Being raised in a fishing town and a father who loved angling, it is no wonder that I, Brenda took to fishing at a very young age. I would go with my dad to some of his fishing expeditions. At the age of 12, I was able to hold and cast a fishing line. Ever since then, my passion for fishing has grown.

I chose to spend most of my free time on the water, fishing and spending time with other anglers. I am and was, a go-getter and wasn’t daunted by the fact that only a few women in my hometown were fishing. I was always excited about the fishing trips with my father, helping him to reel in his catch.

I also love to travel to different places around the world as I thrive and relish new fishing experiences in various destinations, every opportunity I get. Every destination that I have traveled to was a chance to network with other anglers and learn a trick or two.

Isn’t that what fishing is all about? To be successful in fishing, one has to be ready to learn each day, as fish behave differently. The way you fish in your home waters may not be the way I fish for the same species of fish, in our waters.

With fishing, it is a matter of trial and error, often. Growing up, I became more aware of different fishing techniques practiced by anglers. Fishing became more than casting a fishing line and reeling in your catch.

To me, it was a pastime that I shared with my father. Moreover, it was an opportunity to connect with nature. I sometimes enjoy visiting secluded places from other anglers, for some peace.

It applies in particular when I go out on my fly-fishing expeditions. You don’t want to startle the fish or have your lines tangling with your neighboring angler’s fishing line. It is a chance to adore the serenity of nature while at the same time, enjoying your pastime.

Well, I am not a loner as I always tag along with one of my friends of the old days, Rick who is also a seasoned angler. My passion for fishing can also be seen through my adamant pursuit of adequate and up to date information on fishing, from techniques, fishing lines, and fishing rods, to lures or baits.

I would always find the time, during the holidays after a school term, to go fishing with my friends or spend my fishing adventures, learning a trick or two from my father, in fishing matters. I realized through my interactions that anglers lacked a wholesome library of fishing resources.

This caused me to set out to start my fishing blog, which caters for the needs of every angler. It is a blog that not only covers tried and tested fishing techniques, but there is also a section for cooking tips for different fish. Some of the cooking methods are ones that were passed down to me by my mother.

It is a platform to help both anglers, who take their catch home to make a meal out of it, and those who find delight in sampling different fish dishes, to learn about the various ways they can excite their taste buds. It is not just a matter removing the scales from the fish right, but using the right ingredients correctly, to produce a sumptuous meal from your catch.

I hope that the website will be a powerful tool for every angler as I hope to equip my audience with relevant materials, to help them improve their fishing skills. I will also detail some of my visits to different parts of the world, where I had an exciting and teachable fishing moments.

If you are planning a vacation destination and would like a great place for fishing, you can read through some of my documented fishing destination tutorials to help you make a choice that you won’t regret. It is a fascinating and mind-blowing experience to venture out onto other parts of the world to not only fish but to learn about their fishing practices.

It is my desire to share ideas and knowledge acquired from my experiences with others as I also learn from other avid and expert anglers.