Finding The Best Musky Reel For The Money – 2017 Reviews And Top Picks

best musky reel for the money reviews

Angling or fishing has been a profession, a well-loved sport and a hobby since many years. It involves catching fishes by using various help like reels, rods, lines etc. Back in time the techniques were old and outdated and so were the tools. But with the passing time the advanced tools and techniques have made fishing an entertaining piece of work.

There are many kinds of fishing amongst which musky fishing is a well in demand member. The musky reel is an important tool to ensure a perfect musky fishing experience. The musky lovers should ensure to pick the best musky reels to grasp the perfect results.


*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What Is A Fishing Reel?

What Is A Fishing Reel-best musky reel reviews

For the best fishing experience one needs to be well equipped with ideas, perfect locations, successful techniques and the most important, the best of equipment. A fishing rod is one of the major fishing equipment used by the anglers to fish. But a fishing rod cannot be called so if it isn't attached to a fishing reel. A reel is a very important tool used for fishing. Without a fishing reel a fishing rod is called a fishing pole which is unable to even give results.

A fishing reel is a circular tool that is used for winding and line stowing. It is firmly attached to the fishing rod and works in combination with it to give the best of results. The recently manufactured reels are designed in a way that targets to work to achieve accuracy and get hold of distant fishes. Picking up the best reel can be an extremely difficult task for an angler but once achieved it can work to bring wonders.

What Is A Musky?

What Is A Musky - best musky reel reviews

The pike family member these are the largest of the family. Muskies are the largest of the pike fishes that dwells in freshwater and are native to North America. These are carnivores in nature which target smaller fishes for food. These fishes are such made that they have an easy access to view their environment above.

They have their eyes located in the center of their head. The muskies look out for other smaller species for food that enables it to go behind the smaller species. To target the muskies one can use small ducklings or other lures as a trap as these are the favorites of the muskies.

How To Target A Musky?

The anatomy of a musky enables it the above view easily even when it is deep in the water. It can easily judge the brightness of outside by looking up. It can target its prey by feeling the movements and vibrations made by the same.

For an angler looking to target a musky it is best recommended for him to make an environment where the muskies can find themselves food. Once such an environment is created the muskies can easily feel the vibrations and would automatically be pulled towards the set-up of the angler. At such a time the best of musky reels and proper techniques helps to get hold of the muskies within minutes.

Let's Know The Best Weather Conditions For Musky Fishing

The weather conditions can play such a crucial role to ensure a successful hand at musky fishing. A bright overcast or a deep, dark and cloudy outside, either can be easily judged by the muskies owing to their centrally located eyes that enable them a clear overhead view with ease. To use a lure for the muskies is the best way to trap one.

In a bright weather condition it is always wise to use a dark colored lure and a light colored lure should be used in a deep, dark weather condition such that it is easy for the muskies to target the lure as their prey. This idea if exactly followed can give extremely overwhelming results to the anglers.

The Best Musky Rods To Accompany The Reels

The growing demand of the muskies has led to the development of the best musky fishing equipment. Modern techniques are being put to use to manufacture the best musky rods to compliment the musky reels for better results. Today we have rods fit for every height angler which can give a great musky fishing session. Different Muskie rods are available in the market to fit various types of Muskie lures.

The best of the rods are composed of the best components to make the rod light in weight and adjust the reel perfectly with ease. The tools to fish the muskies available today are much more advanced as to the ones available years ago which have led to greater Muskie fishing sessions as well as business.

The musky fishing rods, the musky fishing reels and the lines are the three major components for successful musky fishing. The best combination of the three most important tools lead to several benefits like long distance casting, lesser duration, maximum targets achieved and less of tiredness for the anglers.

Top 5 Best Musky Reel Reviews On The Market

*Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Shimano Curado E Reels

Shimano Curado E Reels


Shimano Curado reels are smooth and efficient for Muskie fishing that enables the anglers to cast effortlessly. These Muskie reels are light in weight but perform excellently. These are long distance casting reels that give best results.

These reels are to be used in freshwater to fish for small as well as larger muskies. These are adjustable and get adjusted with the angler as per the requirements.


  • These reels are hugely preferred over the spinning reels as they provide better casting and torque.
  • One of the best reels to be used to fish in freshwater.
  • These are right handed reels that are adjustable and can be adjusted according to the needs of the angler.
  • It consists of 7 ball bearings that give it a smooth usage leaving the angler very impressed.
  • It is a durable high casting reel that can be put to use to capture the smaller as well as the larger muskies with not many efforts.
  • Perfectly accommodates the smaller as well as the larger lures to trap the muskies.


  • Doesn't work well in brackish waters and ends up deteriorating fast.
  • Extra efforts are to be applied to adjust the internal ball bearings of the reel.

