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When Do Bass Spawn – Learn About The Spawning Cycle Here

when do bass spawn

Is bass spawning based on temperature? While numerous fishermen often inquire as to whether they think bass are prepared to spawn a full moon or another, most scientists don't gaze toward the night sky, yet rather take a gander at the seasonal thermometer.

While temperature appears to be the organic controller here, researchers likewise show that oxygen, saltiness, PH and different factors can quantifiably influence bass spawning. When do bass spawn? This article will reveal to you the answer to the question. So read on!

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How To Fly Fish With Efficiency For Novices

How to fly fish with efficiency for novices

The art of fishing has been centuries old and having the know-how on how to fly fish is something that you should regard as a life skill and knowledge. The ancient Romans and Japanese used the fly fish technique for the local purposes as well as the commercial fishing harvesting purposes and regarded it as a distinguished profession.

The art of understanding how to fly fish and putting the knowledge into practice has enabled the skill to be passed down the generations and evolved in its application to all the sectors of fishing.

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7 Best Schooling Fish To Get In Your Aquarium

Best Schooling Fish Reviews

A schooling fish can be regarded as any gathering of fish that dwell, move and swim together in a similar direction in an organized form. One amazing thing about this fish species is their natural beauty. The manner in which they move near to one another more or less like perfect rhythm is really jaw-dropping.

It’s as if they have been programmed to perform the same way and at the same time, most especially while observing them in a tank. Regardless of whether they are being kept alone or mixed with other species of fish, they will without a doubt engage you and beautify the look in your aquarium.

Discussed in the article are 7 best schooling fish that are hardy, peaceful, endowed with beauty, and always amazing for visitors to watch without any boredom arising.

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Top 70 Fishing Blogs Every Angler Should Follow Right Now

Top 70 Fishing Blogs

Every angler, irrespective of the type of fishing they do, be it fly fishing or the conventional fishing techniques, desires to get constant updates on fishing. If you are looking for reviews of the different products in the industry or the local waters to fish; here are some of the best Fishing Blogs on the web.

Also, having adequate information on fishing will help you get started as you learn from experts in the field. Share your stories with other anglers through the various forums or articles and videos. It will help you improve on your fishing techniques and become better each day.

Below are the Top 70 Fishing Blogs you need to read or add to your reading list:

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7 Simple Steps Of How To Kill A Catfish

how to kill a catfish

Catfishes are a group of fish with ray fin, categorized under the order nematognathi or Siluriformes. The name catfish originates from their conspicuous barbels which have a striking resemblance to cat's whiskers.

They range in size and behavioral displays from the Mekong giant catfish( southeast Asia), wels catfish (Eurasia and the Paraiba in south America), to species that feed on dead matters on the bottom (detrivores), and the tiny parasitic species known as candiru, Vandellia cirrhosa.

They come in different types, the naked ones without scales and those that are armor plated. And so, for most people killing a catfish is not so easy a task. Hence, everyone wants to figure out the easy way of "how to kill a catfish".

Despite their nomenclature, not all of them have prominent barbel. Catfish of the order Siluriformes have distinct features of the swim bladder and skull.

They are a considerably very lucrative investment for those interested in aquaculture and very edible for eating globally.

And many of the small sized catfish are popularly reared in the aquarium, particularly the Corydoras.

Catfishes are mostly nocturnal, although some are crepuscular e.g. Auchenipteridae, while others are diurnal e.g. Callichthyidae or Loricariidae.

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How Fast Do Fish Grow When Exposed To The Right Conditions

How Fast Do Fish Grow

Watching a baby fish grow is fascinating but don’t you sometimes wish that the fish could grow a little faster? I know I do. Knowing how fast do fish grow is quite remarkable especially for anxious people to see the baby fish grow to an adult.

Some people keep fully grown fish but most of you, just like me; prefer watching a baby fish grow with every step from juvenile to adult. Sometimes I would wish to make my fish grow fast, but there are several things you should know: the ideal conditions for growth of fish and how long it would take to become an adult.

With this broad knowledge of different breeds and their ideal conditions for growth you will be able to know what to and what not to do with your fish.

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Do Catfish Eat Other Fish And How To Fish Them

catfish eat other fish

Are you planning to add catfish to your aquarium? Well, you are probably wondering how well catfish relate with other fish and do catfish eat other fish? You may also have heard the talk amongst fellow enthusiasts of how they suspect their catfish is eating their other fish.

Catfish are distinguished from other fish as they have smooth bodies that are without scales. They have organs that look like whiskers on their heads. These organs are also known as “barbells”.

The barbells are used to help the catfish to locate food in dark waters. You will find different species of catfish in various numbers in particulars parts of the world that they habit. If you are a catfish angler, the size of catfish that you expect to catch will depend on the area you are fishing and the type of water body.

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How To Tie A Crankbait: Learn All The Basic Things Here

How to tie a crankbait

What is an ideal approach in tying a crankbait? It has been proven that there is no lure more diversified than a crankbait. This style integrated into the crankbait will get any species of fishes in whatever seasons you are, regardless of whether you troll or cast it.

The most interesting part is that many fishermen know about crankbaits. They have become a standout amongst the most well-known and generally used hard-bodied baits. They can be highly proficient and effective when used appropriately.

Research has shown that many fishermen have no clue on how to tie a crankbait. Crankbait fans need to know that it is a necessity to tune their crankbait and check them regularly. With the help of the two to three tips discussed in this article, a crankbait user could start to see good results.

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Can Fish Hear Music? 6 Organs You Need To Know

Can Fish Hear Music? 6 Organs You Need To Know

Music has always being a beautiful part of nature. And it is said by many, that listening to songs could make you forget your pains - at least for some time.

As such, lovers of music find ways to propagate this beauty in different genres to people all over the world.

As an art, music is the combination of sounds into harmonious patterns that is pleasing to the ear of those that listen to it.

However, humans are not the only lovers of music. They share this love for sounds with an organism they have ancestral history with - fish.

Hence, the music spans beyond the terrestrial part of the earth to the aquatic habitat. A matter pondered by many, but answered by few - can fish hear music?

Obviously, fish do not have ears that are visible to our eyes, but they hear, and the organ responsible for that is situated inside their heads.

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Can Fish See in The Dark and How

Can Fish See in The Dark

Keeping fish in an aquarium is exciting and also a great learning experience. For your fish to grow healthy, you will need to understand more about the fish. When night time comes, you may ask: can fish see in the dark?

The eyes of fish are similar to those of birds and mammals. However, their lenses are more spherical as compared to animals and birds. Most species have a color vision; some are sensitive to polarized light while others can see ultraviolet light.

In addition to this, most fish have a lateral line that house neuromasts. These neuromasts are used to sense their surroundings. This attribute is useful to help them find shelter or food in the deep, dark waters in their natural habitat.

To answer your question, fish do not necessarily see in the dark, but their bodies are adapted to moving around in the dark waters. You do not have to worry about them bumping into objects in the aquarium. More so, the deep sea fish.

Well, this is so because their natural habitat is darker than the light provided in the aquariums.

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