April 27, 2017

Are Bonito Fish Good To Eat And How To Catch Them

Are Bonito Fish Good To Eat

Many rumours exist regarding whether; are bonito fish good to eat, but the fact remains that bonito fish are safe to eat. When you ask yourself and other people about whether you can eat bonito fish, you are likely to get wild responses regarding the existing ideologies on bonito fish.

You should remember though the taste may differ from other fishes in the oceans and seas, the fish are just typically edible to anyone who is hungry for a good meal.


What Is Bonito Fish?

What Is Bonito Fish

The ocean has many fish that are related to being of the same species or family. Bonito fish are a group of fish that belongs to the Scombridae family of fish that includes other fish such as mackerel and tuna fish. Bonito fish are saltwater fish and has unique meat texture and taste.

Different Categories Of Bonito Fish?

Different Categories Of Bonito Fish

There are no known classes for the bonito fish as they are one of a kind in Scombridae family though they can easily be confused by inexperienced people in the fishing industry with other fish such as tuna. Bonito fish though can be categorised according to their age as shown below:

  • Old Bonito fish - These group of bonito fish can have characteristics of meat that is firm in texture and dark in colour with moderate fat content.
  • Young bonito fish -These group of fish is small in size, and they have meat that is light –pink in colour and are small in size.
  • Regional bonito fish -These are bonito fish known by the region they live in the Atlantic and Australian bonito fish.

Characteristics Of Bonito Fish?

Bonito fish from their name that means pretty implies that the fish are indeed unique. The fish have many definitive features that only apply to them, and they include:

  • Bonito fish are ray-finned that implies the fish have rays at the tips of their fins that are used to ward off, potential predators.
  • Bonito fish are known to have an attitude, and when being fished, they would give you a fight before being caught.
  • Bonito fish are an almost oval, shaped like a football to give it the streamlined shape that makes it easy to swim.
  • The fish are predatory in nature and would feed on other fish such as sardines.
  • Bonito fish are known to be excellent distant swimmer covering cross-Atlantic distances.
  • Bonito fish are known to travel in large schools and love areas that are close to shore.

How To Catch Bonito Fish?

Different fishing styles are used to catch bonito fish each depending on the choice and preference of a fisherman. The following are a few methods you would love to use:

Trolling Method

The trolling method is suitable if you would like to catch a large number of bonito fish. It involves a long net pulled across the ocean floor, which traps the fish.

Line Fishing Method

This fishing method involves a fishing line laid in waiter with the fish getting caught in the lines. If you want to catch bonito fish using this approach; use a line of four to eight pounds.

Fishing Rod

It is the primary fishing method and requires experience and practice. The fishing rod should be sturdy enough with the fishing line having the ability to hold a fighting bonito fish.

Some Pro tips needed to be applied when you want to catch bonito fish include; using live bait when fishing or frozen bait. The bait includes sardines fish and pilchards that can use as live bait or chum. The bait should be floating on the water surface and at the bottom to attract the bonito fish.

How To Cook Bonito Fish?

It is very easy to cook bonito fish, and several methods can apply: grilling, baking, pan frying and pickled.

  • Grilling- You first have to clean the fish by removing the gut and skin. Cut the fish into slices and rub spices such as salt, garlic and oregano then marinate for an hour. Heat the grill, cook for an hour and it’s ready to serve and eat.
  • Baking- clean the fish and cut it large sizes if you desire. Brush lemon juice and olive on the surface of the fish and season with salt and pepper in an oiled baking pan. Bake the fish in a preheated oven of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes and it’s ready to eat.
  • When pan frying, use the simple frying techniques but remember to clean the fish and remove the skin.


Bonito fish is a delicacy that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. The fish is delicious despite the fact it is oily. Anglers gain a lot from bonito fish as it can be used as food and bait when fishing.

So, the answer to the question; are bonito fish good to eat? Yes, they are good to eat and are a delicacy to some. Other people might find bonito fish not tasty.

You would get hurt trying to eat bonito fish as it is proven to be tasty enough. Try to prepare one and have the delight of your life.


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