2. Daiwa Lexa Black - LEXA300HS-P High Capacity Baitcast Reel

Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Low-Profile 7.1:1 Baitcast Reel, Black - LEXA300HS-P


One of the well-designed musky reels that target the muskies with ease and gives an effortless experience at fishing. The aluminum body of the reel makes it strong and compact and full of power. The amazing anti reverse technique makes it stand out of all the other similar kinds. Light in weight and yet the firm and sturdy control gives the angler a powerful feel.


  • This musky fishing reel is a combination of 7 ball bearings that makes it a smooth reel to be used.
  • An aluminum body makes it firm and sturdy to hold on and light in weight at the same time making it perfect to be used for long fishing durations.
  • Comes with Magforce casting control design.
  • Instant anti reversal makes it a good purchase.
  • These musky fishing reels are compatible with various rods and are clubbed with Power Speed Handler that enables the angler to have the best performance.
  • Good lure adjustments to well attract and trap the muskies.


  • Can lead to break if used by children without proper guidance and instructions.
  • The spool makes noise at times with some of the reels which may disturb the fishing sessions immensely.

3. Shimano Corvalus Round Casting Reels



One of the best musky fishing reels to be used in both freshwater as well as saltwater. Its body consists of one single frame of aluminum die cast accompanied with the excellent variable break system which leads to best performances ever. It is one such fishing reel that comes with an instant super stopper with the extremely firm rubber grip in the handle making it easy and comfortable to hold. A stronger dragger can add onto the performance of the reel and increase the productivity.


  • Can be used to fish the muskies in both fresh as well as brackish waters.
  • One single body frame of aluminum makes it rust and corrosion resistant. Hence, adds years to the reel.
  • An instant super stopper along with a rubber grip makes it easy to handle for long duration usage.
  • The reel is designed to have variable break system differentiating it from the others.
  • It has aluminum side plates and an aluminum spool that serves demands of the angler perfectly.
  • Can be easily used with fluorocarbons.


  • A stronger dragger would magnify the performance of the reel.
  • Leads to overspinning at times which might lead to lose the intended target.

4. Abu Garcia Low Profile Revo Toro Beast Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low Profile Reel


This musky fishing reel is a favorite of the anglers looking forward to grabbing the tiger muskies with ease. This reel offers two types of gear ratios one being higher gear ratio and the other being the lower gear ratio. Both the different gear ratios are meant to be used to fetch the different types of musky targets depending upon the desire of the angler. The two types of gear ratios are 4.9:1 and 6.2:1.


  • The reel provides two gear ratios for different usage. The higher one, 6.2:1, to be used to target the smaller and lighter baits while the lower gear, 4.9:1, to be used to target the larger and the heavier baits.
  • One of the best reels to specifically target the tiger muskies.
  • It consists of a metal body, smooth handle, firm grip and is a noiseless instrument that gives a peaceful fishing experience to the anglers.
  • Fishes of over 60 pounds can be targeted and fetched by the anglers using this awesome reel.


  • Efforts are to be made to find the best hand positions to get the perfect grip and hold.
  • Not meant for ice fishing.

5. Daiwa Saltist Level Wind Reel

Daiwa Saltist Level Wind Reel


This Daiwa fishing reel gives the angler the best ever fishing memories as is the performance. Not just muskies but this reel is a perfect to even catch the salmons and fishes in the saltwater. This reel is a perfect pick for effortless fishing experience with the benefits of fishing even in the saltwater. It has a multi-disc dragger to enhance the performance in quick duration.


  • Can be used in fresh waters as well as brackish waters to fish.
  • Not just a good reel to fish the muskies but also one of the best for salmon fishing.
  • Composed of a multi-disc dragger system that enhances the performance of the reel.
  • Composed of 4 rust resistant ball bearings to provide the anglers with a silky smooth fishing experience.
  • A multitasking fishing reel that performs well with numerous species that dwell in fresh as well as brackish waters.
  • Consists of a lightweight aluminum spool and an excellent carbon composed dragger.


  • The inside gears often tends to break in minimal fishing sessions.
  • Stronger gears required for making the reels convey the best performance.


Fishing can give the angler a bundle of memories associated with the fishing experiences. To transform the fishing sessions into memories and not disastrous outings, finding yourself one of the best fishing reels can be a difficult task but once done can be extremely beneficial in the long run ahead. To fish for muskies is a common trait for the anglers.

Best musky reels along with the other tools like the lines and the rods can prove to be the best equipment combination for all the musky lovers. Muskies are much in demand these days and hence especially designer reels have been manufactured by the top most brands to meet the necessities of all the musky fans worldwide.

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