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June 13, 2018

How to Replace a Fishing Line for Beginners

The art of fishing remains one of the ancient practices that has served to uplift the lives of people and continues as a practice to be passed down for generations. In many communities around the world, fishing acts as a source of livelihood while in other places it provides food for daily consumption.


It remains clear that the art of fishing does not occur as an overnight gift. Instead, it takes time and dedication to excel as a renowned fisherman with practical skills.


Beginners in the art of fishing find it easy to learn from their peers and coworkers by observing what they perform during fishing expeditions and in turn practice what they see. The plausible technique that acts as a sure way of learning how to fish solely depend on the art of apprenticeship and continuous repetitive training of the art.


For the strong hearted, they require much patience since learning how to fish involve the grasp of many techniques such as learning how to a replace fishing line with efficiency and using as little effort as possible.


What is a fishing line?

An apprentice in the art of fishing has to identify the characteristics of a fishing line and how it works in the process of catching fish. The fishing line acts as part of the critical items without which fishing is impossible since all the elements of a fishing rod do not work independently of the each other. Before you start to learn how to replace a fishing line it remains vital to have prior knowledge of the basics of the fishing line.


The fishing line serves as the connection between the fish and the person trying to catch the fish regardless of the method you use to catch fish. Fishing lines have various links to the fish occurring as the connection to the net used in trawling and the hooks used in the simple methods of fishing. In short, the fishing line has the more straightforward meaning of the connection between the person trying to catch fish and the fish in water.


What are the characteristics of a fishing line?

Someone new to the fishery industry finds a hard time to choose the perfect fishing line that suits their needs since they do not understand the relationship between fishing and the excellent fishing line. Nonetheless, several factors remain critical in deciding upon the appropriate fishing lie, and they include.


  • Strength

The perfect fishing line has to withstand the tension brought about by the process of fishing when the fish gets hooked. Moreover, to achieve high stress, the fishing line is derived from some of the most durable materials such as steel.


  • Material

The material of the fishing line plays a critical role as its shapes other features of a fishing rod such as the use and the choice of the fishing rod. Material such as plastic is made to supplement for the much heavier steel fishing rods.


  • Length

The various fishing methods have varying ways of determining the length of the fishing rod necessary for use during a fishing expedition. An appropriate fishing line has to meet the essential length requirements for fishing and avoid any instances of the line snapping.

Do you need a new fishing line and don’t know how to replace fishing line? Don’t wait for it to snap with your catch with these simple steps.

So, How to Replace a fishing line?

The process of replacing a fishing line may occur as simple procedure that any interested parties may learn within a few days. Moreover, to undertake the system, you require the following items; hook, bait, line cutter and a pair of fishing gloves.  The following steps follow up after acquiring the listed items to finalize on the replacing a fishing line.


Step 1 Preparation

When handling objects such as hooks and line cutters, you always need to prepare yourself by wearing the necessary protective clothing. The gloves protect your arms and fingers while goggles will cover your eyes in case of any flying debris. Besides, find an open working space to make the whole procedure easy and not stopped due to lack of space to work.


Step 2 Line strength

Before the thought of starting to use the line, the first thing to do is to determine whether the amount weight that the fishing line supports through the use of the test line technique. The test line helps to determine the length of fishing line that you require to catch a fish with a specific type of weight. Generally, a thirty-inch length of the line has a higher probability of catching fish with the weight of fourteen pounds.


Step 3 Spoon and threading

Spooning refers to rolling the fishing line on the reel found on the fishing bar to offer more length of the line when fishing. Remember to include at least eighty percent of the space on the barrel for spooning the line. Threading refers to placing the path along the loops on the fishing pole and allowing a portion of the line to fall after the last loop on the pole.


Step 4 Hook                                                                                  

The last step involves the inclusion of the hook at the end of the line from the pole by tying a knot at the contact between the hook and line. Before beginning to fish, ensure that you remove any excess line by using the line cutter.

The fishing line forms a critical part in the process of fishing and as such, if you are interested in knowing how to fish the fishery is your friend. Additional information on fishing lines includes the variety of fishing lines in the current market. A large number of types of fishing methods implies that many types of fishing lines exist to match the needs of a way of fishing in usage.



Learning how to replace a fishing line is easy, and it should not worry you as a sophisticated technique to acquire knowledge on its application. The continuous and repetitive practice of changing the fishing line goes a long way in ensuring you receive the skill and teach others in the long run. In the end, your fishing expedition remains an exciting and successful process.

Best Bass Fishing Books 2018 – Reviews & Guides

best bass fishing book reviews

Do you love bass fishing? Do you love fishing and want to master bass fishing? If yes, you have come to the right place. We will give you a quick introduction to bass fishing, consider this a quick guide of bass fish.

