon fiber reel. The overall construction does not consist of metal making the sideplate and reel rotor resistant to rust and corrosion. The use of the reel is smooth with use of 7 ball bearings.

The reel is integrated with propulsion line management system which ensures casting line with accuracy. The ergonomic grip makes holding the reel comfortable and convenient while fishing.


  • Durable, lightweight and extremely convenient for use with reel made from carbon fiber.
  • Enhanced propulsion line management system for accurate line casting.
  • Aluminium handle with machine thread-in.
  • Firm grip for ease of fishing with ergonomic EVA handle grip.
  • Great strength to weight ratio weighing only 8.3 oz. and has 20 lb. max drag.
  • Perfect for catching wide range of fishes like redfish, trout, black drum, snook, sheepshead etc.


  • No spare spools available along with the package.
  • Can be slightly difficult for the novice fishermen to operate.

Quantum CSP40PTSE Cabo Spin Reel


The Cabo spin reel from Quantum is used widely by experienced anglers for inshore fishing for its superior quality and efficient performance. The reel is extremely durable made from high grade material with an accurate line casting and excellent drag system. It is lightweight, and the body is made of aluminium and the rotor is made of carbon.

It is one of the best spinning reels that are effective for catching large fishes. It has a good retrieve ratio and ensures perfect lining for maximum catch.


  • Durable, strong and lightweight making it perfect saltwater type of reel.
  • Construction is strong with aluminium frame and reel is made of carbon.
  • Great spinning reel if you are into “specks and reds”.
  • Extremely smooth drag system and facilitates accuracy in casting.
  • Solid and strong, lasts for longer time of as much as 5 years.
  • Great length to weight ratio and super light with weight of 13.4 ounces.
  • The retrieve ratio is 5.3:1 with maximum drag of 30 lbs.


  • Starts generating a noise after using it for a couple of times in saltwater.
  • Difficult at times to lay the line perfectly on the spool.

Piscifun Steel Feeling Spinning Fishing Reel Full Metal Body with Carbon Fiber Drag CNC Machined Aluminum Spin Reels


The spinning fishing reel from Piscifun is constructed using full metal body. The quality of the reel is excellently made from aluminium alloy cover and has stainless steel bone. The ergonomic handle is made of stainless steel and is introduced into the reel for efficient transmission of power.

The reel is powerful to fight large fishes with help of hardened 415-C alloy drive along with oscillation gear. The complete reel is resistance to corrosion due to its stainless steel construction. The drag system is consistent and efficient with the carbon round drag system.


  • Constructed using precise engineering tactics that give cutting edge performance.
  • Durable, efficient and powerful with stainless steel handle along with aluminium alloy cover.
  • Includes ball bearings made of stainless steel to provide protection against corrosion.
  • Strong to fight large fishes with hardened 415-C alloy drive and oscillation gear.
  • Maximum winding power aided by precision cut solid brass pinion gear.
  • Torsional twisting and misalignment of shaft is prevented by pinion gear supported by double bearing.
  • Drag system made of carbon fiber ensuring accurate laying of line and consistent drag pressure.
  • CNC machined aluminium braid ready spool ensure convenient tying of braid to spool without slip.


  • Does not come with a spare handle.
  • Controlling the direction using the reel at times is difficult.

KastKing Blade Spinning Reel Carbon Fiber Drag Freshwater Inshore Open Face Spin Fishing Reel


The spinning reel from KastKing is a suitable product for fishing inshore and in saltwater. It is constructed in a durable way with an all metal body that adds to its strength and comfortable holding. It has a carbon fiber drag system which ensures efficient and quality drag. It is engineered with two stainless steel ball bearings that are supported by main shaft imparting its corrosion resistance properties.

It is made of 10 numbers of stainless steel shielded bearings along with 1 instant stop bearing with anti-reverse property. The torsional twisting and misalignment of shaft are prevented with double bearing support system that prevents crumpling of the reel under heavy load.


  • Constructed with superior and high end material with body made of metal.
  • Efficient carbon fiber drag system which gives perfect and accurate drag.
  • All metal body with blend of synthetic compound provide superior strength and is extremely comfortable.
  • Includes 10 stainless steel shield bearings along with one anti-reverse bearing.
  • Includes two stainless steel ball bearings that support main shaft.
  • Precision of the rotation is stabilized with the help of main shaft and maximizes performance.
  • Torsional twisting and shaft misalignment is prevented with the help of double bearing support system.
  • Ergonomically designed reel foot with synthetic compound that provides insulation and makes it perfect for longer casting.


  • Reel handle cap made of plastic reduces durability.
  • Handle is difficult to tighten and reverse cannot be locked out.


Shopping for new fishing gear is not easy, as there are many aspects to be checked before making the investment. There are many inshore spinning reels but making the right selection is important. Angling experts personally tested and tried some of the spinning reels for inshore fishing and listed out best inshore spinning reel with complete review. This comprehensive guide is prepared after each product was tested and tried personally.

When it comes to inshore fishing, the rod must be durable, strong and lightweight so that one can fish for longer time. Each of the reel listed in this review guide is great and recommended by professionals. To make your selection process easy, the reels are listed with pros and cons along with comprehensive review.

It is important to choose the reel properly for better performance and maximizing the catch. The material of construction is an important consideration for longer use of the reel.


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