How To Find The Best Musky Rods For The Money – 2017 Reviews

best musky rod reviews

Musky is known to be a violent fish and without gearing with the right set if equipment, it is not an easy task to get hold of them. Most of the musky anglers used specific rods that are designed to catch the fish. In order to get hold of the perfect and best musky rods, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind. The musky rods should be heavy duty, powerful and strongly constructed to be able to handle the violent attack and movement by the fish.

The selection of the right musky rod can be slightly tedious but with this comprehensive guide, it will help you in better selection. The reviews along with pros and cons are written only after each of the musky rods was tested and tried by expert musky anglers. So, read on to find more about the rods and make the right selection.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Problems Involved In Musky Fishing Before

Problems Involved In Musky Fishing Before

In the past, musky rod makers were not manufacturing precise rods that are able to handle and sustain the weight of lure weight. There was lack of proper knowledge on musky fishing and most of the rods were light in weight but easily breakable. The musky rods that were used before were heavy, stiff and made of inappropriate material making the concept of musky fishing difficult.

The rods were not proper leading to breakage of the rods while fishing for musky. The things have changed tremendously and presently the rods are prioritized for dealing with the violent action of the musky.

Revolutionised Technology Integrated In Present Day Musky Rods

Musky fishing was not a popular thing before but with time the industry has evolved, musky fishing rods are developed equipped with new technology. Here are few things that have tremendously changed in the present day musky rods:

  • The musky rods are stronger now usually made of superior graphite construction that gives it the required sturdiness and strength. The construction makes it resistance to breakage.
  • The casting ability of the musky rods today is much diverse which results in fewer fish lost and more convenience to the angler.
  • The rods constructed nowadays are basically compatible to fit every lure weight making it flexible and easy to use.

Types Of Muskie Rods One Must Consider Buying

Types Of Muskie Rods One Must Consider Buying

Musky rods are now available in various types and brands but for maximum output, one must consider buying any one of the types of Muskie rods.

  • 7’ to 9’ Medium Heavy Muskie Rods – The rod is stable and created perfect balance in casting out bug lures and setting off the hook properly. The rods are generally not very stiff and are great for use by people of different heights. The medium heavy action of the rod makes it powerful and increases its consistency.
  • 6’ 9” Medium Heavy Rods – The medium heavy muskie rods are powerful and enable long distance casting. It creates appropriate balance which prevents the rod from bending while the fish violently attacks. They perform best for long casting and on shorter casting by boat side.
  • 7’6” Medium Heavy Rods – The rods of this size are particularly great as it is longer and has flexible bending of tip which helps in casting lighter lures. The length of the rod adds to the overall advantage giving maximum convenience for the anglers. They allow casting shorter distance and is perfect for boat side fishing.

Top 4 Best Musky Rod Reviews On The Market

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. St. Croix Mojo Musky Rods

St. Croix Mojo Musky Rods


The musky rod is one of the best fast action rods that enable quick and super-fast delivery. The rod ensures quick and tight wrist action using jerk baits or minnow baits. It can be effectively used for catching fishes on top water.

The musky rod is a great buy when accurate cast is needed for precise positioning. It is made of sturdy and strong premium material that gives superior performance and is extremely easy to use.


  • Superior and sturdy construction with use of SCII graphite that gives it a strong body.
  • Ensures high end performance with its effortless fast actions.
  • Power of the fishing rod ranges from medium heavy to extra heavy.
  • KIgan Master Hand 3D Guides with better and strong frame and have slim, strong aluminum oxide rings holding the black frames.
  • Great for casting long distance, can be used with various jerk baits.
  • Well crafted, lightweight, convenient to carry and easy to cast even by amateurs.
  • Strong grip that makes it easy and accurate to cast and maximize performance.


  • Careful handling of the musky rod required to keep the inserts and parts in place.
  • May be a little rough for use for the beginners but gradually falls in place.

