Best Ice Fishing Gloves – 2018 Reviews & Guides

Best Ice Fishing Glove Reviews

It is one of the coolest things to go ice fishing in the cool winter weather as a leisure activity. A number of people have been going out for this leisure activity every year. However, without the best ice fishing gloves, the chances of you being able to grab the best of the fishes is almost impossible.


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What To Look For In An Ice Fishing Glove?

What To Look For In An Ice Fishing Glove

An ice fishing glove is somewhat different from a normal fishing glove in its features. There are a few things that give the cutting edge to an ice fishing glove. They are:

  • Material used: The material used extensively for an ice fishing glove is neoprene. Neoprene is preferred in case of these gloves due to its inherent quality which makes it possible to keep the gloves clean and maintain it easily. Furthermore, it is good for keeping the hands warm and protected. Some of the modified forms of neoprene are also used along with other suitable materials.
  • Thickness: Those anglers who have been in the fishing business for quite some time now know how important the thickness of the glove means. The thicker the gloves the better it is, some would think, but sometimes if the glove is too thick it might come in the way of the performance of the angler. About 5 to 7 mm thick gloves work fine for extreme cold weathers.
  • Length: The length of the gloves is also a matter of concern. Make sure that your ice fishing gloves extend a little more than your wrist. This is actually true for most of your winter gears. It needs to be such that it does not jump out of your hand easily.
  • Shape: The shape of the glove matters. Not all gloves are of the same shape. The neoprene gloves give flexibility and strength but there is a number of other modified materials which gives greater strength and flexible movement in all directions which makes it a good feature for ice fishing particularly.
  • Grip: The grip in case of ice fishing gloves needs to be super strong so that it enables the person to handle the hooks and the baits easily. Check out for the ice fishing gloves having heavy fingers, palms and wrist grip pads.

Difference Between Ice Fishing And Other Fishing Gloves

Difference Between Ice Fishing And Other Fishing Gloves

There are some of the major differences between ice fishing gloves and the other fishing gloves available in the markets. They include:

  • Thickness is about 5 to 7 mm compared to 2 to 3 mm in case of other fishing gloves.
  • Waterproofness should be more.
  • Warmth is more compared to other gloves, given the weather in which it is to be used.
  • Flexibility should be more as already in the cold weathers the hand seems to lose its muscle flexibility to some extent.
  • Maintenance and keeping the gloves dry should be easy.

Checklist Before Going For Ice Fishing

A few things need to be kept in mind before you go for ice fishing. They are:

  • Carry some floater jackets just in case you accidentally fall into the freezing cold water while angling.
  • Carry good quality fishing gloves and prepare yourself with good winter gear.
  • Auger blade that you carry should be perfectly sharpened.
  • Buy and prepare the bait well in advance as the prices might increase based on the demand.
  • Keep a sharpened spud bar or a chisel to cut your way through the ice if need be.
  • Carry a heater or a propane tanks to keep you warm during the fishing.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Make an inventory list for organizing all your requirements well in advance and check then before leaving to fish.
  • When at the lake, make sure you check the currents and the wind direction and then select your spot for ice fishing.
  • Try out combinations of new baits, techniques, etc. to master the art of ice fishing.

Top 4 Best Ice Fishing Gloves Reviews On The Market 2018

best ice fishing gloves glacier ice bay

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Glacier Glove is one of the leading sellers of sports and fitness gloves. ICE BAY fishing glove is a pair of premium gloves which people prefer for their angling trips.


  • Made up of solid rubber which gives it a good grip on all surfaces.
  • The material is practically so waterproof that even if you immerse it in water for long hours at cold temperatures it can be drawn out completely dry. Thus storing and taking care of these gloves becomes easier.
  • It consists of a fleece lining which is capable of providing greater warmth to the hands.
  • The length of the gloves is a little more than normal that that’s great because generally winter gears are preferred oversized to some extent.
  • The weight of the gloves is restricted to an optimum, neither too heavy nor to light.


  • Some users have claimed that their hands formed sweat when they used these gloves but that did not affect the grip of the gloves.
  • It does not work too well at temperatures way below zero degrees thus might not be suitable for extremes of climate.
  • The seams seem to rip off if proper care is not taken for the gloves for a long time.

best ice fishing gloves rapala

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This is one of the leading durable latex coated gloves available from Rapala which is known for its added features and high performance.


  • The durable latex coating on the glove is the best protective feature of the glove, it makes sure that the user does not get hurt from dorsal fins, teeth and gills of the fishes they angle.
  • It has a commendable grip and a non-slip fish control.
  • It is suitable to machine wash and can be drip dried thus it can last long.
  • It is not made of rubber thus does away with the basic problems of rubber.
  • It provides greater support by added padding around the fingertips and the palm.
  • The gloves have a good flexibility and can also be used for saltwater as well as fresh water fishing trips considerably.


  • The standard size for these gloves is very small so one has to be pretty sure while making the purchase.
  • The amount to be spent for these gloves is a little more compared to what it should be.
  • The gloves are not cut proof and thus might form holes after continuous usage.
  • It is not suitable as fillet gloves.

best ice fishing gloves perfect curve

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This is another popular product by Glacier Glove. Like most other ice fishing gloves this is also made of neoprene and has shown good performance for the users in the past.


  • It consists of a thin fleece lining which is suitable for giving some extra warmth to the hands and protecting it from frost bite during the fishing trip.
  • It is made up of modified neoprene called as Yamamoto Neoprene that makes it a durable product which lasts long.
  • Its shape prevents the user from getting fatigued. The pre-curved knuckles provide flexibility as well as some relief from fatigue.
  • It is sweat proof and has a good grip. Users have claimed that even in warm weathers they are able to use these gloves effectively without worrying about sweaty hands and lost grip due to sweat.
  • The liner is durable and the product lasts long.


  • The waterproof feature of the glove is not so strong.
  • The sizes of the glove are a little inappropriate for some users.
  • The price for the product is more than what it should have been.
  • The seams form holes if proper care is not taken for the gloves right from the start.

best ice fishing gloves frabill fxe

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Frabill is a leading seller of Ice fishing accessories. These Gauntlet Gloves to ice fishing are sure to give you a winning edge over the frozen waters faced during ice fishing. This is a glove that has been made with the cutting edge engineering and the top quality materials and design.


  • The SnoCore insulation ensures that the warmth of the body itself is sealed to provide greater warmth all together.
  • The SnoShell membrane makes it wind proof as well as waterproof by not allowing the water to penetrate through the pores of the glove.
  • The Teflon coating provides a triple layer weather coating for the fingers specifically.
  • It consists of an adjustable strap for perfect fit on the wrist.
  • Double stitch on the inner side provides extra support and prevents the glove from getting ripped from the seams.


  • It is a little high priced.
  • Getting the right size to fit your hand might be somewhat troublesome.
  • Right from the start the gloves seem to be somewhat cold and it gets wet also at times, not serving the purpose for which it has been designed.


Before going for your next ice fishing trip ensure that you have full knowledge of the basics of ice fishing. Make sure that your things are in order and you have a complete list of the things that might come in handy in the trip ready at hand before you set out. All your weapons should be sharpened, the bait prepared well in advance and you all set to make the most out of the trip and if you are looking forward to buying a new ice fishing glove got through the best ice fishing gloves features and reviews to select the best one out of the lot.

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