We then give you a detailed review of the 3 best bass fishing books. Bass fishing is a skill which is easy to learn and difficult to master. With the help of these books, you can be sure to enjoy bass fishing.

What Is Bass Fishing?

It is a very popular American fishing activity which captures black bass or the famous American game fish. It is popular in the USA for many reasons:

  • Bass is commonly found all over the US.
  • Bass come in many sizes from as small as 1 lb to more than 20 lbs.
  • fishing of bass can be mastered easily with a few techniques mastered.

Bass Fishing Tips For Beginners- Bass Fishing 101

bass fishing guide


  • Your plastic worms are a great way to lure bass. Don’t worry if it has been bitten by the fish and looks chipped. Sometimes bass like to attack wounded organisms for easy capture.
  • Use of dark red, pink or purplish tone on your fishing rod tip, bait and crank bait as bass get attracted to such colors.
  • Make sure the hook of these fish is sharp enough to catch bass.

Things To Carry In Your Tackle Box:

We have listed below some of the things less known that one should carry in their tackle box when going out fishing.

  • Lure: Make sure you carry a few different types of lures which can help you catch different types of prey. Each lure is designed to function in certain ways.
  • Sunscreen: Fishermen definitely know what gear to pick for each water body. Sometimes tend to forget how harmful staying out in the sun for long hours is. Always drop a sunscreen in the box to ensure your skin is safe from sunburns and skin cancer.
  • First-aid Box: Using sharp tools and hooks can sometimes (very rarely) cause injuries and cuts. It is always good to have a small kit which contains come cut-related tools and aids.
  • Fishing book: People often go fishing with family or people who want to try fishing. Not everyone is on the same level. Buying a small illustrative book which can be used when needed is a good tool to carry to make your fishing kit more pleasant when in group. This is particularly useful if you are fishing with a kid or an absolute beginner.
  • Extra hook and line: Fishing line will break or get knots when used and sometimes you just can’t use it. Also carry different types and sizes of hooks so that catching different sized fish is easy.

Review Of The 3 Best Bass Fishing Books 2018

We have reviewed some of the best books on bass fishing so you don’t have to spend hours researching on these:

best bass fishing books knot guide

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This is a handy reference guide for anyone who wants to know more about various knots. You can easily pack it in your backpack or shirt and take it with you when you go fishing.


  • This book covers the basics of knots for any fishermen trying to an in-depth knowledge about it.
  • You can easily carry it in your fishing shirt of box as the book comes in a water proof paper which has plastic coated on it.
  • It features detailed explanation about Palomar knot, surgeon’s knot, perfection knot, surgeon’s end loop, blood knot, improved clinch knot, double uni knot, uni knot, dropper knot and nail knot.
  • Pro Knot has stated that this is the best selling book to refer about fishing knot in America.
  • It is a great option for those who want to gift someone a guide about different knots.
  • It fits your fishing box perfectly with its ring bound design.
  • It is not like a typical book with lines and lines of instructions. Each feature discussed has been illustrated with pictures for easy grasping and better understanding.


  • It is a basic book about knotting mainly focused on beginners. If you are an advanced fisherman, you may not find this useful.
best bass fishing books basic guide

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For long fishing has been a great pastime for families when it is warm outside. Not only is it relaxing, it is also a lot of fun once you know the basics of various techniques used to catch fish. This book is great if you want to learn about fishing with pictures and descriptions that are easy for a beginner to understand.


  • This book is for beginner fishermen who want to learn basic fishing and angling techniques.
  • It is authored by an award winning author who has written many outdoor books. Wade was taught fishing as a kid when he used to accompany his dad fishing.
  • He focuses about tackle types and other fishing equipment, ways to bait, selecting a good spot for fishing, information about bass boat and equipment’s you can use to enhance your fishing experience. Not just that it even talks about ways to clean and cook fish after catching one.


  • It talks about fishing in water bodies in the east and west coast and even Midwest. If you happen to live in the northwestern region of the pacific there is not much information.
best bass fishing books total guide

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This is a bass fishing book which is divided into tricks and present to you 317 tricks to use on water bodies. It tried to cover various areas of fishing making it a very diverse book.


  • It is a great book written by writers of Field and Stream magazine who have written about fishing consulting the best in the fishing field.
  • It has a detailed explanation of 317 tested techniques and tools with attractive pictures and explanations.
  • There a section which talks about customizing your rod and shopping for the best baits, lures and flies.
  • A section talks about tactics to be used on different water bodies which are most efficient and tips to catch different kinds of fish.
  • This book is edited carefully to suit fishermen at various skill level. So no matter what skill set you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced fishermen, it has something to offer for each.


