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May 13, 2017

What Is A Jerkbait? Learn Everything About It Here

what is a Jerkbait

Are you a type that really enjoys fishing with baits? There is a wide range of baits you can choose from when it comes to catching bass. Such baits include spinnerbaits, jigs, crank baits, top water and plastics. However, amongst the best baits listed above, Jerkbait has proven to be the best.

You may be pondering about just what is a jerkbait, and how to fish with it? Even quite a number of manufacturers are trying to figure out what a jerkbait really is and how to improve on it. Discussed in this article, is the true meaning of jerkbait and how it is being used.

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May 12, 2017

How To Find The Best Musky Rods For The Money – 2018 Reviews

best musky rod reviews

No matter how experienced (or not), every angler dreams of catching the biggest fish possible. However, if you want to obtain a big catch, you must have the right equipment and know where, when, and what to look for.

Muskies are always a good option if you have them in a nearby area as they are one of the largest freshwater species native to North America with the weight reaching up to incredible 70 pounds which is a current record confirmed by International Game Fish Association.

Although it was always a popular fish to catch, Musky fishing has only recently received the well-deserved attention of the fishing- equipment manufacturers. As a result, nowadays you can find a vast array of rods, reels, and lures dedicated solely to Muskies.

As always we are here to help you find the best equipment for any purpose, and this time we will concentrate on identifying the best Musky rods you can get. In addition, we’ll guide and advise you on how to bring home that ultimate Musky as catching one is certainly the most exciting freshwater angling experience you could experience.

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May 10, 2017

What Is The Best Inshore Spinning Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

best inshore spinning reel reviews

Over the last few years, there have been lots of changes in the angling activity with equipment and gears contributing to better fishing. The inshore spinning reels are basically used for saltwater fishing and have to be resistant to corrosion for longer lasting usage. It is important to choose the spinning reel carefully so that it gives a reliable drag and maximizes the catch. It is important to choose the best inshore spinning reel for convenience of fishing all day long.

With so many reels available in the market, it is confusing on which one to rely on but this guide is the ultimate solution to your doubts. The products that are listed and reviewed in the guide are personally used by fishing experts and tested for the pros and cons. This guide is something you need to read to invest on the right kind of product.

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May 9, 2017

How To Use Crankbait For Effective Fishing

How To Use CrankbaitFor Effective Fishing

Have you ever tried fishing with crankbaits? In this tutorial, I will cover how to use crankbait to help you understand how to fish with crankbaits successfully. It is a favorite type of fishing lure used by many anglers to catch different species of fish especially the big predatory fish.

Crankbaits imitate baitfish and can be very productive all year round, if and when used in the proper manner. If you are not getting any bites on your crankbait, then you are probably fishing the wrong depth. For a beginner in using a crankbait, get yourself a collection of shallow, medium and deep diver crankbaits, when you go out fishing.

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May 9, 2017

Are Spadefish Good To Eat And How To Cook Them

Are Spadefish Good To Eat

Do you love eating white meat to red meat? Well, not just for health reasons but it is your preference. This makes fish meat, one of the meats that you try out.

Most people only know of Tilapia fish and a few others as edible fish meat. However, if you want to try something new, you may be wondering; are spadefish good to eat? Spadefish looks like a large angel fish.

They have beautiful colors with striking vertical bars contrasting around their silver bodies. Their average weight is about 6 pounds. They are found in schools and relish jellyfish as one of the small marine animals that they feed on.

So, yes, spadefish are good to eat, you should give them a try. But first, how do you fish for spadefish?

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May 6, 2017

The Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviews – 2018 Top Picks

Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviews

Some people believe that being patient is imperative to catch a lot of big fishes while fishing. This may be true. But how do you catch big fishes when you cannot get a clear view of the fishes you want to catch in the river? To do this, you need to make use of the best fishing sunglasses.

Furthermore, when you are exposed to the sun on water, trying to get the big fishes out of the water, your eyes are very important to you. More so, even after fishing you still need your eyes. You just have a pair of eyes. Hence, it is important that you keep them safe. Nonetheless, the sunglasses protect your eyes from the UV rays, as prolonged exposure of your eyes to the UV rays is harmful. With a fishing sunglass, you can be sure your eyes are safe from different forms of dangers while fishing.

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May 5, 2017

What Is The Best Baitcasting Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

Best Baitcasting Reel Reviews

Anyone who has tried fishing can tell you it’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies a person can have. You can enjoy it and have great fun even if you’re new to it and not very good. The experience of spending time in nature and connecting with it really can’t be matched by anything else.

However, if you also want to catch something while you’re there, the equipment with which to do it is the key. Picking the best baitcasting reel for the money is a good way to start.

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May 3, 2017

How To Find The Best Crappie Reels For The Money? 2018 Reviews

How To Find The Best Crappie Reels

There are various types of angling reels to use for crappie fishing. Numerous fishers use ultra light reels for fish up to 10 pounds yet they know how to use the drag framework legitimately on the reel. If you don't have encounter battling greater fish and using the drag system, utilize a more grounded reel and rod combo set.Regardless of which reel you buy, each of the three alternatives mentioned here is incredible options for your ultra light best crappie reel needs.

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May 2, 2017

The Best Crankbait Rod Reviews – All You Need To Know 2018

Best Crankbait Rod Reviews

Imagine you needed a hex and wrench key to remove all the screws of furniture but you don't have one with you. You can use a screwdriver to remove it or even unscrew it with your fingers. Needless to say it is much more efficient when removed with the right tools rather than alternatives that work but not as well as the designated tool. Similarly, it is crucial to have to right tools when you are fishing.

In this article, we will talk about the features that make a good crankbait rod and we have reviewed our top 5 picks for the best crankbait rods.

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