2. Okuma EVX Muskie Casting Rods

Okuma EVX Muskie Casting Rods


The muskie casting rods from Okuma EVX is integrated with advanced and innovative UFR technology that improves overall performance. The latest technology incorporates unidirectional fiber to the tip and ensures convenient and easy lifting of the rod. The strength of the fishing rod is increased which prevents breakage while casting heavy lures. The construction of the rod is solid and made of high-quality material.


  • Strong, lightweight, easily portable with 24-ton carbon ton blanks along with double footed deep press stainless steel frame.
  • Robust and sturdy construction made of IM-8 Graphite Blank integrated with tungsten carbide top.
  • The frame consists of inserts made of Pac Bay Titanium Oxide Guide giving it its utmost strength.
  • Consist of Fuji reel seats that ensure swift movement and has specialized RS tip insert.
  • Integrated with premium quality fore and rear grips for maximum comfort.
  • Come with high end and comfortably compressed cork butt cap.
  • The fishing rod comes with lifetime Okuma or manufacturer’s warranty.
  • One piece construction with resilient bending curves and prevents head shakes to stop rod from breaking.
  • Integrated with unidirectional fiber reinforcement technology to prevent breakage of rod and increase lifting power.


  • Basically great for casting longer distance, may not be convenient for shorter distance.
  • Tip is sensitive and prone to damage if stuck with violent fish attack.

3. Shimano Sojourn 1-Piece Casting Muskie Rod

Shimano Sojourn 1-Piece Casting Muskie Rod


It is an all rounded muskie rod which acts as solid crank bait stick and is great for casting various types of fishes. The rod is a hit when it comes to retrieving top water lures. The construction of the rod is strong with length of around 7 inches that works great for deep divers casting over rocky humps and weedy sides. It is basically a heavy action or powered rod that gives fast action and maximizes catching of fishes.


  • Sturdy and strong construction of the muskie rod built with graphite composite that imparts it its toughness.
  • Integrated with cork handles, custom reel seat and aluminum oxide guides for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Includes EVA butt caps for easy and safe storage.
  • Has multiple hook keeper and full cork handles that give all day long comfort.
  • It is light in weight, easy to use and is easily portable making it extremely convenient.
  • Perfect for long distance casting with length of 7 inches and rear grip length of 13 inches.
  • Heavy Power one piece construction along with fast action.


  • Loosening of the rod tips at times require extra purchase of heavy duty tips.
  • Better for casting long distance and compatible best with selective jerk baits or crankbaits.

4. Shimano American Corporation SJCM80XHA Sojourn Piece Muskie Casting Rod

Shimano American Corporation SJCM80XHA Sojourn Piece Muskie Casting Rod, 8'


The construction of the musky rod is very strong, sturdy and durable making it great for long distance casting. The rod standing at 8 inches has perfect amount of flexible and bend enabling the rod resist violent movement by musky. It is a heavy duty and powerful rod that is integrated with multipurpose hook keeper.

The 8-inch long medium heavy action rod is developed with new technology and made strong through graphite frame. It is great for beginners as well as experienced muskie anglers.


  • Strong and durable construction made of graphite composite blank that imparts it its strength.
  • Integrated with low profile aluminum oxide guides for long lasting usage.
  • Long casting rod with 8-inch length for better cashing and balancing of lures.
  • Includes custom reel seat adding to better convenience by anglers along with custom cork handle.
  • It includes versatile or multipurpose hook keeper.
  • Medium heavy action rod that imparts it rapidness, making it great for long distance casting.
  • Strong and firm grip for effective musky fishing.
  • The rod is strong and resistant to breakage from musky violent action.
  • Lightweight, easy to use and portable.


  • Carrying it sometimes is difficult if there is limited space.
  • Prolonged use or not using it for a long time may create disturbance in the cork.


Musky fishing is slightly tricky and mandates requirement of a fishing rod that is able to bear the weight and resist breakage from its violent action. The medium heavy duty rods are perfect for casting long distance as well as short distance. The construction needs to be strong and lightweight for convenience of carrying.

It is not easy to find out the best musky rods in the market easily but this comprehensive guide will help you to choose the right. The rods reviewed here are tried by musky anglers and are based on real experiences. Read the guide and help yourself with some effortless musky fishing.

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