  • It does not cover much about reeling and rigging at advanced level.


We have tried to include a good mix of bass fishing books in our review. Each book has its own way of looking at bass fishing and how to perfect the tricks and techniques. In this difference too, there are some common things about the three books which make it the best in their category.

All three books have detailed illustrations which come with attractive pictures which are descriptive in themselves. Secondly, they all have descriptions of basic techniques that makes bass fishing easy for those who are just starting out. Last but not the least, they all are written by authors who have profound knowledge about fishing and bass fishing.

We hope our review of the best bass fishing books has made your choice easy if you there thinking of getting one. We have also provided you some tips for bass fishing which will help you lure the bass faster and some lesser known tackle box essentials which will make your fishing escapade more enjoyable.

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The Best Frog Lure

Bass are known to be found in a similar environment with different frog species. They have grown to develop great love for the taste of full mouth of frog. On the frogs too, they tend to stay around where these bass are and therefore their paths often cross and most of the time the frogs are on the losing end. However, this can be turned into a great advantage for fishers as they can make use of the best frog lures which can give you the best interesting bass fishing that you can get.

We are going to be focusing on what people know as frogging. Frogging is a bass style of fishing in which you will be throwing the hollow bodied soft frogs into the thick part of the vegetation floating on the water.

One of the biggest advantages of making use of the frogging style is that you can cast your lures almost anywhere. Out of the most important things, the most prominent thing about the frog lures is that they have their hooks facing upward and its rest of it flush just against the lure. Also, the lures float in such a manner that the hooks never come near the weeds that are under them. With this feature, you can get to drag the frog across the lily pads as well as other vegetation on the surface without you worrying about your lure getting hanged.

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The Best Inshore Spinning Rod Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

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Inshore fishing in gaining immense popularity as shallow water fishing in the oceans but what is important is to be equipped with right kind of gears. The fishing is done mostly in waters that are less than a hundred feet deep making it essential to use a precise inshore fishing rod.

With so many varieties in the market, it is difficult to find the best inshore spinning rods but the comprehensive guide and review of top products will make you search easyly. The products have been tested and personally used. The guide is to help you make the right investment on the fishing rod used for inshore fishing.

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Finding a best fishing tackle bag makes you enjoy fishing. The tackle bag with plenty of room is easy to organize. Fishing is such a relaxing activity and when you have nicely designed, flexible bag, which is spacious enough to store trays along with other tools.

The bag has powered LED light system which offers enough light even to catch the fish at night. Now fishing cannot be limited to only daytime. The lightweight bag with bigger pockets is very useful while planning the fishing activity on a holiday.

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April 17, 2017

Can Fish Hear Music? 6 Organs You Need To Know

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Music has always being a beautiful part of nature. And it is said by many, that listening to songs could make you forget your pains - at least for some time.

As such, lovers of music find ways to propagate this beauty in different genres to people all over the world.

As an art, music is the combination of sounds into harmonious patterns that is pleasing to the ear of those that listen to it.

However, humans are not the only lovers of music. They share this love for sounds with an organism they have ancestral history with - fish.

Hence, the music spans beyond the terrestrial part of the earth to the aquatic habitat. A matter pondered by many, but answered by few - can fish hear music?

Obviously, fish do not have ears that are visible to our eyes, but they hear, and the organ responsible for that is situated inside their heads.

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The Best Speargun Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

The Best Speargun Reviews

If you love fishing and planning to take your adventures to next level, investing in a speargun is the best thing you can do. It is an essential gear or equipment that helps in underwater hunting and a great gamble for love of spearfishing.

However, with so many types, it is important to do your research about the product before investing in it. It is a daunting task when you have no idea on how to find the right product but this comprehensive guide will help you find the best speargun  for the money, all tested and tried.

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You might wonder why is Koi fish a famous delicacy among local folks yet still you don’t know anything about Koi fish. The knowledge about Koi fish starts from its origin, how to identify koi fish, where to find koi fish and how to catch or can you eat Koi Fish?

You will be surprised about the finer details that Koi fish possess that are so unique compared to other fish that will make you think twice about eating Koi fish.

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The Best JerkBait Rod Reviews: All You Need To Know 2018

Best JerkBait Rod Reviews

Having angling as your passion, equipping yourself with great and pliable fishing rod is a definite mandate. Lately, with best Jerkbait rod, fishing and angling has become easy because of the power of the rod in pulling the bait.

Jerkbait is a bait that looks similar to injured baitfish but without any action of its own. The movement and its mimicking as that of injured fish is controlled by the angler rod, a simple jerking enables motion of the fish that in turn lures the catch.

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