May 9, 2017

Are Spadefish Good To Eat And How To Cook Them

Are Spadefish Good To Eat

Do you love eating white meat to red meat? Well, not just for health reasons but it is your preference. This makes fish meat, one of the meats that you try out.

Most people only know of Tilapia fish and a few others as edible fish meat. However, if you want to try something new, you may be wondering; are spadefish good to eat? Spadefish looks like a large angel fish.

They have beautiful colors with striking vertical bars contrasting around their silver bodies. Their average weight is about 6 pounds. They are found in schools and relish jellyfish as one of the small marine animals that they feed on.

So, yes, spadefish are good to eat, you should give them a try. But first, how do you fish for spadefish?


Fishing For Spadefish

If you are planning to score some spadefish, then you need to be familiar with the areas where you can get a good catch. When spadefish is young, they live in schools near shore structures. They move further offshore as they grow.

As spadefish are nibblers, your preferred lure would be a cannonball jellyfish. They go bonkers over jellyfish. You will also not require a large boat to go fishing. As a sizeable vessel, say 16 foot and over, creek boat will do just fine as long as the seas permit it.

For the type of fishing equipment, you do not need a fancy one. You could choose to use a line and hook or spearfishing. Spadefish hovers around reefs, much like the hogfish. They have a great stamina and are tame and curious.

It is therefore recommended to use strong tackle when fishing spadefish, i.e. medium baitcasting or spinning tackle. You don’t need to twitch the bait once you cast. The fish usually feed on free-floating food; abnormal movements will only spook them.


Cooking-Are Spadefish Good To Eat

The meat of spadefish is very white, similar to that of yellowtail. Its lower half is all ribcage; therefore its fillet is mudfish and up. To make it worthwhile, you will need a good size one.

Cleaning spadefish is somewhat difficult for some people. If you want to give it a shot, try cleaning it like a flounder. You will need first to cut the meat down the lateral line then away from the ribcage.

They are not as difficult to fillet as triggers. Just like any other fish, spadefish can be cooked in many ways: frying, broiling, grilling, etc. It all a matter of how you like to have your fish.

How To Grill Your Spadefish

Heat up the grill and as you wait for it to warm up, dip your pieces of meat in olive oil. You can use any other oil that you prefer. Then season the meat with your preferred seasoning, e.g. lemon pepper.

Put extra oil on the grates to keep the fish from sticking. Just a little amount will suffice. Place the pieces on the grill and leave them for a few minutes. Flip them to the other side, so that they can cook too.

Use a thermometer to check if they are ready. At 135 and over degrees, the meat is safe to eat. You could use butter in place of oil.

Pan Frying

Soak you flayed pieces in a flavor enhancement sauce. You can add some sauce to it and mix and let it marinate for a few minutes.

Take the meat from the mixture and dredge them in flour. For a beer butter mix, you can add beer to the flour.

Pan fry the pieces for five-ten minutes, in the oil of your choice.

Spadefish has firm meat that is flaky when cooked. It is quite delicious to taste as they are surprisingly good. You may not know if you like them until you try, so go right ahead.


Is spadefish good to eat? This question is common among those who love eating fish. Yes, they are. I won’t say that you will find them delicious, but you never know until you have tried.

As for me, I found them surprisingly good. Spadefish looks like a squared-off, squashed football that has a tail. They have beautiful colors and live in schools. The juveniles live near the shores.

They are curious and are easier to spear especially along the reefs. They have a pronounced rib cage and to have a good catch, aim for the big ones. So, go ahead and give it a try. I would like to know how you found the taste of spadefish to be, in the comments section below…


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