September 18, 2018

Best Ice Auger For The Money – Reviews & Guides 2018

Best Ice Auger Reviews

Ice augers are important devices while dealing with ice for a number of activities including fishing on the ice. Anglers need such augers to start off with their fishing process. The best ice auger is the first device you must possess if you look forward to fishing in the ice as you will need to drill holes and break the thick ice slabs.

Ice augers can even be hand powered which penetrate holes at a steady measure and pushes it deep within the ice slab to create a hole. You can even connect your ice auger to an external source of power like a generator or a large crane as per your requirement.


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What Is An Ice Auger?

What Is An Ice Auger

Ice augers are instruments available in the market that are needed to easily drill holes through slabs of ice. These are used to penetrate huge ice slabs and leave precise and neat holes. These ice augers can be used in a number of activities including ice fishing and are very common to be found in stores located in the icy regions.

How Is It Designed?

How Is It Designed

These augers are designed with a threaded helical upright pole which has a power mode. The rod penetrates and the thread digs into the ice which creates a hole and removes all the ice and debris throughout the process. By the edge of the penetrated hole is kept clean and uniform no matter what the size of the hole is. This is the basic design of an ice auger which is widely used in many other settings as well.

Man Power Augers And Horsepower Augers

Over the period of time augers have evolved and now we have two kinds available in the market, hand as well as power augers. These days, power augers are much in demand as they require less usage of energy. The main purpose of an ice auger is to penetrate ice which are of huge depths and are difficult to pierce. As the winter season proceeds, the ice cover becomes deeper and deeper which require more efforts than ever.

The depth of the ice covers reaches almost 12"-14" or more. Hand augers work pretty well in the initial stages of the winter season but as the cold and the thickness of the ice cover increases it becomes difficult for the hand augers to fulfill their jobs. Therefore, power augers are much preferred by the fishermen these days.

Choose The Correct Blades

Choose The Correct Blades

To choose the correct size of an auger blade is extremely important to get the desired results. Most of the ice auger manufacturer companies offer a wide range of sizes varying from 6" to 10". If you are intending to catch some of the large fishes like trout or pike fishes then you must use the 10" blades to go with your augers. It is of equal importance that the blade you choose is sharp enough to impart a uniform penetration with ease.

You might even have to sharpen your auger blades time and again and this would depend entirely on the number of holes you drill. Blades are generally replaceable and you can change them easily anywhere. While dealing with sharp objects, like blades be very careful and use the manufacturer’s manual to guide you.

Be Cautious While Using An Ice Auger

We all know by now that ice augers are instruments used to drill holes in the ice. These holes are often drilled on ice covered water bodies like lakes, ponds etc. In such a scenario the extreme weight on the ice covered water body can prove to be dangerous. The auger while working on the ice slab can tend to cause it to become weak.

Although the augers are such designed that they do not form cracks and only impart neat and precise holes but they may cause the ice covering to become weak. This can be a threat for the people that are present at the location at the time of drilling.

Top 4 Best Ice Auger Reviews On The Market 2018

1. Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Augers - Most Comfortable Hand Ice Auger

best ice augers strikemaster lazer hand

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The strike master ice augers are skillfully designed to penetrate into deep ice covers with ease. These augers come in varying sizes that can be used according to the convenience of the angler. The soft rubber grip imparts comfort to the user making it a great device to purchase.


  • The blades of the strike master ice augers are made up of a strong alloy called stainless steel that makes it sharp to penetrate the ice well with precision. These blades are specially designed in China.
  • The auger is painted and later powdered such that ice built up can be avoided and the auger stays as new as day one.
  • These augers offer soft grips make up of rubber to impart firm, resistant free and warm grip to the user in the extremely cold climate.
  • The ergonomic design of the handle makes it unique and the adjustable height of the auger (48" to 57") makes it easy for the user of any height to comfortably use the device.
  • These augers come in varying sizes from 5-8 inches offering you a wide range to pick as per your requirements.


  • The Chinese blades are sharp and strong but if you are looking to penetrate some extremely rigid ice slabs then you might even consider some sharper blades.

2. Eskimo 8-Inch Hand Auger - Perfect Travel Companion

best ice auger for the money eskimo

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The Eskimo hand auger is capable of drilling deep and uniform holes in ice within minutes and come with easily replaceable sharp blades. The easily adjustable handle size of the auger lets the user use it as per his/her convenience. A soft and comfortable handle further adds on to the advantage list of the product.


  • These ice augers are an extremely quick result imparting device that penetrates a hole within a few minutes.
  • The blades provided on these augers are replaceable and you can change them as per your needs. These sharp blades can be removed and replaced with ease and causes no trouble.
  • The manufacturer gives you a choice to pick amongst three different diameters ranging from 6"-8" whichever suits your convenience.
  • These auger weigh around 6 pounds can be easily carried from place to place without much of a problem.
  • The length of the auger is adjustable and one can change it from 49" to 58" according to the height of the user.
  • The pommel design offers a perfect friction free and comfortable gripping to the user.


  • The blades require cleaning from time to time to keep is rust free.

3. ION 40V Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger - Best Lightweight Auger with Reverse Option

best ice augers for the money ion

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These electric ice augers are easy to charge and use devices. These merely weigh 21 pounds which make it extremely easy for the angler to carry from one place to another. These augers offer comfortable grip that works well in cold climatic conditions. A charger comes along with the product to easily charge it and uses as and when required.


  • This auger weighs around 21 pounds which make it extremely easy to carry. A portable device is always an advantage.
  • These augers can be easily operated with a trigger button that helps you to start the process by just a button press.
  • The handle of the auger is extremely spaced out and comfortable to hold which imparts easy usage.
  • These are constructed using strong steel that is capable of drilling precise holes of almost eight inches.
  • The auger comes along with a battery charger that will help you charge your device and use it whenever required.
  • The length of the auger varies from 34 to 46 inches and even offers an extension of 12 inches to impart east and convenient adjustments.


  • If you are drilling on uneven ice grounds then there are chances that the auger would show unstable vibrating movements

4. Eskimo Mako Ice Auger 43cc Quantum - Top Gas Powered Ice Auger

best ice augers eskimo quantum

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The sharp blades along with blade protectors make these Eskimo ice augers a unique pick for the anglers. These sharp blades accommodated in the auger are capable of drilling holes as deep as 18 inches. These augers come in varying sizes from 8 to 10 inches and give you the privilege to choose the one that suits your needs.


  • These ice augers have two extremely sharp blades along with blade protectors that help you penetrate huge holes in the ice. Unlike many other models, you need not purchase a blade protector.
  • The size of the auger varies from 8 to 10 inches can you can purchase one suiting your requirements.
  • These ice augers work wonderfully in the cold climatic conditions and help you to drill precise and uniform holes.
  • It is very easy to assemble the auger with the motor and you can immediately start using it.
  • These are capable of drilling holes as deep as eighteen inches.


  • These augers work on fuel and are not provided with chargers to impart power. Anglers generally opt for electric augers over the ones that function on fuel.


Ice augers are the most important devices to possess when you are looking forward to indulging in ice fishing. A good auger would help to drill holes in the ice with ease and save all your power and energy for the following fishing session. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you wisely pick your ice auger. It can become very easy for you to pick the best ice auger if you thoroughly study the pros and cons of the products reviewed above.

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