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The Best Ice Fishing Rods You Can Buy In 2018 – The Handy Guide

Best Ice Fishing Rods

Fishing on a frozen lake in the winter is quite a unique experience. There’s really nothing like getting up early in the morning, going to the lake, drilling a hole and setting up for a nice, relaxing morning. Much better than staying cooped up in your house all winter.

However, that being said, it’s unique in other ways and requires different gear if you want actually to catch anything. The most important thing is your rod - without using the best ice fishing rods, you’ll just waste your time. So, I’m here to help.

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May 30, 2017

How To Choose The Best Conventional Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

best conventional reel reviews

Nowadays, you can find a lot of reels around you. There are so many reels are so many out there that it is challenging for the anglers to get familiar with them. And it is even harder for the anglers to identify the best conventional reel for the simple reason – what you do not know, you cannot compare. There are lots of reels that fishers use, and we have taken the time to point some of the best ones to you.

Some of the reels also come with fantastic features. We searched through the market and checked for some of the best reels available. The types of reels are discussed below.

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May 28, 2017

Top 70 Fishing Blogs Every Angler Should Follow Right Now

Top 70 Fishing Blogs

Every angler, irrespective of the type of fishing they do, be it fly fishing or the conventional fishing techniques, desires to get constant updates on fishing. If you are looking for reviews of the different products in the industry or the local waters to fish; here are some of the best Fishing Blogs on the web.

Also, having adequate information on fishing will help you get started as you learn from experts in the field. Share your stories with other anglers through the various forums or articles and videos. It will help you improve on your fishing techniques and become better each day.

Below are the Top 70 Fishing Blogs you need to read or add to your reading list:

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May 24, 2017

How To Catch Shiners – 101 Simple Tips

How To Catch Shiners

Have you ever tried fishing using live baits? Live-bait fishing is one of the easiest forms of fishing. The baits include shiners or pint-sized worms, etc. It is very efficient and has proven to be able to addict a person to the practice.

It is one of the oldest ways used to fool fish. You can choose to use a simple or one of the more complicated methods of using live baits for fishing, that have been adopted over the years. In this tutorial, I am going to focus on how to catch shiners.

What are shiners? It is a term used to refer to several species of small and silvery fish. You can either rear the fish in a tank or learn to catch them from the shallow end of banks. If you use the shiners from the bank to lure bass, they are more likely to behave and move in a way that the bass from the same waters is used to, unlike those from tanks.

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May 22, 2017

What Are The Best Musky Lures For Musky Fishing – 2018 Reviews

best musky lures for musky fishing reviews

Isn’t catching a large, strong, raging musky every man’s biggest dream?

Well, probably it isn’t, but mine sure is.

There is something about that adrenalin rush which hits you as you are fighting a massive, muscular fish whose only desire is to get back in the water and probably punch you in the guts at the same time. The feeling you get as someone takes a photo of you holding your trophy is amazing. You are the proudest man ever. Well, probably not, maybe 10th or 100th proudest but it still counts.

I’ve experienced this feeling many times, and I have to tell you, your skill is just one-half of the job, other goes to high-quality equipment. That’s why we are here today to talk about lures. I will share my knowledge with you, and hopefully, it will result in your proud trophy photo afterward.

Let’s dive in!

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May 20, 2017

7 Simple Steps Of How To Kill A Catfish

how to kill a catfish

Catfishes are a group of fish with ray fin, categorized under the order nematognathi or Siluriformes. The name catfish originates from their conspicuous barbels which have a striking resemblance to cat's whiskers.

They range in size and behavioral displays from the Mekong giant catfish( southeast Asia), wels catfish (Eurasia and the Paraiba in south America), to species that feed on dead matters on the bottom (detrivores), and the tiny parasitic species known as candiru, Vandellia cirrhosa.

They come in different types, the naked ones without scales and those that are armor plated. And so, for most people killing a catfish is not so easy a task. Hence, everyone wants to figure out the easy way of "how to kill a catfish".

Despite their nomenclature, not all of them have prominent barbel. Catfish of the order Siluriformes have distinct features of the swim bladder and skull.

They are a considerably very lucrative investment for those interested in aquaculture and very edible for eating globally.

And many of the small sized catfish are popularly reared in the aquarium, particularly the Corydoras.

Catfishes are mostly nocturnal, although some are crepuscular e.g. Auchenipteridae, while others are diurnal e.g. Callichthyidae or Loricariidae.

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May 18, 2017

How To Find Best Ultralight Spinning Reel For The Money – 2018 Reviews

best ultralight spinning reel money reviews

When it comes to leisure or casual fishing, it is best to go with a spinning reel that is easy to use and extremely light. A spinning reel that is generally around or under 8 ounces in weight is considered to be ultra-light and helps fishermen to fish all day long. The best ultralight spinning reel is made durable, flexible and contributes largely to various fishing functions. The ultra-light spinning reels are generally constructed with high-quality and durable material and are resistant to corrosion and saltwater.

It is usually difficult to find the best kind of spinning reels which are extremely light in weight, but this comprehensive guide will answer all your doubts. The guide has reviews of some of the top products you can pick from and are used and tested by experts.

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May 16, 2017

How To Buy The Best Ultralight Spinning Rod – 2018 Reviews

best ultralight spinning rod reviews

Angling is an interesting activity but for maximum catch, efficient performance and easy retrieves one need to use the right gears and equipment. The ultra-light spinning rods are great for both seasoned and amateur fishermen as they provide accurate casting and helps in longer line. The rods are great as they are flexible, light in weight and extremely easy to operate. However, if you are looking for best ultralight spinning rod, it is a daunting task and making the right choice is difficult.

So, we are here to help you with information and help you choose the right spinning rod. The comprehensive guide lists four best spinning rods with reviews and pros & cons to help you buy the right product. All of the reviewed products are tested and tried personally by experts and the review is given by them. Considering quality, price and performance, all the four spinning rods listed proved to be exceptionally good.

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May 14, 2017

How To Start Kayak Fishing – Here Is All You Need To Start

How To Start Kayak Fishing

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why kayak fishing is such a big deal to most people? Is it because they are simple, inexpensive and so exciting? It is much more than this.

While fishing with a kayak, you can possibly set your desired pace and furthermore get awesome fish. Kayaks is being regarded as a frontier sport because it is still in the early formative stages.

Fishing on a kayak is a kind of activity which is getting extraordinarily popular in the world of fishing. Fishing and Kayaking can truly have some similarities, give you huge fun and nice relaxing moments. Clearly, you need to get your tools prepared in order to achieve a cost-free activity.

Once you are with your kayak and fishing gear, the next requirement will be a body of water to place your kayak in and begin throwing your lines. Engaging in fishing and kayaking can be exceptionally deceptive the very first times you engage in it and peradventure you don't possess the correct gear for it, you may not enjoy it.

Discussed in this article are essential tips that you will be needing on how to start kayak fishing adventure the next time you go out in the water with your kayak.

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